Rating of the best two-wheeled children's scooters( according to reviews).Top 10

9 place.


The average price is 2 150 rubles. Bright coloring. The steering wheel is adjustable in a wide range. It is easy to fold and does not take up much space. For comfort and safety, the scooter c is equipped with soft lining on the handlebars, an anti-slip elongated platform for the leg, a rear-facing brake. Scooter with polyurethane wheels is designed for riding on a flat surface. Equipped with bearings ABEC-5 - has a smooth stroke, allows you to develop a good speed.

From the reviews:

"Looks pretty good. The steering wheel is adjustable in height. The baby accelerated fast enough. "

8th place.

1 TOY T58468 Marvel

The average price is 1 475 rubles. Lightweight - only 1.8 kg. Easy to operate, easy to fold and takes up little space, which facilitates its storage and transportation. Equipped with luminous wheels made of elastic material, providing a smooth and noiseless move.

From the reviews:

"Qualitatively painted. Materials of excellent quality. Wheels with LEDs. The child is happy. Assembly - Singapore, which is unexpected. All related materials, including packaging - in Russian ".

7 place.

Puky 5430 R 7 L

The average price is 11,990 rubles. Off-road scooter. It has a smooth running, perfectly extinguishes irregularities on the road and does not scroll around the rudder during emergency braking. Inflatable tires with sport protector( 62-203) provide a fast and comfortable ride. The model is equipped with a professional adjustable brake V-brake with manual drive. The steering wheel is adjustable in height as the child grows, and for the safety of the hands - high-quality sports flu and a protective pad on the handlebars. The robust steel frame of the scooter with an anti-slip platform has an impact-resistant powder coating for a long service life. Included is a stylish black metal bell and a parking support.


"High-quality, comfortable baby! Compared to Chinese scooters, it's more expensive, but the quality is worth it. "

«Puky very qualitatively do the technics. Inflatable wheels pass very gently over bumps. "

6 place.

Razor Spark

The average price is 5 990 rubles. The special feature of the model is silicon brakes: when you press them, sparks fly out from under the rear wheels. Brakes are wear-resistant: one cartridge is enough for a whole season. The scooter is made of a reliable and lightweight alloy of aviation aluminum. Has a stable folding structure. Wheels are made of polyurethane and have a diameter of 125 mm. The height of the steering wheel is easily adjustable.

From the reviews:

"I bought children because of a sparking brake with silicon inserts. Light, high quality assembled. Quality wheels and very easy to fold. "

5 place.

Techteam TT Downtown

The average price is 5 910 rubles. Ideal for extreme driving. The model is designed for an age category of 10 years. The scooter frame is made of high-strength aluminum. The wheels are made of polyurethane, providing an almost noiseless, smooth ride. The optimal size of the platform for the feet and soft handlebar provide comfort during skiing. Modern braking system, front and rear shock absorbers, step, strap, folding system and bearings Abec 7 chrome.


"Wide" bicycle "handlebars, comfortable handles. In appearance, the scooter is excellent, pleases the eye. A reliable folding system, a wide deck, shock absorbers, a stylish appearance, a very rough sticker on the deck. "

"Balanced and under the adult and under the teenager, shorter for the whole family a universal option. Ideal for compactness when carrying on the shoulder. The belt is comfortable. Not to mention that he looks stylish and expensive. I'm pleased with the choice. I did not find it better in such a price segment. "

4 place.

Yedoo Mau

The average price is 7 500 rubles. Off-road scooter. The maximum load is 75 kg. Lightweight steel frame with the optimum height and width of the steering wheel suitable for small children. Molded handlebars with wide ends protect the hands from injuries. Safe steering, original design, reliable braking system, comfortable wide platform. Pumped wheels for smooth running.


"To the child of 5 years, drives around the yard, stones, grass and sand. Satisfied and happy. Even overtakes some bicycles. Great scooter! The wife also sometimes skates. All children with ordinary scooters quietly envy. "

"Large wheels, smoothly off-road. Heavy and long because of the large wheels, barely climbs up the elevator, although the platform for the legs is small. Does not add up. "

3 place.

Techteam City Scooter

The average price is 7,154 rubles. Large wheels, footboard and carrying strap. A big plus is the model - the clamp on the handlebar. This lock allows you to tightly lock the steering wheel, which excludes play when riding. The steering wheel is adjustable in height using the button( from 83 cm to 106 cm).It is convenient, at the same time a child and an adult can ride. Handles on the handlebars are removable, soft and comfortable to grip. Bright design, durability. Two shock absorbers soften the roughness on the roads, ensures a smooth ride. The shock absorber can be adjusted to its own weight.


