The highest peaks of the parts of the world( 7 vertices).List with photos

Earlier on the site it was told about 14 eight-thousandths, which are the highest mountain peaks in the world. However, all these mountains are located in one part of the world - Asia, namely in two neighboring mountain systems of the Himalayas and Karakorum, therefore it is customary to distinguish 7 highest mountain peaks of the world, one for each part of the world. Mountain climbers, who conquered all these mountains, enter the honorable Club of seven peaks.
There are 2 main lists of the seven peaks of the world. More difficult for the climb is the list compiled by the Italian climber Reinhold Messner. In this list, in addition to Asia, Europe, South and North America, Africa, Antarctica, as part of the world is not Australia, and Australasia, i.e. The region, which includes Australia, New Guinea, New Zealand and the adjacent islands of the Pacific. Accordingly, instead of the highest peak of Australia - Mount Kosciuszko, whose altitude is only 2228 meters and which is very easy to conquer, the list includes Mount Jaya in New Guinea, whose height is 4884 meters and which was first conquered only in 1962.The list compiled by the American alpinist Richard Bass is more traditional in terms of Russian geography, in it as part of the world figures Australia, and not Australasia.
Thus, the highest peaks of the world is not seven, but eight. In some interpretations there are even nine of them.between geographers there are still disagreements about the border between Europe and Asia, therefore the highest peak of Europe is either Elbrus in the Russian Caucasus, or Mont Blanc in the Alps.
In this article we will use the Messner list, becauseit is represented as the main site on the Club of seven peaks - The mountains in the ranking are sorted by height, starting from the highest.

The highest mountain peak in Asia - Chomolungma in the Himalaya mountain system, is also known as Everest .Jomolungma in Tibetan means "lady of the winds", as for the English name Everest, it is awarded in honor of Sir George Everest, head of the geodetic service of British India in 1830-1843.The height of the peak is 8848 meters. Jomolungma is located in China, namely in Tibet, on the border with Nepal. The first ascent of the mountain was accomplished on May 29, 1953 by the Sherpa( Sherpas - a people living in East Nepal, as well as in India) by Tenzing Norgay and the New Zealander Edmund Hillary. The climbers used oxygen devices. More than 30 Sherpas took part in the work of the expedition.

The highest mountain peak in South America is the Aconcagua in the Andean mountain system. The height is 6962 meters. It is located in Argentina. Aconcagua is the highest mountain of the western and southern hemispheres. In mountaineering, Aconcagua is considered a technically easy mountain, if you climb along the northern slope. When climbing, the influence of altitude is noticeable, atmospheric pressure at the top is about 40% of the sea level pressure. However, the use of oxygen cylinders during the ascent is not required. This mountain can, with the appropriate training, conquer even children: in 2013 it was done by the 9-year-old American Tyler Armstrong, and in 2016 - 12-year-old Romanian Dor Jet Popescu.

The highest mountain peak in North America is Denali , part of the Alaska Range. The height is 6194 meters. It is located in the USA( Alaska).From 1896 until August 28, 2015, the mountain was called McKinley, in honor of the 25th President of the United States of America, now the traditional Indian name Denali( this word means "great" in the language of the Indian Athabaskan people) is returned to grief. From 1799 to 1867, the mountain was the highest point of the Russian Empire, until Alaska, where Denali is located, was sold to the United States. For the first time this peak was conquered in 1906 by the American expedition of Frederick Cook.

The highest mountain peak in Africa is the Kilimanjaro volcano. The height is 5895 meters. Located in Tanzania. Climbing Kilimanjaro is considered quite simple, but it takes time for high-altitude acclimatization. On the main routes leading to it can climb almost any healthy person, without climbing training and special equipment.

The highest mountain peak in Europe and Russia is the Elbrus volcano. The height is 5642 meters. It is located on the territory of the Caucasus, on the border of the Republics of Karachaevo-Cherkessia and Kabardino-Balkaria. The first ascent to Elbrus was carried out by the Russian expedition led by George Emmanuel in 1829.

The highest peak of Antarctica is array Vinson .The height is 4892 meters. The first ascent was held in 1966 by an American expedition led by Nicholas Clinch. Conquer Vinson is not an expensive pleasure because of the inaccessibility of Antarctica and severe climatic conditions( even in summer the temperature on the massif does not rise above minus 30 degrees Celsius): it is necessary either to independently organize the expedition, or pay for the services of a travel company that cost about $ 30,000 per person andinclude shipping to Antarctica from Chile.

The highest mountain peak of Australasia( the region including Australia, New Guinea, New Zealand and the adjacent islands of the Pacific) - Jaya ( also called Pyramid Karstensa ).The height is 4884 meters. Jaya is the highest mountain in the world, located on the island. The first ascent to Jaia occurred in 1962 - it was performed by a group of four Austrian climbers led by Henry Harrer.