The most promising business in London. Top 5 offers of the secondary market

The capital of Britain is expensive, both for its native inhabitants, and for tourists. But what about entrepreneurs? Does it make sense to open your shops and shops in London? How much will this cost, and what are the prospects for the further development of small business in this city? Consider five of the most promising proposals of the secondary market of business in the capital of England.

To understand what entrepreneurship is breathing in London, it is enough to open several thematic sites and see active proposals on them. Most of these sites are dotted with a huge number of commercial ads, such as "A hairdresser in the south-west of the city is being sold." The price is £ 35,000. "Weekly turnover is 900 pounds."There are proposals and more solidly: "A café is being sold in the center of the city, the price is 140,000 pounds, the weekly turnover is 5,500 pounds."Especially popular in London is the placement of information on stands. In Russia, a similar service is provided by Eurostandservice, making exclusive exhibition stands.

From the above examples, you can conclude for yourself - it's not so expensive and it's your own business in the capital of Britain. And if you have the common sense and spend a little time analyzing the offer - you can choose the most promising business for yourself, invest in it money and do business in one of the most beautiful European cities.

Let's look at the five most interesting offers of autumn. Since we do not have real profit indicators, we can not calculate the profitability competently. However, good suggestions will be seen right away.


  • Tea shop
  • Sandwich bar in the center of London
  • Cafe
  • Cafe pizza-grill
  • Fish restaurant

Tea shop

Tea shop, which together with tea and coffee also sells muffins, sweet rolls and biscuits. It is located right at the entrance to the Clapham Junction metro. As this station is one of the most business and busy - every morning hundreds of people pass through it, coming to work, this store has great prospects.

The business value is 59,750 pounds, the weekly turnover is 1,800 pounds.

Sandwich Bar in the center of London

The premise is located in the center of the business district and is surrounded on all sides by offices and large companies. Business has great potential.

The cost of business is 59,950 pounds, the weekly turnover is 4,000 pounds.


Cafe in the center of the city for 36 seats. Excellent location, beautiful design - this cafe will bring a lot of money with proper management.

The cost of the business is 139,995 pounds. The weekly turnover is 5,500 pounds.

Cafe pizza-grill

There is a large beautiful room, an interesting offer in the food market. There is own developed system of delivery of orders for the house.

The cost of business is 55,000 pounds, the weekly turnover is 3,000 pounds.

Fish restaurant

Fish restaurant in the northern part of the city, close to the main metro stations and the business district. This restaurant bribes visitors with its cosiness and compactness - only 28 seats on the first floor and 24 seats on the second. Very cozy and nice place.

The cost of business is 65,000 pounds, the weekly turnover is 5,000 pounds.

As you can see, a ready business in London can be purchased at relatively low prices. And if you invest in this business your strength and knowledge - you can do good business even in the center of Great Britain.