The drum of the washing machine does not rotate - the reasons

  • We check when the
  • tank has stopped spinning. The drum of the washing machine does not spin - possible causes

Modern washing machines are usually made so that faults, especially those that are very complicated and expensive to repair, arise as rarely as possible. Nevertheless, no one is immune to the fact that the drum of the washing machine does not rotate, the reasons for which can be completely different. Usually, you can notice this only on the quality of washing clothes. To find out the reasons for such a malfunction, first necessarily disconnect the unit from the network, remove all water, things from it, and then proceed to inspect your assistant, who so unexpectedly decided to let you down.

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We clarify when the

tank stopped spinning. Before we find out why the drum does not spin at the washing machine, it is absolutely necessary to understand when it stopped doing it. The options here can be as follows:

  1. Spin cycle. It is very easy to find out - when you open the drum, the laundry will be wet, but without the detergent residue. In this case, it is possible that the balancing of the tank is simply broken and the electronic smart control system has turned off the equipment in order to keep it in good order. The solution to this problem is very simple - you just need to open the hatch, remove the excess items of your wardrobe or distribute them so that they do not show up as a lump. Next - once again run the full wash cycle first.
  2. Washing cycle. If this happened at this stage, things will be soapy. Further it will be necessary to make more labor-consuming steps to troubleshoot.

Important! You can additionally check the functionality of the tank manually - just try turning it slightly to the side. So you will understand, it's all in a smart electronic lock or in mechanical jamming.

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Do not spin the drum of the washing machine - possible reasons for

There are several reasons why the drum of the washing machine does not spin. Some of the failures can be eliminated by yourself, to eliminate others, you will certainly need the help of a master with the appropriate qualifications.

Important! Before dismantling your equipment and digging yourself inside its interior, make sure that there is no foreign object between the tank and the walls - a button, a zippered part, etc.


Some models of washers use a belt drive that providesthe turning moment of the tank. The main element - the belt, can be torn from intensive or long-term operation.

To find out this reason, it is necessary to turn the tank by hand while the unit is off. If the engine noise is not present - the problem is in the belt, it must be replaced.

Important! Perhaps, the belt did not tear, but simply flew off the base. To clarify this situation, you need to remove one of the walls of your styralki, and if so - put the strap back like a bicycle chain.

Brushes of the motor

Brushes of the engine with the time have the property to wear out - this is quite likely the reason that the drum of the washing machine does not rotate. Find out this nuance will be a professional master who will clean the collector of dirt, and replace the engine parts.

Electronic board

Mechanical control of washing machines is more reliable, but modern people tend to prefer a smart electronic unit that performs most of the settings and control over the operation of household appliances for it. But such blocks are also not perfect and do not last forever. Over time, the programmer may wear out, for example, due to frequent power surges. As a result - the equipment does not receive a signal about the need for washing, and the drum of the washing machine does not rotate - the reason is clear.

Independently try to repair the electronic control unit, especially if the unit is still under warranty - it is strictly not recommended.

Electric motor

Usually, this is the most reliable and expensive part of any mechanical system. Therefore, modern manufacturers of household appliances do everything to ensure that the failure of such a component occurred as rarely as possible. But still, this option should not be excluded from the possible reasons why the drum of the washing machine does not spin.

How to check?- See if the empty tank is spinning when the wash mode is on, without laundry. If the situation looks like this - the equipment does not erase only when the tank is loaded, then the problem is in the burned winding of the rotor or starter.


Faulty bearings and seals can cause jamming of the tank. To check such a malfunction, try moving the drum to the sides. If this is very difficult to do, or the tank does not move at all, or if there is still a sound of grinding, creaking, then it really is - the wear of the bearings that need to be replaced.


The banal clogging of filters can become one of the reasons for jamming the tank. When diagnosing this phenomenon, the smart programmer simply blocks the further operation of the unit. Most likely, you will not even be able to open the door, and the tank will be full of water.

To restore the system:

  1. Prepare the repair site - lay the floor with plastic wrap and rags.
  2. Read the instructions and find out where the filter is located.
  3. Consistently dismantle the parts of your equipment to reach the filter.
  4. Clean it from dirt and scale.
  5. Gather everything back.

This is the most common cause of malfunction of the washing machine tank. But there are others. Therefore, if you do not have relevant experience in repairing washing machines, it is better not to try to do it yourself, but entrust this work to specialists of the appropriate profile.