"Well assembled, not lyuftit, shock absorbers please( my weight is less than 50 kg).In general, I am satisfied with this scooter, it's quiet even on paving stones, it's good. "

"At first glance, it is not badly assembled, nowhere is it dangling or lufting. All the bumps and hollows overcome with ease. There was no rattling. "

2 place.


The average price is 5 340 rubles. Large inflatable wheels will allow the child to skate with ease not only on the asphalt, but also on the dirt tracks. Good shock absorption, gently and noiselessly travels on any road. Foot brake. For a comfortable and safe ride on the handles, there are rubber lining. Platform for the leg with anti-slip rubberized inserts. The steering wheel is adjustable in a wide range from 86 cm to 91 cm, the scooter will suit children with a height of 130-150 cm. The front and rear fender, trunk, light reflectors are included. There is a step with which the scooter can be placed vertically.


"Very cool scooter - just for the child, so that he quickly learned to keep his balance. Large wheels, the steering wheel, which is adjusted for the growth of the child, the brake, the stand, in general, some pluses. "

"Large wheels, can ride not only on clean flat asphalt, but also on any soil. In principle, the design does not differ from the scooters that were in the 80's and this is also a virtue. "

1 place.

Globber My Too Fix Up

The average price is 4,124 rubles. The model differs in its original wavy form. Scooter material - aluminum / plastic, folding design. The steering wheel of the scooter is adjustable( 64-76 cm) with the help of the child's growth eccentric. Platform with anti-slip EVA coating for maximum safety when riding. Scooter has good speed and excellent rolling due to small wheels made of high quality polyurethane with nylon coating, and quality bearings ABEC-5.The rear wheel plays the role of a bow thruster, due to which the scooter differs maneuverability and mobility.


"Very well made, excellent plastic. Quiet, light. The handle is adjustable for any age. He also approached me with a height of 185 cm and a weight of 90 kg. "

"Light, quiet, non-traumatic. Bought for a five-year-old girl. Full delight. Compared with the "iron" analogs - more light and "soft", dragging a scooter on the stairs and on / from the curb the child does not hurt himself. Goes quickly and very quietly. "

A good scooter contributes to the physical development of the child: the musculoskeletal system, muscles of the arms and legs are strengthened;develop spatial thinking and coordination of movements.

Correctly selected scooter will not only last long enough, but also will avoid serious injuries. The quality of the scooter is determined by several parameters:

• Housing material. The body of a two-wheeled scooter should be aluminum or metal.

• Steering wheel. Children grow quickly, so that every season does not buy a new model, you need the ability to adjust the steering wheel. To prevent slipping hands - on the handlebar should be overhead handles.

• Brake. A scooter can have both a hand brake and a foot brake. For beginners, the back foot is preferred, as it reduces the risk of falling during sudden braking.

• Wheels. We will deal with each characteristic of the wheels separately:

* Rigidity. Hard wheels are practically not subject to wear, but with them roughnesses of roads will be perceptible. Soft wheels give the scooter a smooth ride, but their service life is less than the hard ones. Optimal rigidity of wheels for scooter should be at least 76A-80A.

* Material. Plastic wheels do not absorb, so the child will feel all the notches on the road. They are noisy and quickly deteriorate. Rubberized or rubber wheels provide a more comfortable ride, smoothing the roughness of the road surface. Inflatable wheels are not afraid of dirt or road bumps, and the large diameter of the wheels will ensure a comfortable ride.

* Size. Small wheels are more suitable for driving on a flat surface, but larger for any roads, including dirt roads.

* Width. The speed of driving and the stability of the vehicle depend on the width of the wheels. So, a scooter with wide wheels can not go fast, but will be more stable than its counterparts with narrow wheels.

* Weight. The heavier the scooter, the more stable it is.

In today's review, we reviewed the most popular models, selected the most worthy of the "price-quality" ratio and made a rating of the best children's two-wheeled scooters.

10 place.

X-Match 64991 Rush

The average price is 1 390 rubles. Convenient for beginners. A special anti-slip coating provides a firm grip of the foot with the scooter platform. The steering column has a telescopic design and is adjustable in height. Quickly folds, does not take up much space, is equipped with a foot brake.

From the reviews:

"Comfortable, light, looks dignified. The child first got on a two-wheeled scooter and immediately drove off. A little pogromyvaet, but no more than others. The price corresponds to the quality. The son is happy. "