Rating of clinics of IVF of Russia

As statistics show, in the modern world there is a regressive development of demography, which is expressed in significantly reduced rates of natural fertility. This is due to infertility, which is faced by every fifth married couple. To prevent rapid depopulation, in Russia in 1994, the All-Russian Family Planning Program was implemented, the goal of which is to create conditions for the implementation of methods of reproductive medicine.

Among its methods, extracorporeal fertilization( IVF) is especially popular, which is a procedure for fertilizing an egg outside the body to create an embryo that is later placed in the uterine cavity. To date, clinics that specialize in alternative methods of conception are being established and are actively operating. Your attention is given to rating of the best IVF clinics of Russia .

The list is compiled jointly by the Testing portal and http: //bookimed.com/ on the basis of feedback and patient voting.


  • 5. Center for Family Planning and Reproduction
  • 4. Dad, Mom and Toddler
  • 3. Mom
  • 2. Center for ECO
  • 1. Saint Maria

5. Center for Family Planning and Reproduction

The fifth place is occupied by the "Center for Family Planning and Reproduction"reproductions "of the city of Astrakhan. The clinic is equipped with a modern laboratory for IVF.The management of the institution carefully fits the choice of staff: the staff consists of 28 highly qualified doctors, five of whom have an international certificate of the Fetal Medicine Foundation, issued by the British Fetal Medicine Foundation( FMF).

4. Dad, Mom and Baby

The fourth place is the Nizhny Novgorod clinic "Dad, Mom and Baby".In addition to the IVF procedure, the specialists of the medical center can diagnose the possibility of complications during pregnancy, and also to reveal the percentage of risk of having a child with deviations with the help of a modern method of perinatal diagnostics: a study of 10 ml of maternal blood allows to establish a complete set of chromosomes of an unborn child.

3. Mom

The third place in the ranking deservedly receives the clinic of reproduction "Mama", which began to function since 1999 in the city of Moscow. Doctors of the medical center made many families happy. According to the statistics provided by the institution, highly qualified medical staff of the best IVF clinic in Moscow helped 5100 babies to be born."Mom" was twice nominated for an award in the field of assisted reproductive technology( ART) "Crystal test tube".

2. ECO Center

The second place is occupied by the "ECO Center", located in the city of Smolensk. The main directions of his activity are treatment of not only female, but also male infertility by means of the newest method of ICSI.As an alternative method of pregnancy in the ECO Center, surrogate motherhood is presented.

1. Saint Maria

The leader of the IVF rating, the "Saint Mary" clinic ( located in Vladivostok).The competent personnel of the clinic is aimed at a positive result, thanks to which 9 out of 10 attempts of IVF are injected with a favorable outcome. For clients of the institution, in-patient supervision is provided, as well as support during the entire period of pregnancy.