Top 10 professions for everyone who loves to travel

For those who do not imagine life without vivid impressions, changes in places and a kaleidoscope of new faces, it is necessary to choose professions that allow a lot of travel.

Among the many activities that allow you to travel around the world, you can certainly find something to their liking. The best options have entered our top 10 best occupations for travelers .

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    • 10.
    • journalist 9.
    • photographer 8.
    • IT specialist 7.
    • flight attendant 6.
    • pilot 5.
    • animator 4.
    • guide 3.
    • hotel critic 2.
    • cruise ship employee 1. Volunteer


With a certain mindset, it is not difficult to develop the skill of writing articles. But the work of a journalist is important not only literacy and a good syllable, but also the ability to find a really interesting topic. As a journalist, you can travel both in search of materials for work, and simply working remotely.

9. Photographer

Only really talented people can really make money selling photos from different corners of the world. If there is a talent, then you can both sell photos of those places that the photographer visited, and earn additionally at weddings, in hotels, amusement parks.

8. IT specialist

A good programmer can afford to work remotely. The main thing is to meet the deadlines set by the customer, and conscientious work. And where this labor activity takes place - under palm trees or in the office, really the employer does not care.

7. Flight attendant

Before you get on the international lines, you will certainly have to prove your professionalism and professionalism. Also, knowledge of foreign languages ​​and readiness to work hard with a constant smile on your face are necessary. As a reward for this, the flight attendant can visit absolutely different countries for free.

6. Pilot

A difficult and responsible profession makes a person happy if he works as a pilot by vocation. An additional bonus will be the opportunity to spend weekends and breaks between flights in Tokyo, New York, Lisbon and other equally attractive cities.

5. Animator

The artistic, sociable and foreign-speaking person will easily find the work of an animator in a good hotel. You can try your hand in traditional Turkey, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, as well as in the USA, Mexico, South Africa, and in hotels of any other countries.

4. Guide

For the guide, the ability to communicate with unfamiliar people, competent speech and thorough knowledge of local attractions are important. A good guide always knows how to find something interesting on the most ordinary route. And the desire for new knowledge allows you to change cities and countries with the desired periodicity.

3. Hotel critic

Famous hotel critics, who are ready to host the best hotels, not so much. The key to success in such a profession is meticulousness and attention to detail. For starters, you can start your own blog about hotels, and then offer your services to profile sites and specialized publications.

2. Employee of the cruise liner

This, in fact, is not a separate profession, but a whole range of opportunities. Cruise ships need animators, waiters, guides, administrators, maids, cooks, technicians, etc. Not every port during the cruise and employees has the opportunity to go ashore, but the chances of seeing a couple of dozen countries in a few seasons are quite high.

1. Volunteer

Contrary to popular belief, the work of a volunteer is not always free. Very often volunteers are paid by charitable organizations and sponsors, whose services they represent. Volunteers work during major sports events, promote healthy lifestyles, help the poor, conduct training, etc. Often the work of a volunteer is connected with visiting not the most popular tourist countries in Africa, Latin America, and Oceania.