What powder to wash the down jacket?

  • Preparing the down jacket for washing
  • What kind of powder to wash the down jacket?
  • Removing stains from the down jacket
  • Cleaning the down jacket in the washing machine
  • How to wash the down jacket manually?
  • How to produce the drying of a downy product?

One of the most convenient and practical options for winter outerwear is a down jacket. But like any other fabric thing, it has a tendency to become dirty, and it is necessary to know what powder to wipe the down jacket, because it depends not only on the purity of the product, but also on its appearance and thermal properties. Improperly selected means will shorten the life of a down coat, and instead of several seasons you can not carry one. Producers unanimously say about the prohibition of washing such jackets at home, but the dry cleaning services, unfortunately, can not afford all. Therefore, people still bypass the prohibitions and successfully learn to do the laundry themselves at home. About what kind of powder to wash the down jacket in the washing machine, how to do it so as not to spoil the thing, is discussed in detail in this article.

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Preparing the down jacket for washing

Washing the down jacket at home should begin with inspection and preparation.

  • First of all, carefully inspect the coat and identify all the problem areas. They will have to pay a little more attention, wash more carefully.
  • All removable inserts and parts must be unfastened. Remaining fur and accessories should be protected with a dense package of scotch tape and plastic bags.

Important! Often the color of inserts and removable parts does not match the basic color of the product. Therefore, it is recommended to wash them separately.

  • Check all pockets for foreign objects. During washing, they can dye the fabric or damage it in another way.
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What powder to wash the down jacket?

Before proceeding directly to the washing process, you must select the powder. The right choice will help to avoid many problems and troubles. So, is it possible to wash the down jacket with ordinary powder?

Important! The formation on the fabric of divorces and lumps from the filler is very often associated with a substandard and unsuitable washing powder.

Basic rules for the choice of detergent:

  • First of all, you must abandon the use of conventional multifunctional powders. Regardless of the chosen mode of the washing machine, such a powder will give a plentiful foam that can not completely be rinsed out of a dense material.

Important! Often even rinsing does not fix the situation - the fabric remains stained and ugly strips

  • The second common problem in choosing a detergent is insufficient purification and bleaching. Due to the high likelihood of damaging the material and filler, strong chemical bleaches and stain removers are not allowed at home. Therefore, the detergent should be as effective as possible.

Important! Many people use foam from household soap, combining it with a special-purpose powder. This combination wipes out even the most difficult and old spots and does not harm the filler, in particular the sintered fiber, which often acts as a heater in winter clothes.

  • To return the white down jacket its original color can be special means for washing light outerwear. You can also try to soak the jacket for 1-2 hours.

Important! Soak down for a longer period of time, down products are not worth it, because you can damage the natural or synthetic filler.

  • It is allowed to use liquid concentrates, as well as powders for washing in automatic machines. They can wash off any simple dirt and form less foam.
  • For the implementation of hand washing, it is recommended to use a mild shampoo and any products on a natural basis, for example, Castil soap or a decoction of soap nuts.

Popular means for washing down jackets

Consider the most effective and popular means for cleaning down jackets:

  • Down and Wool Wash - a detergent from Woly Sport. It is well known to the representatives of winter sports, in particular to skiers. The product effectively cleans warm clothes and prevents lint down, does not affect the fat cover, leaving the natural filler soft and elastic.
  • Gel Heitmann. Produced by the famous German manufacturer Brauns Heitman. The product is intended for washing sleeping bags and jackets with natural filler. In the gel contains lanolin - it creates a natural protection for down and feather.

Important! Before you start washing, be sure to study the method of application, which is indicated on the gel pack. All the rules must be met: cool water not above 30 degrees, the washing machine should be set to the mode with a minimum amount of spin speed and with a thorough rinse, for washing in the machine use 4-5 caps of the tool, for manual washing - 1-2 caps on10 liters of water.

  • Balm Eco Nordland Sport. The liquid consistency agent is made on a natural basis. With its help, they produce a wash of down jackets, fabrics with moisture-proof impregnation, thermal underwear. Already at a temperature of 20 degrees, the active components of the gel begin to act.

Important! According to customer feedback, a 750 ml bottle is enough for 7 cycles of washing a heavily soiled down jacket in hard water.

  • Balm Domal Sport Fein Fashion. It is used for cleaning sportswear, shoes, down products. The product does not violate the waterproof properties of the down, its shape and structure. Bright elements on the jacket retain their appearance, impregnation remains the same waterproof as at the time of purchase of the jacket.

Important! Balsam - a product with a high concentration, so after washing the coat should be thoroughly rinsed.

