7 best bus tours in Europe from Belarus

A small study by a well-known travel company revealed the most popular European destinations in 2016.


  • Grand Tour + 8 days in Spain.
  • Prague - Vienna - Budva( Montenegro - 9 days at sea) - Budapest
  • 6-day tour "Budapest - Vienna - Dresden - Prague"
  • Budapest - Vienna - Prague - Karlovy Vary - Dresden
  • The Paris-Benelux comfort tour is calculatedfor 8 days
  • Magic trip "Austro-Hungarian fairy tale"
  • Four-day trip "Tallinn - Stockholm - Riga"

Grand Tour + 8 days in Spain.

In addition to the beach holidays on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, on this journey you can visit the main European capitals - Warsaw, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, and on the way back - Nice, Monaco, Italian Lake Garda, Venice, Vienna and Krakow. On the way you can feel what European roads are of good quality and make sure of the hospitality of small roadside hotels.

Going on a Mega-Motors bus tour, you will see with your own eyes the most outstanding sights of Europe, which you may have only heard about - the Old Miasto in Warsaw, the famous Berlin Wall, the Red Light Street and the Manneken Pis, in Amsterdam, Eiffelthe tower in Paris and the Palace of Versailles - and this is not all.

Prague - Vienna - Budva( Montenegro - 9 days at sea) - Budapest

This route will acquaint you with the main sights of the Czech and Austrian capitals, and then immerse in the atmosphere of a fabulous beach holiday on the Adriatic Sea. Be ready to see beautiful landscapes, taste delicious national cuisine, get acquainted with the kindest local people, go on interesting excursions. Carrying out the order of the bus for the whole trip, you will be able to set off on the return journey in time and visit one of the most beautiful European capitals - the city of Budapest.

6-day tour "Budapest - Vienna - Dresden - Prague"

The Royal Palace of Budapest, the place of the wedding of all the royal families of Europe, the river promenade on the Danube, the residence of the Habsburgs, the Vienna Opera, the Dresden art gallery, the Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Vltava is an incomplete list of sights that you will be able to see as a result of this trip.

Budapest - Vienna - Prague - Karlovy Vary - Dresden

This tour from the company "Mega-Motors" will also be remembered for a long time. In addition to getting acquainted with the main sights of the above cities, you will be able to lead four independent days in Prague, taking them on an individual program - making additional excursions or shopping, visiting historic sites or randomly strolling around the city, tasting national food or just having fun.

Paris-Benelux Comfort Tour is designed for 8 days.

Here you will see the landmark places of Warsaw, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, where you will stay for three days, as well as Luxembourg. The trip involves spending the night in cozy hotels, travel by comfortable buses, information from professional guides. Each excursion program has time for independent walks, during which you can visit additional museums, exhibitions or galleries, as well as make purchases or taste dishes of national cuisine.

Magic trip "Austro-Hungarian fairy tale"

Supposes the bus order for the whole trip, which is five days. Here you will visit the thermal springs of the Hungarian Miskolc-Tapolca, enjoy the pure mountain air and magnificent scenery, and then you will get to the baroque architecture of the ancient Eger. Nobody will be indifferent to the sights of the Hungarian and Austrian capitals. Believe me, in this tale you want to stay, but the final point of the route is the city of Minsk.

Four-day trip "Tallinn - Stockholm - Riga"

Night cruise on the mysterious Baltic Sea and, of course, familiarity with the main sights of the capitals of Estonia, Sweden, Latvia. On the ferry you can have a great time - there are various entertainment programs, invite various cafes, bars and restaurants to have a delicious dinner in anticipation of the most interesting excursions.