Rating of the best hotels in Hurghada 2014

Hurghada is one of the oldest resorts in Egypt. This is the reason that the entire coast of the country here are the best beaches, but most of the hotels are already aged. In addition, the prices for rooms in hotels in Hurghada in most cases are more democratic than in similar resorts in Egypt. Hotels in Hurghada are many, which makes choice difficult.

We will try to facilitate this task. We present rating of the best hotels in Hurghada in 2014 .

In Hurghada, compared with Sharm el-Sheikh, a little cooler, which is caused by a chain of mountains surrounding the resort. And for many a softer climate is a weighty reason. Here, couples and children prefer rest, pensioners, the rest of the population also keep up. The best hotels in Egypt are also in this resort.


  • 5. Smartline Festival 4 *
  • 4. Dana Beach Resort 5 *
  • 3. Steigenberger AlDau Beach 5 *
  • 2. Magic Life Kalawy Imperial 5 *
  • 1. Steigenberger Aqua Magic 5 *

5. Smartline Festival 4 *

Advantages. Very green hotel with well-groomed territory, 3 restaurants, 4 bars, 2 outdoor pools, children's club, 2 water slides, health center, gym, beauty salon. The hotel has 270 rooms. The hotel is renovated. It has 3 sandy beaches with a convenient entrance to the water. Near the beach there are corals. Sun loungers, umbrellas, towels and mattresses are provided free of charge. The staff is friendly. Good combination of price and quality.

Disadvantages. Animation leaves much to be desired. Infrastructure and nutrition for children is practically non-existent. Room cleaning is rare. A meager variety of food.

4. Dana Beach Resort 5 *

Advantages. Beautiful and large territory, excellent infrastructure, beach, children's slides, 4 swimming pools, 5 free restaurants( including Italian, Chinese, German).A variety of delicious food, several bars, good service, in the middle of the hotel is a small river with boats. Sandy spit with excellent warm sea. The presence of free sun loungers at any time near the pools and beaches. Good staff service. Cozy rooms, free Wi-Fi. A calm contingent of vacationers, the basis of which are Poles, Finns, Germans.

Disadvantages. Not very large rooms. Mini-club does not work. In the artificial lagoon of the sea, the water is cloudy and cool, at the entrance to it come the broken shell and sharp pebbles. Weak animation, including children's animation. Monotonous food. In the evening, mosquitoes appear. The emphasis is on the Germans, the receptionists do not speak Russian well.

3. Steigenberger AlDau Beach 5 *

Advantages. A large area with many colors. Well-groomed territory. Excellent beach, a huge central pool with waterfalls and a lazy river of fresh water. Very good service, including food. Magnificent SPA with various baths and sea water. Beautiful interior of the main building. Spacious rooms with new furniture. Good children's animation, polite staff. A good hotel for family people.

Disadvantages. In the pontoon barrage the beach is almost dead: dirty and shallow, there may be an oil film. All reservoirs, except for swimming pools, clarifiers of the water purification system. The staff does not speak Russian well. You can strain bureaucracy - you need to sign bills for everything you use.

2. Magic Life Kalawy Imperial 5 *

Advantages. Large area with its own sandy beach. Excellent food, however, only for adults. A wide range of sports activities. Service, restaurants, bars, swimming pools, the sea are some of the best. Natural lagoon and excellent reef. Excellent sea, lots of entertainment. Excellent uncharacteristic for Egypt service. Decent hotel for a good holiday.

Disadvantages. Far from the airport, poor food for children. Removed from civilization and 98% of the contingent are Germans. Animation in English and German. Expensive.

1. Steigenberger Aqua Magic 5 *

Our rating is headed by the best hotel in Hurghada for 2014 - Steigenberger Aqua Magic 5 *.

Advantages. New, newly built hotel. Well-groomed territory, cozy rooms with excellent living conditions, including minibar, air conditioning, internet, TV and telephone. Attentive and polite staff, 6 restaurants, 5 outdoor pools( heated in winter), 10 water slides, SPA center, beauty center, fitness center, aerobics, beach volleyball, disco, diving, parachute, catamaran, water skiing, horse ridingdriving, billiards, massage, Jacuzzi, Turkish bath, sauna and so on. Excellent infrastructure, animation, clean beach, convenient access to the sea, excellent service, food and service.

Disadvantages. With the fact that the hotel was built in almost a year, it does not have a very high quality finish, poor noise insulation. Safety at altitude, which can cause minor inconveniences. Naturally, the quality will have to pay.