The best children's( from 1 year) tricycles. Top 5

Today, a child can ride a bicycle before learning to walk. Growing kids, as a rule, are not happy with sitting in a familiar stroller. Another thing - a bicycle. Here, the review is completely different and the development of fantasy, because your young cyclist becomes a true driver of his first in the life of transport.

To make it easier for you to choose the most convenient, durable and inexpensive bicycle, we selected the most suitable models for kids from a year and made a rating based on the price / quality ratio.

All models of three-wheeled bicycles presented to you have such mandatory attributes as:

• Parental handle with the ability to control the bicycle.

• Stands for feet. Necessary to kids, missing before the pedals or not able to twist them. Also useful if the child is tired of going by himself.

• Visor. Allows to hide the crumb from the scorching sun. Models with hoods will protect from the rain.

• Seat with backrest. For the youngest drivers, the backrest on the seat is an indispensable element, which makes it possible to relieve the load from the fragile spine.

• Safety rim. Will not allow the baby to fall off the bicycle.

Also for added comfort, a bicycle for the smallest can be equipped with seat belts, a toy basket, a bag for mom, a bell and toys for the baby.

So, the rating of the five most comfortable tricycles for children from year to year:

5 place.

Navigator Lexus T58452

The average price is 8,126 rubles. A large hood, descending to the bumper, perfectly protects the baby from the sun and rain. Pneumatic inflatable wheels. Seat with adjustable backrest and fabric insert with separator. No seat belts. There is a capacious fabric basket, a backpack on the handle and a metallic bell on the handlebars. The weight of the bicycle is 10.3 kg.

From reviews:

"Maneuverability, comfortable seat, very comfortable parental handle, adjustable in height, stylish design!".

4 place.

Capella Prime Trike

The average price is 6 900 rubles. No seatbelts, but the bumper and fabric divider insure the baby from falling. A hood with a viewing window protrudes, covering the child well from the sun and rain. Wheels, rubber. Safety rim with soft upholstery. There is a back fabric and front plastic basket, a backpack on the handle and a metallic bell. The weight of the bicycle is 9.5 kg.

From the reviews:

"Very cool bike, I advise everyone! Incredibly healthy looks, the quality is at an altitude, very comfortable. The child is delighted! A little bit of Mom's pen is rattling. "

3 place.

Smart Trike 1573500 Zoo-Collection

The average price is 4 500 rubles. Removable control knob, adjustable in height. It is possible to fix the steering wheel. Wheels, plastic. There are seat belts, a removable fabric insert on the seat and armrests, a removable sun visor. That the kid is not bored on the road - at the helm is attached a toy and a bottle stand. The back basket is plastic, there is a backpack on the handle. Light bike with a weight of only 7.2 kg.


"Excellent bike. Convenient in management, there is a basket for toys. The child is comfortable to sit on it, you can fasten it, or you can not attach it if the child is older. It's good that you can drive, especially when the child starts to turn it in different directions, and you need to go somewhere. Non-slip pedals with interlocking. "

"Beautiful, comfortable, not bulky. Noisy wheels, not much, for someone this is a significant minus, but I'm not particularly annoying. "

2 place.

Rich Toys Lexus Trike Original Next

The average price is 5 000 rubles. There are safety belts and a visor from the sun on the parental handle. The handle itself is adjustable in height. Wheels, rubber. Seat with a low back and removable mattress on Velcro. There is a metallic bell on the handlebars. The rear tissue basket can withstand up to 2.5 kg. The weight of the bicycle is 8.5 kg.

From the reviews:

"Excellent bike! Sturdy construction, the handle easily manages the bike, easy to assemble, generally not expensive and the quality is very good. "

1 place.

Mars Mini Trike LT-950A

The average price is 5 300 rubles. This model does not have seat belts, but a safety rim and a tissue separator between the legs will not let the baby fall. The sun visor is not adjustable, but compactly folds. Wheels inflatable. There is a spacious back basket made of cloth and a handbag on the parent pen, a headrest and a metallic bell on the steering wheel. Foldable footrest has anti-slip notches. The weight of the bicycle is 9.5 kg.


"We chose a bicycle for a baby for a long time, after two exchanges and refunds we stopped on this model. Wheels are excellent, inflatable. The movement is smooth, does not shake. Convenient to manage. "

"The child is very pleased, the bike with a comfortable handle for parents, in height and control is easier than a stroller."