The coldest places on Earth

In this ranking presents the coldest places in different parts of the world and the continents of : Antarctica, Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, and Australia and Oceania.

The coldest place in Antarctica and the whole Earth as a whole is the Russian station "Vostok ".July 21, 1983 here was recorded the lowest temperature on our planet in the history of meteorological observations -89.2 degrees Celsius. Naturally, such frosts at Vostok station are not all year round. The average temperature in August( the coldest month at the station) is -68 ° C.The average temperature in December( the warmest month) is -31.9 ° C.The warmest day in the history of Vostok station was on January 11, 2002, when the temperature reached -12.2 ° C.

After Antarctica, the coldest part of the world on Earth is Asia, where records of low temperatures are recorded again on Russian territory. Disputes over the title pole of cold in the Northern Hemisphere are between two settlements in Yakutia - the city of Verkhoyansk( population 1200 people) and the village Oimyakon( population of about 500 people).Officially, this title belongs to Verkhoyansk, tk. February 5, 1892 at the local meteorological station recorded a temperature of -67.8 ° C, which is a record for the history of official meteorological observations in the Northern Hemisphere. In Oymyakon, then there were no meteorological observations, but unofficially in 1924 Academician Sergei Obruchev there was recorded a temperature of -71.2 ° C.According to other sources, this record was broken in 1938, when the temperature in Oymyakon dropped to -77.8 ° С.If you compare the height above the sea level of the village Oimyakon and the Antarctic station "Vostok", then Oymyakon can be considered the coldest place on Earth .station "Vostok" is at an altitude of 3488 meters above sea level, while Oimyakon is at an altitude of 741 meters above sea level. Officially, the lowest recorded temperature in Oymyakon was -67.7 ° C( in 1933).Surprisingly, in the summer months in the coldest parts of Russia it is hot in summer: on July 28, 2010 in Oymyakon was +34.6 ° C, and in Verkhoyansk the temperature record with a plus sign is +37.3 ° С.

The third most cold part of the world is North America. January 9, 1954 at the research station "North Ice"( North Ice) in Greenland was recorded a temperature of -66.1 ° C .If you take directly the mainland, then the title of the coldest place in North America belongs to the now abandoned Canadian village Snag( Snag), where February 3, 1947 was recorded a temperature of -63 ° C.

In addition to Verkhoyansk and Oimyakon, which are the coldest places in Asia and the entire Northern Hemisphere, is the coldest place in Europe in Russia, namely in the Republic of Komi - the village of Ust-Shchugor with a population of about 50 people. On December 31, 1978, a temperature of -58.1 ° C was recorded here.

The coldest place in South America is the Argentinian city of Sarmiento ( Sarmiento), where on June 17, 1907, the temperature was fixed at -33 ° C.

The coldest place in Australia and Oceania is the town of Ranferli ( Ranfurly) in New Zealand, where the temperature was fixed at -25.6 ° C on July 18, 1903.

The warmest of all in Africa, but here there are subzero temperatures. The coldest place in Africa is the city of Ifran, ( Ifrane) in Morocco, where on February 11, 1935, the temperature was fixed at -23.9 ° C.

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