The best professional hair dyes. Top-16

15th place: Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse is an ammonia-free paint that gives your hair a luxurious shine and a rich, natural shade. Proteins of soy and an extract of orchids, with which the product is enriched, provide softness and healthy radiance. The Perfect Mousse palette has twenty beautiful shades in its arsenal. Also, the advantages of the product include economy, convenient equipment and a pleasant smell. The set includes a balm, which is enough to care for even the longest hair.

14th place: Wella Wellaton is an innovative, persistent cream paint with an oxygen base, giving the hair a rich color, while retaining its silkiness, natural softness and lively shine. The coconut extract included in the composition envelops the hair with a thin film, which protects them from external factors and mechanical effects. Cream texture, consisting of high-performance color pigments, allows the paint to ensure uniform coloration and reliable protection against ultraviolet rays.

13th place: Palette Deluxe with 7 oils is a hair dye with a high resistance and a saturated formula with oils, which has amazing nutritional properties. Enriched with highly effective color pigments and natural ingredients, the product provides uniform color along the entire length, persistent color, stunning natural shine and nourishing the hair from the inside. After using this hair, the hair not only acquires a beautiful shade, but also becomes soft and easily combed. Palette cosmetic product includes 22 shades.

12th place: C: EHKO Сolor Explosion is a professional cream paint, the composition of which is enriched with keratin and almond protein. After dyeing, the structure of the hair improves, so that they get a healthy appearance and become silky and shiny. The paint falls gently and evenly, giving the hair a firm color and highly effective shading of the gray hair. Series C: EHKO Сolor Explosion is presented in 105 shades.

11th place: Schwarzkopf Essential color - bezmiamica cream paint, which includes natural ingredients. It contains an extract of white tea that gently stains and nourishes the hair, making them elastic, and an extract of lychee that smoothes and gives a striking shine. After the dyeing procedure, the hair care relay takes over the vitaminized conditioner that increases the volume, cares and makes the hair obedient and soft, protecting them from the roots to the tips. Collection Essential color consists of 20 wonderful shades. A unique formula of the drug gives hair a vibrant and truly persistent color.

American model Cindy Crawford in advertising Schwarzkopf Essential color

10th place: Londa Professional - cream paint with microspheres Vitaflection, easily penetrating deep inside the hair and providing saturation and color fastness. Enriched with natural waxes and lipids, the formula guarantees quality care, uniform application and excellent shading of gray hair. As a result, hair acquires vitality and deep color. The product offers a rich palette, represented by 91 shades.

9th place: Garnier Olia is a permanent cream paint whose advantages are the absence of ammonia in its composition and the presence of four oils: passionflowers, camellias, limannes alba and sunflower. A special formula provides high-quality care, moisturizing, silkiness, shine, as well as the delivery of pigment deep into the structure of the hair, smoothing and sealing flakes, which creates the effect of lamination. In addition to 100% staining, the product improves the quality of hair and protects it from the influence of negative external factors. The palette of the ruler offers 25 different shades.

8th place: Revlon ColorSilk is an American-made resistant paint that does not contain ammonia in its composition. The product provides a uniform and thorough coloring, giving hair incredibly lively and rich colors. The assortment includes 34 shades, ranging from blue-black to dazzling light. The kit consists of a two-component paint, conditioner and gloves.

7th place: SYOSS Professional Performance - cream paint from the famous German manufacturer Schwarzkopf &Henkel , developed by professional craftsmen specially for high-effective hair dyeing at home. The product is equipped with a vial-applicator for ease of application. Thanks to a special formula, intense pigments are fixed inside the hair, which provides a rich color, shine and complete shading of the gray hair. The complex, enriched with wheat protein and provitamins B5, promotes hair restoration.

6th place: Excellence Creme - paint from L'Oréal Paris , featuring its soft and gentle effect. Before starting the dyeing procedure, a protective serum is applied to the hair, which will strengthen and prepare them for staining. The composition of the coloring mixture is enriched with pro-keratin, which intensively feeds the hair from the roots to the tips. The kit also includes a balm and mask, which will provide protection, fixing the result and make the hair shiny and obedient.

5 th place: Estel professional DeLuxe is a cream paint designed for effective care and durable staining and toning. Its innovative formula includes a chromoenergetic complex that aligns the hair structure and gives them shine, silky, softness and color saturation. Soft and airy consistency ensures ease of application. Paint is perfect for painting gray hair. High durability and deep color give the hair a luxurious healthy look.

4th place: Casting Creme Gloss - cream paint from the famous brand L'Oréal Paris, which is one of the most popular hair colorants that do not contain ammonia. The caring formula complex acts on the hair both from the outside and from the inside, ensuring protection and strengthening during the staining procedure. Rich color, healthy hair and 100% graying of the stain are a must for Casting Creme Gloss. The product palette consists of 28 shades. Paint is easy to use even at home - a special tube, a thick consistency and a good aroma will make the procedure as pleasant as possible. In addition, it is easily removed from the skin. The product is washed off gradually for 6-8 weeks. The paint set includes a balm with royal jelly, which provides hair nutrition, restoration and dazzling brilliance.

3rd place: Garnier Color Naturals is a hair dye, the main distinguishing feature of which is represented by a unique formula enriched with natural ingredients - olive, avocado and karite oils. They nourish the hair and help preserve their natural softness and shine. The palette of this tool surprises with richness of tones - 30 different shades are offered. Paint Color Naturals from Garnier refers to a very persistent - the color does not fade even after two months.

2 nd place: L'Oréal Preference is a popular hair dye that can last up to 8 weeks. This resistance is due to the size of the molecules of the coloring substances, which are better and, accordingly, remain longer in the hair structure. The paint set includes a special balm that not only fixes and protects the color, but also makes the hair obedient and silky. Total palette L'Oréal Preference has 32 shades.

Russian model Natasha Poli / Natalia Polevschikova in advertising L'Oréal Preference

1st place: Garnier Nutrisse Crème is a permanent cream paint saturated with nutrients and fruit oils to give your hair health and radiance. The formula of the product protects the hair from overdrying, and the supplied balm-care with avocado oil will make the hair soft and silky along the entire length. Thanks to the creamy texture of Nutrisse Crème, the application process is as easy as possible. In addition, it has a pleasant smell and perfectly shades the gray hair. The palette of this line is represented by 14 shades.

Many women love to experiment with their appearance by repainting their hair in a variety of colors and shades. However, not all of them have the opportunity and desire to pamper themselves with a high-quality professional procedure in the salon. Today in the cosmetics market there are a lot of different means for dyeing hair. Among this abundance of the fair sex are trying to choose a product that will not only give a rich and persistent color, but will be rather gentle, as soft as possible acting on the structure of the hair and protecting them from negative external factors.
This rating, based on feedback and popularity of the products, will help you choose the best option, which is perfect for carrying out the dyeing procedure at home. We present to your attention the 16 best professional hair colors.

16th place: ProNature - professional hair dye from Syoss , featuring low ammonia content. The high concentration of color pigments contained in the composition provides the hair with a bright and rich color, and thanks to natural extracts of aloe vera and ginkgo they are restored from the inside. The paint palette ProNature includes 12 natural shades.