Top 10 Most Famous People in Russia in 2016

Information-analytical company "Medialogy" compiled the official rating of the most famous people of Russia in 2016 .The main criterion for creating the rating was the number of messages in which this or that person is mentioned in the Russian media. It covers the period from January to December 2016.The media includes more than 35,000 different television channels, radio programs, newspapers, magazines and Internet news.


  • 10. Ulyukaev Alexey Valentinovich
  • 9. Kadyrov Ramzan Akhmatovich
  • 8. Patriarch Kirill( in the world Gundyaev Vladimir Mikhailovich)
  • 7. Mutko Vitaliy Leontievich
  • 6. Vorobyev Andrey Y.
  • 5. Sobyanin Sergey Semenovich
  • 4. Sergey LavrovViktorovich
  • 3. Peskov Dmitry Sergeevich
  • 2. Medvedev Dmitry Anatolyevich
  • 1. Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich

10. Ulyukaev Alexey Valentinovich

The man who is undoubtedly extremely famous, but hardly popular, opens the rating of the most media Russians. This scandalous Ulyukaev Alexey, who in November this year was ordered to receive a bribe of $ 2 million. It is interesting that Rosneft, which offered Ulyukaev a bribe, still received a controlling stake in Bashneft. Number of mentions of Ulyukayev in the media - 125 377.

9. Ramzan A. Kadyrov

Kadyrov is a versatile person. Athlete, honorary academician and - unexpectedly - a popular blogger. Kadyrov has an account on the Instagram network and VKontakte. The main events discussed in 2016, which brought Ramzan 126,876 mentions in the media, is the decision to name one of the Petersburg bridges after Akhmad Kadyrov and the participation of the children of the Chechen president in demonstration battles in mixed martial arts without protective equipment.

8. Patriarch Kirill( in the world Gundyaev Vladimir Mikhailovich)

In February 2016, the Patriarch of All Russia met with Pope Francis First for the first time after the split of the churches in 1054.Church hierarchs met in Cuba, at the airport, and signed a joint declaration, full of, as usual, many good intentions. Mention in the Russian media - 127,612.

7. Mutko Vitaliy Leontievich

His share of fame - 146,014 mentions in the media - the president of the Russian Football Union received thanks to the "doping scandal" of the World Anti-Doping Agency. According to WADA, all Russian athletes are doping, and Mutko covers them. As a result of the charges, Mutko could not attend the Olympics in the summer sunny Rio de Janeiro.

6. Vorobyov Andrey Y.

The frequency of references in the media of the governor of Moscow region( 174 645), it seems, does not depend on high-profile events, but simply on the significance of the region under his control. The board runs quietly, peacefully: then in summer the agricultural exhibition was opened, then promised to raise the salaries of teachers.

5. Sobyanin Sergey Semenovich

The fifth number is another town-planning person of the media top-10 - the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin. He became famous for a number of ambiguous decisions on the improvement of the capital of Russia, from the "night of long buckets" to the flooded streets of Moscow due to problems with storm sewerage, the launch of the third ring of the underground metro and lanterns in the form of glasses with champagne in the New Year's capital. In any case, according to Muscovites, Sobyanin is to blame for everything. Mention in the media - 188 623.

4. Lavrov Sergey Victorovich

The Minister of Foreign Affairs is not easily born in the world - then there are morons to the press conference, then in the pre-election race of the USA there are solid pussies, which, apparently, negatively affects the spiritual organization of the popular Russian politician. True, apart from juicy expressions, Lavrov still spoke on the phone with US Secretary of State Kerry, discussed the policy in the Middle East and reported that Ukraine had suffered from dishonest politicians. Mentions in the media - 201 829.

3. Peskov Dmitry Sergeevich

A surge of public interest in the person of the Russian president's press secretary has awakened two events that seem outwardly disparate. One of them is his appearance at a car wash in red training pants and ugg boots, somehow stirring up a storm of emotions on the Internet, and the second is a discussion with Konstantin Raikin about censorship. Raikin talked about the notorious freedom of creativity, and Peskov, who pays the girl, dances it. However it may be, Dmitry received his 250,374 mentions in the media.

2. Medvedev Dmitry Anatolyevich

Russian philanderer Alexei Navalny continues to please the public with scandals, intrigues and investigations. In September 2016, he photographed on the video with a quadrocopter luxury mansion, which does not seem to belong to the Prime Minister of Russia, but at the same time, as it were, belong. The estimated costs for the restoration of the estate Milovka from the state pocket are 25-30 billion rubles, and the references in the Medvedev media are 574,731.

1. Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich

And on the first place in the list of the most commonly mentioned in the media Runet of 2016 people, of course, the presidentRussian Federation. Putin is the most influential man in 2016, an extremely popular figure not only in Russian paper and online publications, but also in foreign ones. No wonder, especially against the background of the main political events in the world - the war in Syria and the scandalous victory of Donald Trump in the elections in the United States. Total mentions of Putin in the media 1 987 736.