Rating of manufacturers of baby food

Every mother wants to feed her baby with only the best products. Of course, your favorite baby should have the best mixture , the best juice and the best baby porridge .

Despite the fact that food products for children are subjected to the most careful control, parents are not always happy with the contents of bright packs and jars.

Today we have compiled a rating of manufacturers of baby food , based on feedback from visitors to the family portal 7ya.ru.

It includes trademarks, under which food is produced for babies up to three years.


  • 10. Semper( Semper)
  • 9. Friso( FrieslandCampina)
  • 8. FrutoNianya( Progress)
  • 7. Theme( Unimilk)
  • 6. Gerber( Nestle)
  • 5. Grandma's Lukoshko( Sivma)
  • 4. Celia( Lactalis)
  • 3. Humana( DMK)
  • 2. Heinz for children( Heinz)
  • 1. Nanni( Vitacare)

10. Semper( Semper)

is the recognized leader in the production of baby food in Sweden. Under the brand Semper produced more than 90 names of different foods for children from birth.

9. Friso( FrieslandCampina)

is a wide line of children's mixtures subjected to the most thorough quality control. Among Friso's blends, there are both products for absolutely healthy kids, and those that are suitable for allergy sufferers and children with gastrointestinal problems.

8. FrutoNyanya( JSC "Progress")

are juices, purees, puddings and porridges for toddlers, as well as drinking children's water. The brand is known in the Russian market since 2000 and is very popular among parents."FrutoNyanya" was awarded the title "People's Brand of 2011".

7. Theme( Unimilk)

- inexpensive and high-quality baby food: puree, yogurt, cottage cheese, milk and juices. The line of "Theme" has everything necessary for the competent introduction of complementary foods, including hypoallergenic products for children .

6. Gerber( Nestle)

is a brand that has been known in the baby food market since 1927.In Russia, more than 80 products of Gerber products are sold. Today, the brand belongs to a large holding company Nestle, which provides the highest level of quality control.

5. Babushkino Lukoshko( Sivma)

is puree, juices, milk mixtures and herbal teas for children. The products do not use preservatives, dyes and flavors. Food products under the brand name "Babushkino Lukoshko" were developed jointly with the Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

4. Celia( Lactalis)

is a milk formula and baby porridge, loved by parents in 40 countries around the world. All products under the brand name "Celia" are manufactured and packaged in France.

3. Humana( DMK)

is a brand belonging to one of Europe's largest dairy producers, the DMK concern. Puree, cereals, drinks and children's blends of Humana are popular with parents all over Europe.

2. Heinz for children( Heinz)

is a wide range, including products such as quality milk mixture , vegetable, fruit and meat purees, cookies, juices and milk. The modern laboratory of the Heinz plant in the city of Georgievsk ensures continuous quality control of the products. Cookies, mashed potatoes, vermicelli and tea are produced in Italy.

1. Nanni( Vitacare)

- is the best milk formula of goat milk based , produced in New Zealand. Products "Nanny" is ideal for children with intolerance to cow protein. Mixtures of this brand are excellent for solving problems such as prophylaxis of for children's colic and atopic dermatitis .