Two-tariff electricity meter how to take readings

  • What is a counter and why is it needed?
  • Advantages of modern meters
  • The principle of accounting for multi-rate devices
  • Two-tariff meter
  • Two-tariff meter of electricity - how to take readings?
  • Calculation of power consumption
  • Ways of transmitting readings
  • What you need to know?

Any source of energy for providing comfortable conditions in apartments and private houses requires a competent expenditure. To do this, set up all sorts of meters, so that the payment of energy services was reasonable and within the expected budget. Many people, having installed modern electricity meters, faced difficulties in taking testimony. In this article, we'll talk about what a two-rate electricity meter is like, how to take readings correctly from such a device.

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What is a counter and why is it needed?

A counter is a device that keeps a record of the energy consumed in a room. Since the cost of electricity increases every year, such a device, and even more so of a modern model, is very in demand, and by law should be installed in every home.

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Advantages of modern counters

By changing the old meter to a new one, many people start complaining about the inconvenience of using it and incomprehensibility, knocking down their neighbors' intentions to save money. Such a reaction is primary. After a detailed study of the mechanism, it turns out all the advantages of the device, which translate into significant savings in the family budget.

Modern models are definitely better than the old models, because:

  • Modern meters are able to record daily and night rates of electricity consumption.
  • In addition to the main indicators, they display the time and date.
  • Devices are able to remember the readings of electricity a month ago.
  • Some models can automatically transmit to the power supply organization the readings.
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The principle of accounting for multi-rate devices

Multi-tariff meters account for the consumption of electricity by several indicators, because, depending on the time of use, the cost of electricians is different:

  • Cost per hour of peak( T1).This morning hours from 7 to 10 and evening hours from 17 to 21. At this time, as a rule, many are going to work or study and return home, so a large number of electrical appliances are involved.
  • Payment during the half-peak( T3).This tariff operates in two time intervals: from 10 am to 17 pm and from 21 to 23 pm.
  • The lowest price differs from the night rate( T2): from 23 hours to 7 am.

Important! The indicators for all three periods are able to fix a three-rate counter.

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Two-tariff meter

This device allows you to keep a record of electricity consumption at two tariffs:

  • Separately per day( T1) - from 7 am to 11 pm.
  • Separately per night( T2) - from 23 hours to 7 am.

Using different tariffs for this time allows you to reduce the load on the network at peak times. For this, a preferential tariff is set for night time, therefore it is most advantageous to use electric appliances at this time of day.

Important! If you have the opportunity to carry out part of the household chores at night or early in the morning, and most of the day you stay at work, then using a two-rate counter will significantly reduce the cost of paying for electricity.

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Two-tariff electricity meter - how to take readings?

It is very important to correctly record data from the device, otherwise - its acquisition does not justify itself. To take the meter reading, you need a sheet and a pen. So, let's get down to the most important one.


  1. At the beginning of the month, it is necessary to record the readings of T1 and T2.To remove them, you need to press the "Enter" button, after which the display will alternately display the desired combination.

Important! The button is pressed once, the data in turn with an interval of 30 seconds will appear on the screen.

  1. Write down the received data on a piece of paper.

Important! You do not need to record the entire record. You can fix only those numbers that go to the comma and one after it. For example, if the display shows the number 654,321, then you need to write down 654.3.

  1. If you need to view the data of electricity consumption for the previous month, then press the "Enter" button and hold it for 2 seconds. The indicators T1 and T2 of the previous month appear alternately on the scoreboard.
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Calculating the power consumption of the

If you already had a one-rate counter, then you already know the basics of the process. The algorithm of actions with a two-tariff device will be almost the same.


  1. From the data for the current period of the T1 indicator, the indications of the same parameter for the previous month are subtracted. The result will be equal to the consumption of kilowatts per month in the daytime.
  2. Multiply the received number by the price of one kilowatt at the daily rate.
  3. Analogously calculate the consumption of kilowatts according to T2.
  4. Multiply the received number by the cost of one kilowatt per night rate.
  5. Add the cost of a daily expense and a night one - this will be the amount of payment for electricity for the month.

Important! All data must be entered in the receipt in the appropriate boxes. Check in detail all the figures, because in case of an error, the organization that provides your housing with electricity can make a calculation according to the average indications and the generally accepted tariff.

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Methods for transmitting the readings of

You can transfer the readings to the corresponding organization in several ways:

  • Put the data into the organization yourself.
  • Transfer via the Internet. You can fill out these fields in your account on the official website of the service company.

Important! There are two-rate counters, which can transmit the indicators to the necessary authority independently. In this case, you do not need to write and calculate anything - for you everything will happen automatically.

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What do I need to know?

  • When planning to take readings from a two-rate counter, use a sheet and a pencil, because a large number of digits you can hardly hold in your memory, and the slightest mistake will lead to incorrect calculations.
  • Regularly check the electricity meter for physical damage.

Important! If you find defects in the form of a broken seal, erased numbers or a faulty case, immediately contact the utility. Refrain from taking readings before consulting a master.

  • When installing the device you must obtain a passport with the specified date of the mechanism check. When installing the device, the employee of the RES should explain how to service a two-tariff electricity meter, how to take the reading correctly.
  • Do not try to deceive the technique. Modern technology will certainly reveal the deception, and for the offense the offender will be punished with a fine.

Important! For damage to the mechanism of the counter due to the fault of the owner of the apartment, administrative punishment is required.

Modern power consumption meters have far surpassed the old models. They are largely able to save the family budget, as they keep a record for a double or even triple tariff. Installation of such mechanisms will pay off very soon, so do not hold onto the old devices - it's better to replace them with new ones. If you think that it is difficult to take readings from such a device, then you make a mistake. Following the simple instructions given in this article, you can easily calculate the cost of electricity you consume.