The best comedies of 2015-2016, a list of the funniest

Laughter is a powerful antidote to daily stress, pain and conflict. And how can you provide yourself with this antidote for free? View best comedies of 2016 .The list is based on the positive feedback and ratings of Kinopoisk users.

  • 16. "Bridget Jones 3"( 2016)
  • 15. "Already miss you"( 2015)
  • 14. "Moscow, I endure you"( 2016)
  • 13. "The war against all"( 2016)
  • 12. "Perfect Strangers"( 2016)
  • 11. "In the Barefooted Sky"( 2015)
  • 10. "Trainee"( 2015)
  • 9. "Agents of ANKL"( 2015)
  • 8."I, Earl and the dying girl"( 2015)
  • 7. "Captain Fantastic"( 2016)
  • 6. "Deadpool"( 2016)
  • 5. Eddie "Eagle"( 2016)
  • 4. "Kingsman: Secret Service"( 2015)
  • 3. "Uwe's Second Life"( 2015)
  • 2. "Lovers"( 2015)
  • 1. "Bajrangi's Brother"( 2015)

16. "Bridget Jones 3"( 2016)

Charming Renee Zellweger once again pleased fans, starring in the role of the frantic and immediate Bridget Jones. The 43-year-old Brigitte, who is quite thin, made a successful career, is in an interesting position. That's just who is the happy father of a future child: a successful attorney Mark Darcy or a charming American billionaire Jack? It is worth noting the excellent actor's work of the newcomer - Emma Thompson. She plays the role of witty, good-natured and moderately cynical obstetrician-gynecologist.

15. "Already miss you"( 2015)

Two bosom friends Millie and Jesse have known each other since childhood. Now they have crossed the forty-year boundary and their relationship must undergo a serious test when Millie finds a serious illness.

14. "Moscow, I endure you"( 2016)

Instead of resting on a beautiful sunny day, the main character of the film Alexander plunges into a whirlwind of events. Here and the arrival of a friend and help to another friend and meeting with customers and a sudden flash of love. And all things have to be done in 24 hours.

13. "War Against All"( 2016)

Once, two immoral policemen had a chance to get a million dollars. But the English lord James Mangen claims such a tidbit. Heroes( if you can call them such), you have to fight the eccentric Englishman, learn his secrets, and defeat a lot of dangerous enemies who want to leave a million dollars to themselves.

12. "Perfect Strangers"( 2016)

A friendly dinner can end up completely differently than planned. And all the fault of the game, participating in which it is necessary to read the sms that have come out loud and answer the calls through the speakerphone.

11. "In the Barefoot Sky"( 2015)

Comedy rating includes the only film created in the North Caucasus. He will show you the beautiful nature and no less beautiful and pure love. And it will also help to disclose the attitude of modern North Caucasian youth, its respect for elders and, of course, to hear wonderful songs.

The film is included in the list of the best Russian films 2015-2016 with a rating of 7.9 / 10.

10. "Trainee"( 2015)

Do you think that in 70 years the grandfather should sit on the couch and wait for the arrival of grandchildren? And here not. Ben Whitaker does not want to live aimlessly on a pension. He goes to work in an online fashion store, and becomes an indispensable assistant for his boss - Jules Austen.

9. "AGNL Agents"( 2015)

The handsome super-heroes Napoleon Solo from the CIA and Ilya Kuryakin from the KGB shoulder to shoulder protect the world. Run, love, shootout, nuclear bomb - what else is needed for one of the best comedies of 2015-2016?A good film in which the "gabist" is not shown as a stupid and stereotyped character, capable only of drinking vodka and shading the mind and charm of the protagonist.

8. "I, Earl and the Dying Girl"( 2015)

This film is unlikely to fall into the funniest comedy. The main characters joke and often, but the story itself - about the friendship of two guys and a girl with leukemia - can hardly be called comic. And at the end of the film, impressionable spectators and at all can pierce a tear.

7. Captain Fantastic( 2016)

The protagonist( played by Viggo Mortensen) is not a superhero, as one could solve by reading the name, but the head of a large family living away from civilization. The father teaches children the main thing, in his opinion, things in life: hunting, developing physically and intellectually( children speak several languages, they know quantum physics).But the life of both father and children changes abruptly, when by the will of circumstances they are forced to move to a city that is alien to them. Will voluntary hermits fit into the consumption society?

6. "Deadpool"( 2016)

The screen version of the comic strip about the super-neigeroy with the face of "loving to half-death of the avocado" made a lot of noise in 2016.This is perhaps the most crazy tape in the top 10 comedies. But if you like black humor, bloody action and the destruction of the fourth wall, then be sure to look at the "Deadpool".Just remove the children from the blue screens, it's too early for them to watch a movie.

5. Eddie "Eagle"( 2016)

What can an athlete get famous for? His successes and more awards? But Eddie was famous for his failures. But this guy did not break. He goes to his dream as a battering ram, and the audience can only guess: will he manage to win at least once or not.

4. "Kingsman: Secret Service"( 2015)

This is the second movie about spies, which entered the comedy 2015-2016.The list of the best entertaining pictures was supplemented by the story of the refined English gentleman from the elite secret service and his young protege, who, of course, is to save the world. One minus: the rating of 18+ will not allow Kingsman to watch with the children.

3. "The Second Life of Uwe"( 2015)

The story of an elderly grumbler( played by Rolf Lassgord) and a sweet pregnant woman( Bahar Pars), who is trying to revive Uwe's interest in life. The film very successfully balances on the brink of comedy and drama. And in the movie there is a cat with beautiful blue eyes and just a brilliant acting.

2. "Lovers"( 2015)

Vir loves Ishu, Isha loves Vira. But he has a brother, and she has a sister. And relatives can not help participating in the lives of lovers. And then there will be mafia, drugs and fights. As a result - a composite hodgepodge of humor, action and drama.

1. "Brother Bajrangi"( 2015)

And now the next creation of Bollywood heads the best comedies. The list of the merits of this film about a dumb Pakistani girl lost on the Indo-Pakistan border, and a noble Indian is large enough. There's kindness to children, and romance, and charismatic protagonists, and a well thought out story line and a chic soundtrack. Ideal movie for family viewing.
So today the list looks, in which the best comedic premieres of 2016 have got. The most successful and funny comedies 2015-2016.The best and most popular films in the genre of "comedy" in 2016.