The best children's trampolines with a net for giving( according to reviews).Top 5

The choice of a children's trampoline for dachas must be treated with the utmost responsibility, because it depends not only on the quality of leisure, but also on safety.

The first thing that you pay attention to when choosing is the size of the design. The most optimal diameter of a children's trampoline for a dacha is 3 meters. Such models are designed for a maximum load of 150 kg. For your convenience, we conducted an analysis among manufacturers and prices for this size.

Characteristics of trampolines, which should also be noted:

1. Frame. On the frame when jumping all the load falls, so it should be made of high-quality steel. Galvanization of the surface allows the trampoline to be used outdoors without the risk of corrosion.

2. Cloth. Polypropylene is a strong material that not only withstands constant loads, but also has a high coefficient of elastic deformation( returns to its original state after high loads).It is resistant to ultraviolet radiation, temperature changes, moisture and mold. This is the most suitable material for the trampoline.

3. Springs. The most functional elements of the trampoline - the more of them, the stronger and more reliable the design. Well, if the springs are hidden under the protective mat, then the child will not be able to crouch down there with an unsuccessful jump.

4. Protective mesh. When choosing a trampoline for a child, a protective net is necessary - it will prevent a flight for the trampoline, which means it will protect against serious injuries. The internal arrangement of the protective grid is considered to be the most successful, since this reduces the probability of falling onto the springs or the frame. Well, if there is also a lower mesh. It will not allow children and animals to climb under the trampoline and protect against injuries. The protective mesh should be made of a strong elastic material, for example, polyester.

5. Stairs. Also an important detail when choosing a children's trampoline. The ladder allows you to safely climb the trampoline and descend from it.

Rating of the best children's trampolines for a summer residence is based on feedback, qualitative characteristics of models and demand among buyers.

5 place.

Trampoline Hasttings 10ft

The average price is 25 690 rubles. In general, Hasttings produces sports trampolines, for which quality and properties are more important than design. Such trampolines look pretty simple and strict. When fabricating the hopping cloth, the fabric "Permatron" is used. Protective mesh of polyester increased to 170 cm in height has an internal fastening. The kit includes a lower protective net and a ladder. Number of springs - 54 pcs. The weight of the construction is 55 kg.

From the reviews: "They bought for children, but even they climbed there to jump. Children 3 and 5 years old and they are delighted, in my opinion for giving the ideal solution. As for the characteristics: all the joints and structural elements are fastened securely to each other, during the first operating season nothing rusted and bent, the net did not tear. "

4 place.

Trampoline Unix 10ft inside

The average price is 20 890 rubles. The trampoline has 54 springs, a new system for fastening the frame and supports "T-Connextor" - it is stable and reliable. The metal frame is made of galvanized steel. Jumping cloth is made of polypropylene "Permatron".The location of the protective mesh is internal, and the mat closing the springs consists of four layers covered with PVC material. The trampoline is equipped with a lower protective net with a pocket for shoes. The kit includes a ladder and special attachments of the trampoline to the ground( pegs).Weight of the construction - 52 kg.

From feedback: "I bought a frame trampoline of Unix brand for a summer residence. The store manager advised me of it as one of the most reliable and stable and did not lie. Indeed, the quality of the trampoline is very good. "

3 place.

Trampoline Fitness Trampoline Fitness 10FT-TR-E

The average price is 14,990 rubles. The most economical option with reinforced frame, nylon net and 60 springs. The weight of the structure is 42 kg. A sturdy frame with a double-faced polymer coating applied by cold galvanizing provides the strength and stability of the trampoline. Its design does not involve jumping with high amplitude, so the protective mesh here is attached to the outer diameter of the springs, which hides a protective mat of medium thickness. The trampoline requires careful preparation of the surface for installation, since the structure is unstable on the hummocks. Protective grid racks are protected with soft polyester covers.

From the reviews: "It appeared in our summer of 2014, we assembled it and it became one of our favorite entertainments at the dacha. What there just did not get up the children, joy and happiness are 100% guaranteed! He is not afraid of rains. There is such a surface that water seeps down, there is no ocean of water after the rain, then everything dries up. "

2 place.

Trampoline i-JUMP 10FT

The average price is 24,990 rubles. The trampoline occupies a relatively small area, at the same time, allowing you to jump in comfort. Through the perforation in the lower part of the grid, a fixing cord is passed, "sewing" the mesh to the canvas, thereby excluding the risk of getting your feet into the spring block. Racks are protected with foam rubber without fabric casings. On each rack there are two straps for fixing the net, which creates additional tension. The entrance to the trampoline is closed by a zipper. Included is a ladder. Jumping cloth - polypropylene "Permatron".Number of springs - 60 pcs. Passive safety is provided by the lower mesh with a compartment for shoes. The weight of the construction is 49 kg.

From the reviews: "We collect trampoline in May, we disassemble in August. When assembling all the time we are surprised that the trampoline really looks like a new one. We saved the box and put all the tubes and nets there. At the same time, exploitation is rampant with two children. On weekends, adults jump. "

1 place.

Optifit Jump 10ft

The average price is 17 690 rubles. The frame, racks and springs are galvanized. The trampoline is easy to assemble, there is no need for additional tools. Thanks to an unusual protective network, the space for jumping increases. At the same time, due to the use of the "dome" network, the legs will be protected from springs. A special fastener of the protective net - double zipper with fasteners from the outside, will not allow the child to leave the trampoline on his own, an adult can open the buckle from the outside. The trampoline is equipped with a ladder. Number of springs - 60 pcs. The weight of the construction is 51 kg.

From the reviews: "We were ready to pay huge money for such a miracle. But, to our surprise, it turned out that the prices for such trampolines, quite, decent. OptiFit JUMP 10F proved to be very stable. On this day, jumped on it all. Conveniently, the protective mesh can be removed and dressed back. For kiddies, a ladder is included, and it is possible to fasten the trampoline from the outside, if you do not want the child to accidentally or intentionally leave the trampoline. "