  • Liquid means "Profhim" suitable for washing down pillows, blankets, jackets. Has all the necessary qualities: when washing does not affect the color of the product, does not change the properties of the upper fabric, does not dissolve the fat cover of the feather and down.

Important! To wash the down jacket in the washing machine you need an average of 50 ml of gel. The water temperature during washing should not exceed 40 degrees.

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Removing stains from the down jacket

Before erasing the entire down jacket in the washing machine, you must first remove all stains and wash the heavily soiled areas. To do this, experienced housewives use ordinary household soap without additives( brown color).

Important! Any impurities and fragrances can adversely affect the filler and fabric.

Wash procedure:

  1. Soak the soap and whisk a small layer of foam on the bar.
  2. Apply foam with a sponge to areas that require cleaning.
  3. After that, load the down jacket into the washer and run the wash cycle.

After selecting the desired detergent and pre-cleaning highly contaminated areas, you can go directly to the washing process in an automatic machine.

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Cleaning the down jacket in the washing machine

Many people are interested in the question whether it is possible to wash the down jacket in a washing machine in the mode of a duvet, and if this mode is not at all among the appliances, which one is better to choose? After all, washing such bulk items in a washing machine is much easier, and rinsing in it is much more effective. So, how to properly wash the down jacket in the washing machine?


  • Load one down jacket into the drum of the styrant.

Important! It is not recommended to wash together several objects of outerwear.

  • Choose the most delicate washing mode that is available in the arsenal of technology.

Important! The water temperature should not exceed a mark of 30 degrees.

  • In addition to the drum of the machine, put 3-4 balls for big tennis or special balls for washing

Important! During the washing process, the balls will gently hit against the surface of the down jacket, whipping it. Thus, the filler will not break down into clots. In addition, the beads significantly increase the effectiveness of the detergent and help remove difficult contaminants.

  • Add a detergent to the machine.

Important! If you use a special product for washing products with a down filling, then follow the instructions given by the manufacturer regarding the dosage. If you use the usual means, then the recommended amount for normal washing should be reduced by ¼.

  • After the completion of the washing cycle, you need to activate the additional rinse on the machine. So you remove all the remaining foam, and the balls will slightly inflate the product.
  • After finishing the washing, remove the down jacket from the drum and proceed to its drying.
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How to wash the down jacket manually?

Manual washing has its own characteristics. In order to ensure that the product does not change its color and does not fall off, you need to wash extremely carefully, observing the list of mandatory rules.

Important! Particular attention should be paid to the most contaminated areas of the jacket. As a rule, it is a collar, cuffs and places near the seams. They need to be washed most carefully.


  • In the basin or bath, draw warm water.

Important! The water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees.

  • Add a detergent and allow it to dissolve completely.
  • Lower the down jacket into the water, start washing with quick and easy movements.

Important! Try to keep the product horizontally in the process. This will protect the sintered or natural filler from excessive wetting.

  • Rinse the product 3-4 times under running water.
  • During the last rinse, a little laundry conditioner can be added to the water.

Important! Rinsing the down jacket during hand washing is the most important, laborious and complex process.

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How to produce the drying of a downy product?

Now you know which powder to wash the down jacket in the washing machine, how - by hand, how to produce these procedures. But to get the perfect result, this is not enough. You still need to know how to dry the product properly. The main task of this process is not to let the sift-off or natural feather fall into lumps.

Proper drying. Procedure:

  • If after washing in any way on the product left a large amount of water, then you need to let it flow freely. To do this, you can hang the product on your hangers and leave it in the bathroom to drain.
  • Place the product on your shoulders near a heat source.

Important! Do not put the down jacket directly on the battery or substitute it under direct sunlight. By such actions, you can burn the surface of the material.

  • Every 2-3 hours you need to remove the product and shake it, thus contributing to a uniform distribution of the filler.

Important! After such actions you will soon feel how the down jacket becomes more voluminous and fluffy.

  • If you notice that the sintepuh still fell, then it can be easily restored. To do this, place the product on a flat surface and beat it with a stick. After that, you will need to work the filler with your fingers, separating the remaining small lumps.

Important! If such measures did not lead to the separation of the felted down, then the coat will need to be washed once more in a typewriter with balls, but without any powder. Under the influence of balls, wet feathers will straighten themselves out.

Washing the down jacket at home is not an easy task, but it's completely solvable. It is necessary to study in advance the question of which powder to wash the down jacket in the washing machine, and how - by hand, in order to be ready for a quick cleaning of the jacket. Remember that a winter coat will last much longer if you do not bring it to a too dirty condition. A properly selected tool will help to clean the down jacket quickly and without negative consequences for clothing.