The most successful Russian actors in Hollywood

Russians in Hollywood are far from the trend of recent years. Back in 1905, actress Alla Nazimova left the Moscow Art Theater to become a star of the American silent cinema.

Today at the "Dream Factory" dozens of Russian actors work, and, many of them have achieved recognition and are quite active in their careers. The most successful Russian actors in Hollywood are gathered in our current ten.


10. Yul Brynner

  • 9. Vladimir Mashkov
  • 8. Alexander Baluev
  • 7. Ilya( Eliya) Baskin
  • 6. Cvetlan Metkina
  • 5. Yulia Snigir
  • 4. Yevgeny Lazarev
  • 3. Oleg Taktarov
  • 2. NatashaAllam
  • 1. Svetlana Khodchenkova
  • 10. Yul Brynner

    Now the deceased actor moved to the United States in 1941 at the age of 21.The most significant works of Brynner - filming in the movies Magnificent Seven, Return of the Magnificent Seven, The World of the Future and The Last Warrior. Make a career Yulia in many ways helped the relationship with the famous actress Virginia Gilmour.

    9. Vladimir Mashkov

    About the success of Mashkov says his membership in the Guild of Hollywood actors. This means that his bid for shooting in a movie in the US can be no less than $ 1 million. However, Mashkov is rather selective and often refuses from Hollywood roles. So, for the sake of the Russian film "Pope" the actor refused the main male role in "Lara Croft-2".

    8. Alexander Baluev

    Baluyev's success in Hollywood has grown significantly after participating in three successful projects - the militant "Peacemaker", the film-catastrophe "Collision with the Abyss" and the drama "Proof of Life".By the way, the scenario of "Peacemaker" was rewritten specially for Baluyev.

    7. Ilya( Eliya) Baskin

    Before emigrating to the United States in 1976, Baskin played several supporting roles in Soviet cinema. Today, the actor has more than 70 roles in Hollywood, including participation in such films as "Moscow on the Hudson" and "Spiderman".

    6. Cvetlana Metkina

    From Moscow to Hollywood Svetlana was taken away by flies - the Belgian billionaire Michel Litvack. While Svetlana's most notable work is shooting in the movie "Bobby" with Demi Moore, Anthony Hopkins and Sharon Stone.

    5. Julia Snigir

    The actress and model became known outside the homeland after filming in the fifth part of "Die Hard" with Bruce Willis. After that, the native of the Tula region showered proposals, of which Julia. Perhaps, they will choose those that will help to consolidate success.

    4. Eugene Lazarev

    His film career Lazarev began in the USSR, and continued in Hollywood. In the actor's coin box, they shoot in such films as "The Armory Baron", "The Pink Panther 2", "Iron Man 2".However, Lazarev works with Russian filmmakers, although not often. The last appearance of the actor in Russian cinema - shooting as Emperor Alexander II in the film "Turkish Gambit."

    3. Oleg Taktarov

    In the movie, Oleg came from the sport. External data and skills of the champion in mixed martial arts helped Taktarov gain roles in such films as "15 Minutes of Fame", "Rollerball", "President's Airplane", "Predators" and "Masters of the Night".Currently, the actor is actively acting in American serials.

    2. Natasha Allam

    In the USA, Natalia was transported by her first husband, the grandson of the Iranian Shah, Amir Ibrahim Pahlavi Allam. Today, Natasha Alam is married to the owner of a cosmetic clinic, she starred in movies, TV shows and TV shows. Among her works, the most notable are the roles in "C.S.I.Crime scene "," Body parts "," Handsome men "," Cheeky and beautiful "," Real blood ".

    1. Svetlana Khodchenkova

    Svetlana works with Hugh Jackman in the 2013 film "Wolverine" and with Colin Firth in the successful "Spy, Get Out!"More active participation in Hollywood projects is hampered by the fact that Khodchenkova does not want to move to the US for permanent residence, noting nostalgia for her homeland and unwillingness to leave her relatives and friends.