Rating of the best induction hobs 2017

Induction panels are becoming more popular in the Russian market, and no wonder - they work fast, consume little, they are easy to look after and look good. Select the hob will help the top 10, which hit the best induction hobs 2017, selected on the site "Yandex. Market" according to popularity, rating and user reviews.

If you are wondering which hob is better, induction or electric, the answer is induction. But only if there are appropriate dishes for induction surfaces.


  • 10. Candy CI 640 C
  • 9. Zigmund &Shtain CIS 189.60 WX
  • 8. LG KVN6403AF
  • 7. Zanussi ZEI 5680 FB
  • 6. Gorenje IS 655 USC
  • 5. De Dietrich DTIM 1000 C
  • 4. Ardesia PI 29 FI
  • 3. Asko HI1794M
  • 2. Hansa BHI68608
  • 1Electrolux EHG 96341 FK

10. Candy CI 640 C

Average price: 23 000 rubles.

Opens the rating of induction cooktops in 2017 Candy CI 640 C - a four-burner pnael with a size of 59.5 x 51 cm. The glass-ceramic panel without a frame( from which it is almost impossible to clean the dirt), quickly heats, turns on and off instantly. And it turns on right at the middle of the temperature scale, and this is enough for cooking most dishes.

The minus panel is that, due to the specific size of the burners, it requires a non-standard Russian cookware with a minimum diameter of 16 mm.

9. Zigmund &Shtain CIS 189.60 WX

Average price: 35 000 rubles.

White 4-burner hob with a delicate pattern( one burner is doubled).Advantages of white color - the panel is less demanding to clean than black, and dirt with scratches on it are less noticeable.

Disadvantage: at a power of less than 8( out of 9 possible) it works in a pulsed mode - it will go out, then it will turn on, which is not always convenient.

8. LG KVN6403AF

Average price: 22 000 rubles.

Everybody is good at this black panel of stylish design - there is an indicator of residual heat, and a protective switch-off, and a pause is short-lived - but, like the ninth place in the rating, it works in a pulsed mode. The water boils instantly, but if you cook something on a slow fire, then the panel turns on, then turns off, the food then heats up to a boil, then cools.

Less: To maintain the taste of the dish, you have to use dishes with a thick bottom.

7. Zanussi ZEI 5680 FB

Average price: 16,100 rubles.

This panel has many advantages:

  • two front panels can work in the enhanced mode;
  • indication of residual heat;
  • indicator of the presence of dishes;
  • touch buttons work in any condition.

Some complexities can deliver unless the requirements for installation. If you have a single-phase connection( and it is by default in all new buildings), then debugging the plate will be a problem. Otherwise, when you turn on two or more burners, you will hear noises and specific clicks.

6. Gorenje IS 655 USC

Average price: 38 000 rubles.

The sixth place in the rating of the best induction hobs of 2017 is the product of the Slavs brothers from Slavenia - IS 655 USC model from Gorenje with an interesting design of burners( two of them with the function of combining).


  • touch control;
  • is a timer;
  • is a fast heating mode;
  • protection from children.

Disadvantage: like most induction panels, this model is a bit noisy. After the electric to it it is necessary to get used.

5. De Dietrich DTIM 1000 C

Average price: 285 000 rubles.

The most expensive model of the rating is also the biggest - in length it is 93 cm. The burner in the traditional sense of the word does not have it, but there is automatic recognition of the diameter of the dishes .Where you put, there and heats up( and only there - you can safely put your hand, the surface will be cool).A landlady with such a panel may not limit herself, buying dishes of only one diameter - on this panel you can use everything from dzhezva to a huge pot, and at the same time.

The only negative is the price.

4. Ardesia PI 29 FI

Average price: 17 400 rubles.

If the fifth place in the ranking was a giant, then the fourth one can be called a small one - the width of the double-burner panel is 29 cm, and the height is 51 cm. It has only two burners. But this small model can do all that and its larger relatives - cook at 9 power levels, there is protection and a heat indicator. An excellent option for individual use, families of two people or for those who are limited in space.

3. Asko HI1794M

Average price: 97 000 rubles.

A fairly large panel( 80 x 52.2 cm) of non-standard gray color will pleasantly please with stylish appearance and design of burners. The panel has 13 stages of heating, a heat indicator, a protection and a brief pause. In addition, after cooking on the panel you can see how much electricity was spent. Users mark the 's excellent panel performance, reliability and durability of the .

2. Hansa BHI68608

Average price: 21,100 rubles.

The second place in the rating is an inexpensive four-burner model of Polish production. Users note the high strength of the surface of the panel and its resistance to chips and scratches, as well as ease of care for it. Rapidly heats up, instantly cools, there is a timer, a dish indicator, a lock button and a protective switch-off.

1. Electrolux EHG 96341 FK

Average price: 25 000 rubles.

The first place in the rating of induction hobs in 2017 is occupied by the best model in terms of price / quality ratio - Electrolux EHG 96341 FK.It has four hotplates, two of them ceramic, two - induction, and one of the last two-circuit. Changing all dishes for this plate is not required. - ceramic burners are suitable for aluminum dishes or dishes with thin walls, and induction - for enamel and stainless steel. There are all necessary: ​​

  • power modes;
  • touch control;
  • timer;
  • lock;
  • heat indicator;
  • protective shutdown.

Disadvantage: requires a specific screwdriver shape.