The best skeleton pools for villas( according to reviews).Top 5

Are you dreaming of installing your own pool in the country? If you have already started to choose, then, probably, faced with a dilemma, which pool is better: inflatable or wireframe? Today we will focus on frame pools and present the rating of the 5 most popular models.

Prefabricated prefabricated pools differ from inflatable reinforced strength, ease of maintenance and large volume. Also, you will have the choice between different configurations from the classic round to the elongated rectangular or oval. Borts can serve as an excellent support for those who are just learning to swim - they are not subject to deformation under the weight of a person.

Outside, the frame pool is fixed with a rigid plastic or metal construction. Inside the frame is lined with a solid polypropylene film. If the pool does not include a water filter and a staircase, they must be purchased separately. Also, you can supplement your pool with a slide and other entertainment facilities.

The cost of the pool depends on its size. For convenience, we compared models with a volume of about 6 thousand liters. These pools are ideal for use by the whole family in a small part of the countryside.

5 place.

Jilong Rectangular Steel Frame

The average price is 15 990 rubles. The pool is rectangular in size 394x207 cm. The depth is 80 cm. The volume is 6075 liters. Very strong three-layer PVC material and stainless steel frame. Water filter pump included.

From the feedback of the owners:

"Good pool - for giving the most it! We have been using it for the third year, despite the fact that the design may seem flimsy, everything keeps well. All summer the pool is open-air, in the winter it is stored in the garage, despite this, the material of the pool and the plastic parts are in good condition. "

4 place.

Summer Escapes

Average price - 9 890 rub. The diameter of 305 cm. Depth of 106 cm. The volume of 6298 liters. Very capacious. Made of high quality three-layer PVC.Metal frame with a coating. The originality of the design makes it easy to assemble the pool in 35 minutes. A water pump with a cartridge filter is included.

From reviews:

"Excellent pool, very durable and stable, besides it looks very nice. Neighbors saw, too, this decided to buy, it's a pleasure! I recommend unequivocally. "

3 place.

Bestway Power Steel Frame

Average price - 23 660 rub. The pool is rectangular in size 404x201 cm. The depth is 100 cm. The volume is 6478 liters. It is characterized by simplicity and speed of installation. The pool frame is made of stainless steel, and the bowl is made of two layers of dense vinyl and one layer of polyester. The rectangular design does not have sharp corners and ensures safe operation. Includes a ladder, a water pump and a cartridge filter.


"Excellent price, made of durable and good material. The frame is very sturdy. Impressions are very good, the family is happy! ".

"In general, the purchase was satisfied and enjoyed with pleasure. Affordable price, easy assembly. Not too functional filter-pump included, some inconvenience when draining the water. "

2 place.

Bestway Steel Pro Frame

Average price - 6 900 rub. The diameter is 366 cm. The depth is 76 cm. The volume is 6899 liters. A fairly compact model. The bowl is made of durable three-layer PVC, a stainless steel frame. The assembly process takes less than an hour. The pool does not need soil preparation or sand piling.


"It looks very impressive. When they brought it, they looked at the instructions and easily installed everything with their own hands easily. It is convenient to wash. I lowered the water and walked with a rag. Durable, for a season nowhere torn. I like my pool very much. I advise everyone. "

"For a private house this is a very necessary purchase and it will please its owners for more than one year. The main thing is to collect it every year in the fall and put it somewhere for storage, and not leave it on the street and then it will definitely serve you for a long time. "

1 place.

Intex Metal Frame

Average price - 6 930 rub. The diameter is 366 cm. The depth is 76 cm. The volume is 6503 liters. The metal frame is painted and resistant to abrasion. The material of the pool basin is made using the SUPER-TOUGH technology made of PVC.It is a dense reinforced material of three welded layers: two layers of dense vinyl and a mesh of polyester. To install the pool does not require special preparation of the soil, any one, freed from foreign objects, is equal to a flat horizontal surface. Installation takes less than 30 min.


«Simply gorgeous product! Bought and filled with water, we bathe in the summer for days on end).There were problems with the assembly of the structure. In general, everyone is happy. "

"The pool is assembled quickly enough, it is not required for it and a special flooring or mound of sand. But we still put it on a hill. The pool is stable, so you can rest assured that it will not roll over, even if your kids and their friends are jumping and diving there. "

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