The best means for hair growth: effective drugs

In this article we will consider all the most popular ways to accelerate the growth of hair at home and their effectiveness. The average speed of hair growth in humans is approximately 1 cm per month, and in the warm season about 1.5 cm. Now there is a huge amount of funds to increase the growth rate to 3-3.5 cm per month. We have chosen the best for you.


  • 1. Nicotinic acid
  • 2. Castor oil
  • 3. Pepper tincture
  • 4. Brewer's yeast for hair, skin and nails( tablets)
  • 5. Perfectil
  • 6. Horsepower

1. Nicotinic acid

Nicotine is not onlyhelps to grow a long mane, but also reduces hair loss. It is simple enough and effective in use. About 80% of those who tried this drug note hair growth up to 3 cm per month. To achieve a good result, it is recommended to use a course lasting 30 days. Every day, before going to bed, massage one by one with massage movements into the scalp( in the skin, not at the hair!).Do not use more than one ampoule per day, to avoid an overdose.

The procedure is best carried out after washing your head on naturally-dried hair, so that dust and sebum do not penetrate into the follicles along with nicotine. A small tip for economical application: the contents of one ampoule are poured into a small container( for example a lid from a can) and dipping your fingers into the liquid is applied to the scalp along the pro-parts. The distance between the partings take 3-4 cm and do not worry about not being able to apply the remedy on the whole head, blood will do it for you.

If applied correctly, you will feel a slight ant effect. You can buy nicotinic acid in any pharmacy at a price of 100 to 180 rubles.for 10 ampoules.

2. Castor oil

One and the most popular and favorite means of the fair sex. Almost as effectively accelerates hair growth, like nicotinic acid, but it has one, in the truest sense of the word, fatty minus. It is very hard to wash off hair, since it has a dense consistency. But even then the ladies got used to it and began to wash it off hair first with soap and then with shampoo.

Castor oil perfectly restores the hair, thickens their structure, removes hair fluffiness, makes them supple and elastic. Special recommendations on the frequency of use he does not, you can use at least every day, if not laziness. It is most convenient to apply also for parting by typing oil in a syringe. Initially, evenly distribute the oil on the roots of the hair, and then comb along the entire length of the small comb, then put the hair in cellophane and wrap it with a towel. Keep castor oil on your head for at least an hour.

Positive effects are noted after the first application, the hair becomes more smooth and dense. Buy castor oil can be in the pharmacy or specialized stores at a price of 30 to 100 rubles.for a bubble.

3. Pepper tincture

Pepper is not only an excellent means for hair growth, but also perfectly eliminates the problem of loss. After the first month of using the tincture, the loss decreases by 50-70%, and the growth is increased three-fold. Red pepper warms the scalp well, thereby increasing blood circulation, thanks to this, the hair follicles are activated.

Apply pepper should be solely on the roots, because it contains alcohol, which dries the hair. Use this tool is recommended 1-2 times a week. Ways of applying a lot, but here, I think, the best helper will be an ordinary atomizer. When spraying the liquid, close your eyes and do not take deep breaths. Then wrap the hair with cellophane and wrap it in a towel, hold 1-1.5 h. The price for pepper starts from 12 rub.

4. Beer yeast for hair, skin and nails( tablets)

Another popular product for girls, which not only strengthens the hair, but also due to the rich in vitamins of group B, will improve the condition of the skin and nails. Yeast is usually taken as a course of 1 to 2 months for 3-5 tablets with meals.

Due to the fact that taking the drug helps to remove toxins from the body, small rashes can appear on the skin. But do not worry, they will stop in a few days and the skin will get a more well-groomed and healthy appearance. After one treatment course, the growth rate of hair and nails is doubled. One package of these vitamins will cost 100-150 rubles.

5. Perfectil

These miraculous vitamins are not known to every girl. They are the secret of beauty of many models and were originally created for them. At the moment, Perfetil is the official drug in many model agencies, the reception of which is obligatory among the manicurists. These vitamins perfectly restore the complexion, health of hair and nails, acting from the inside. Take them should be one capsule during or after a meal, for one month.

Positive result from Perfectil is observed after two weeks of continuous reception. Hair and nails begin to accelerate growth, and also become stronger and gain a healthy appearance. Pass pimples, inflammation and dry skin. The cost of this drug is not as affordable as the above funds, its price starts at 550 rubles.

6. Horsepower

A line of hair care products that only the lazy did not hear. But we'll talk today only about shampoo for hair growth from this brand. Here, the reviews of the ladies are very contradictory, since it is not suitable for everyone.

The worse the condition of the hair, the better will be the effect of the shampoo, so if your hair is pretty healthy, then this tool is probably not for you. Thanks to lanolin and collagen, which is part of this product, lifeless and damaged hair will get a healthy shine, volume and grooming.

Many people also notice the thickening and smoothness of the hair after application. The price, however, quite big for a shampoo and starts at 550 rubles.

Which means to choose is up to you, but do not forget about the most important sources of beauty, which are proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.