How to wash the collar of a white shirt?

  • Refreshing shirt for 10-15 minutes
  • Cleaning collar and cuffs for half an hour
  • Choosing cleaning methods
  • Useful tips:

How to wash the collar of a white shirt?"A lot of men are tormenting this question, especially those who work in office buildings, because their uniform is business suits. And suits for office workers are not just clothes, it is also a visiting card, accordingly, if it is dirty, it will be, at least, inconvenient to partners and customers. In this article we will tell you about how to wash the collar and cuffs of a white shirt so that they shine with purity every day.

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Refreshing the shirt for 10-15 minutes

After the first day, socks on the collar, as well as cuffs, may appear unwanted gray or yellow traces. It is quite easy to remove them. As a cleaning agent you can use:

  • Talcum or baby powder.
  • With ammonia.
  • Slice of lemon.

Lemon juice

The safest way to whiten the collar of a white shirt is to remove dirt with a slice of lemon. Carefully wipe the gray stains with the flesh pulp, and then leave the product for about 5-10 minutes. Lemon juice neutralizes dirt and bleaches the fabric very quickly.


Very fresh dirt will help remove talcum powder. Simply sprinkle the soiled areas with white powder, and then leave for a short while. After that, wash your shirt as you are used to.

Important! If you can not find talc at home, replace it with ordinary baby powder.

In case if you want your shirt to retain its white color for a long time, during each wash add a small amount of bleach, best of all oxygen.

Ammonia alcohol

In order to wash the collar of the shirt, use a mixture of ammonia, salt and water. You can dissolve all these components in the water and completely soak the shirt or prepare a thick porridge for local cleansing.

To prepare this mixture, take 4 tbsp.l.ammonia, 4 tbsp.l.water, as well as 1 tbsp.l.salt.

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We clean the collar and cuffs in half an hour

In order to wash very dirty shirts, use more effective methods. To do this, you will use such tools:

  • Shampoo;
  • Soap "Antipyatin";
  • Dishwashing liquid.

Important! All these agents work in the same way: they break down the fat, which in large excess accumulates on the collar and cuffs at the time of contact with the body.

Ordinary Shampoo

Wash the collar of a white shirt will help ordinary shampoo. In order to completely remove the contamination:

  1. Apply a large amount of shampoo to the contamination, and then rub.
  2. In order to enhance the effect, you can use a brush for washing clothes. Do not rub the soiled areas very intensively, so as not to damage the fabric.
  3. Then soak the shirt in warm water.
  4. After passing 30 minutes after carrying out this wash, the shirt will look like new.
  5. In order to wash the rest of the shampoo, and also to refresh the thing completely, wash it again using a washing machine.

Important! Do the same for the dishwashing detergent.


With all kinds of pollution, including from gray cuffs and collars, soap "Antipyatin" will cope. It can be purchased at any hardware store at a symbolic price, but the effect of washing is very impressive. In order to whiten the collar of the white shirt and tidy the entire product:

  1. Wet, then soap all the dark places.
  2. After the passage of 20-30 minutes, wash the soap and wash the shirt with the addition of detergent.

Important! In order not to damage the structure of the tissue, all substances are applied from the wrong side. In the event that the shirt needs to be washed, rubbed with cloth, it must also be done from the wrong side.

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Choosing cleaning methods

The collar and cuffs of the white shirt are the most vulnerable places, which is why it is necessary to return the former whiteness to them by special washing and soaking. Wash white shirt will be able to and the following means and methods.

Option 1

The modern stain removers and, of course, bleaches will help to wash greasy areas. For example, loved by many housewives "Vanish" excellently cope with this kind of pollution.

Simply follow the instructions and in no case try experimenting using household chemicals. Otherwise - in your favorite little thing you will be harvesting at the cottage.

Option 2

Thoroughly soap the soapy areas with soap and leave for a few hours, in order to get rid of dirt. After that, you can safely wash the thing in the typewriter, using an ordinary detergent.

Important! For greater reliability before washing, walk through the places of a special accumulation of dirt with a clothes brush. Only rub it is not very diligent in order not to damage the structure of the product.

Option 3

If you are not quite sure about the laundry soap, try to wash the dark streaks with a dishwashing gel, because its direct purpose is to dissolve all kinds of fatty soils. And the dirt on the collar is nothing more than fat mixed with dust and sweat.

Option 4

Moisten the fabric, sprinkle the collar with talcum powder, and in the morning try to wash. True, this method is effective only with minor impurities.

Variant 5

Before washing a white shirt, treat the most dirty areas with a special solution. Mix 1 tbsp.l.salts together with 4 tbsp.l.water, add the same amount of ammonia.

Solution for removing greasy areas from the surface of the shirt collar is ready.

Variant 6

  1. Snow white to your collar can return drug hydrogen peroxide: Before processing the product, grate soap on the grater, then dissolve in hot water together with 50 ml of hydrogen peroxide.
  2. After passing 20-30 minutes after application, you can wash the shirt in your usual way.

Option 7

Dampen the material of your product with vinegar, leave it for about 15 minutes, and then take the entire product out of its washing. This method will help you easily wash the collar of a white shirt and give a fresh look to the entire product at home.

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Useful advices:

  • Before choosing a tool for processing, it is imperative that you pay attention to what material the item is made of and also how to wash it. This information is easy to find on the label that is sewn on the turn of the shirt.
  • First, clean the dry, but still dirty, collar with an ordinary dressing brush to get rid of the decayed keratinized skin. Due to the friction of the structure of the material, a peeling takes place, the released scales of your epidermis are snugly placed in the middle of the fibers of the fabric, collecting sweat, dust, and then forming ugly dark strips. It is them that you strive to wash by any means.
  • Try to change light shirts every day, so that the collars are not salted. If you wash excessively often, you may receive not quite beautiful spools on the surface of the fabric.
  • To ensure that the cuffs do not lose their usual appearance, first turn the entire surface of the sleeve inside out, and fasten the buttons. Tighten the cuff to a suitable container, preferably hard, for example: a shampoo bottle or a shower gel. And only after all these procedures, try to wash the wiped out areas.

We hope that from now on your costumes will look more presentable than they were before. And to wash the collar and bleach the white shirt for you is now easy.