The Noisiest Cities in the World

The noise and din of a modern metropolis is a source of constant stress for its inhabitants. Doctors confidently state that our ears are subject to daily overloads. On the street, in the office and even at home, a person does not have the opportunity to stay in silence.

The World Health Organization has compiled a list that includes the world's noisiest cities .


  • 6. Paris
  • 5. Warsaw
  • 4. Bratislava
  • 3. Nagasaki
  • 2. Tokyo
  • 1. New York

6. Paris

In the "black zone" with a noise level of over 70 dB, more than 7% of the territory fallscities. This is two and a half times more than in London or Berlin. And in the zone of acoustic comfort with a maximum noise level of up to 55 dB, only 17% of the city area is attributed. And, if in the morning in the city it is noisy because of the traffic flow, in the evenings in Paris the crowds of tourists "buzz", music plays and murmur fountains.

5. Warsaw

One of the cities with the longest traffic jams. In 2008, the authorities of the Polish capital developed a seven-year plan to combat noise in the streets. The city is actively laying new tram tracks, which are much less noisy in comparison with traditional ones, and also install soundproof screens.

However, Polish doctors say that Warsaw residents have every reason to go to court demanding compensation for health-spoiled health.

4. Bratislava

The capital of Slovakia is located at the crossroads of transport routes - after all, the city is literally sandwiched between Hungary and Austria. Automobile traffic in the city does not subside around the clock.

In addition, tram tracks crossing the city, require replacement in a quieter, as the noise of Bratislava trams is heard even by the residents of the bordering Viennese villages.

3. Nagasaki

The population of the city is only half a million people, but Nagasaki is a major port, as well as a shipbuilding center. Adding noise is also the local airport and the abundance of cars, which in each family is at least two. In addition, on the streets of the city is not uncommon sound advertising, which contributes its own contribution to the overall background.

2. Tokyo

The multi-tiered roads that penetrate the city do not cease all round the clock. No wonder the inhabitants of the Japanese capital appreciate traditional parks - oases of peace in the center of the city. Significant and the fascination of the Japanese special capsule for recreation - for a nominal fee you can stay in silence for a couple of hours.

1. New York

Residents of of the noisiest city of the planet are daily affected by a noise load of 70 dB.Among the many sources of noise are perpetual constructions and humming machines. At the same time, the rhythm of New York's life remains high even at night, not allowing the silence to seize the metropolis.

The authorities of the city tried to make part of the Central Park "a zone of silence," but several music groups arranged concerts in the park sued the mayor's office.