How to clean shrimps fresh, boiled and frozen at home

Different seafood has long ceased to be for some modern people some sort of exotic or delicacy, they are actively used in cooking as an independent dish or a component of complex compositions. Despite this, not everyone knows how to clean shrimp quickly, efficiently and correctly. And it is technological failures in this procedure that often cause dissatisfaction with the prepared dish, in particular, because of the presence of an unpleasant aroma or a specific taste.

Before cleaning shrimps, experts recommend them to boil directly in shells. This prevents bacteria, dust particles and foreign components from entering the meat during transportation and packaging( no one can guarantee that this was done correctly).The purchase of raw shrimp and their independent processing is not only safer, but also delicious. If the products are cooked in a shell, then this allows you to store all the juice and the maximum amount of nutrients in them.

Rules for cleaning fresh and boiled shrimps

If the conditions of the recipe require pre-cleaning of the main ingredient, the best option is to purchase fresh shrimp. In this case, they can be cleared in a few minutes, after the following manipulations:

  1. First cut the chitinous shell with very sharp scissors, trying not to damage the meat. We cut from the head towards the tail, carefully remove the plates. In color, they can not differ from meat, so we act slowly and thoroughly.


    When working with boiled shrimps, it is advisable to take care of the presence of a bowl of warm water. This will quickly get rid of sticks, scales, intestinal wreath and other eternally disturbing elements.

  2. Next you need to remove the intestinal vein. If this is done correctly, it will not come off and split into several parts. In small shrimps, the formation is very fragile, it is better to cut it. In large - you can just pull.
  3. If the recipe allows, the head should not be torn off, there are too many nutritional components in it, which in the course of thermal processing become meat and give it a soft and delicate texture.

Boiled shrimp are easy to clean. The specimen is taken over the head and turned upside down. First, properly remove the legs with caviar, then head. After this we take the carcass for the tail and carefully clean the remains of the shell. If necessary, remove the tail, if the recipe does not imply the presence of this convenient holder.

advice For families who prefer to bring prawns to their diets regularly, it is recommended to purchase special tools for their cutting. This will significantly facilitate the processing of ingredients and will preserve their mouth-watering appearance.

Features of the approach to the frozen product

Before cleaning frozen shrimps, they must be thoroughly rinsed under a stream of cool water. Then spread them on a paper towel and lightly dry. We put still frozen, but pure ingredients in a dry deep dish and pour them with a large salt. We wait a few minutes and proceed to the process.

  • Place the product under a stream of cool water and rinse until completely thawed.
  • Then cut the shell and carefully remove the plates, not forgetting the legs of the shrimp. When working with large copies, you must proceed with caution. Frozen shrimps are not easy to clean without tearing pieces of meat from the carcass.
  • Next, you need to treat the department with the intestinal vein. If the defrosting did not happen until the end, this element will tear and leave marks on the meat.
  • After carrying out all the manipulations of the product, it is necessary to rinse it again under running water, lay it on the grate, drain the liquid. You do not need to cut carcases, they will lose their attractiveness. We will soak the ingredients with paper towels and use it for the intended purpose.

If you clean the shrimp in the right way, you can count on the preparation of a tasty, fragrant and safe dish. Very little practice and any of these approaches will be given easily.

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