Top 5 most beautiful temples of the world

Temples have been one of the most beautiful buildings of architecture since ancient times, intended for worshiping the gods, performing rituals and religious sacrifices. The location of the temples, their size and shape are very diverse. The five most beautiful temples of the world are presented to your look in this article.


  • 1. Taktshang
  • 2. Prambanan
  • 3. Angkor Wat
  • 4. Golden Temple
  • 5. Ranganathaswami

1. Taktshang

The "tiger's nest" is the most famous monastery in Bhutan, located at an altitude of about 3120 meters above sea level.

The legend says that Padmasambhava flew to this place on the back of the tiger. The temple is open to visitors and consists of seven blocks.

The monastery does not drive roads, so you can only get here on foot in steep cliffs, or on a mule.

2. Prambanan

The UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1991, was restored in 1918-53 by Dutch scientists.

Prambanan is a complex of temples of the early Middle Ages, Hindu and Buddhist.

Located on the island of Java, in its central part, on the south side of the Merapi volcano, not far from the royal palace and the stupa of Borobodur.

3. Angkor Wat

In the northwest of Cambodia, amid the ruins of Angkor Thom, lies the largest and most beautiful temple of Angkor Wat.

The temple occupies a total of 2.5 square kilometers from the square of the city of Tom, which was built as the capital of the future Khmer empire.

The temple has a huge number of levels, stairs and passages, 5 towers, one of which is 65 meters above the ground.

4. Golden Temple

The main temple of the Sikhs in which the sacred Indian book "Guru Grant Sahib" is kept.

The peculiarity of the temple is that it stands in the middle of a huge pool. During the pilgrimage, pilgrims walk around it, and the pool water is considered sacred - it heals the sick and gives enlightenment.

100 kg of gold is used to decorate the dome.24 hours from the speakers sound the voices of readers reading the sacred book.

5. Ranganathaswami

The temple in Srirangam is a Hindu complex dedicated to Vishnu.

The temple area is 63 hectares, it is the largest Hindu temple in the world.

The temple is surrounded by walls in 7 rows, the total length is 10 kilometers.

A special feature of the temple is the "hall with 1000 columns", the exact number of columns in the room is almost enough to reach this figure, amounting to 953 pieces.