DVR Rating 2016, Top 5 Reviews

Among the Russian motorists DVR has long passed into the category of a must have - it's a perfectly honest witness who impartially captures everything that happens. We present to you the most up-to-date and quality DVRs. The rating of 2016, compiled from the users' reviews of Yandex. Market, includes the top 5 models.


  • 5. CASES Q7
  • 4. ParkCity DVR HD 592
  • 3. Sho-Me Combo No. 1
  • 2. Mio MiVue 688
  • 1. Mio MiVue 698


Average price: 8000 rubles.

The rating of DVRs in 2016 on customer feedback opens Q7 - a device with an excellent price / performance ratio. This registrar has all the functions necessary for the car owner and is easy to handle. A wide viewing angle( 160 °) allows you to fully monitor the situation on the road. Users note the quality of shooting in the resolution SuperHD 2304h1296, and the function DEWARP allows you to avoid blurring around the edges, even in the night mode.

Less: difficulty with removing the card from the recorder and deleting files. When the engine is idling, the image is shaking. The motion sensor, even with the minimum sensitivity when it hits a pothole, interrupts the current recording and begins to write the alarm file.

4. ParkCity DVR HD 592

Average price: 5000 rubles.

This budget model is designed for those who avoid unnecessary bells and whistles and want only one thing: good quality recording both day and night, and legible numbers even at high speed. Reliable mount allows you to place the recorder at a convenient angle, and a long wire can be started around the seats. The device turns on automatically when the car is started.

Less: because of the small screen size, you have to strain to disassemble the menu items.

3. Sho-Me Combo №1

Average price: 11000 rubles.

A distinctive feature of Sho-Me Combo No. 1 - this recorder has a built-in radar. Unfortunately, as often happens in such cases, both parts do not work as well as "clean" models. If to work of a radar of claims not so it is a lot of( sees, warns, and notifications are well visible on the big screen) with the registrar of business are a little bit worse. The viewing angle is inferior to the "clean" models, the video quality is acceptable, but not excellent. Less: if the glass is cold, there are difficulties with securing the suction cup.

2. Mio MiVue 688

Average price: 12 000 rubles.

Super HD mode, glass lenses and wide viewing angle ensure excellent recording quality. Quality assembly, reliable fastening, convenient long cord. There is Wi-Fi, so you can immediately transfer the record from the registrar to a smartphone or tablet. Intuitive menu, touch screen. Update the database and software simply by using a memory card - no need to disconnect the device and carry it home.

Less: a small battery capacity( both GLONASS and GPS can not be disabled).When the event is triggered and the parking mode is exited, there may be a slight pause of seconds for 5-8, during which the recording is not carried out.

1. Mio MiVue 698

Average price: 15000 rubles.

And the first number in the list of the five best video recorders in 2016, according to users' reviews, is the Mio MiVue 698. This device, included in the rating of the novelties of car video recorders in 2016, has two cameras, front and rear. Both are taken in high resolution - 1920 x 1080 with a viewing angle of 140 °.The device has all the functions available for this price category: there is a shock sensor, GPS, motion detector, warning about speed cameras. Supports memory cards up to 128 GB.On the large screen of 2.7 inches, you can clearly see notifications and menu items. Mounted on the suction cup, while the rear camera can be detached from the wire.