PAMM-Account Ratings Alpari 2017 - Top 10

PAMM account is an excellent choice for those who do not wish to trade on Forex independently, but wish to receive a stable income. We present PAMM rating of the accounts of 2017 specifying such criteria as profitability and aggressiveness of each for investing.


  • 10. Aperi oculos RUR
  • 9. Secondary
  • 7. ST-INVEST
  • 6. Lisyonok
  • 5. Avp555 Gold
  • 4. CHIEF
  • 3. Fx10
  • 2. Bo $$$
  • 1Avp555

10. Aperi oculos RUR

Annual return - 44.6%

Yield per month - 1.2%

Deposit currency: RUR.

On the tenth position in the list of the best PAMM accounts of Alpari there is an account with low aggressiveness( from 1 to 3%).The manager also has aggressive accounts. And on them and on this account a robotic system of advisers is used. Martingale and averaging are not used. Stop loss( the order to close the position) is placed in the pending order( the robot trades exclusively with them).

9. Makrofx

Annual yield - 279.2%

Yield per month - 2.7%

Deposit currency: EUR.

Low-aggressive( from 1 to 3%) account, existing almost 4 years. The established leverage is 1:25, the maximum double loss is 10.02%.There are no comments about the manager's work on the Alpari forum, however, his presence in the top 10 indicates reliability.

8. Second way

Annual return - 130.6%

Yield per month - 9.6%

Deposit currency: USD.

Account with low aggressiveness( from 1 to 3%).The maximum drawdown can reach 41.3%.Averaging is not used. The trading system is based on the regularities of the currency market and uses various strategies, including scalping, Fibonacci breakdown under certain conditions and pivots.


Annual return - 451%

Yield per month - 44.5%

Deposit currency: USD.

The account belongs to one of the best PAMM-brokers, which has been operating in the financial market since 2011.He uses the strategy of maximum aggressiveness( from 7% and above), but it is justified, as the annual yield shows. This PAMM account uses robotic trading from a VPS server. Trade is both on day and night intervals, on major currency pairs. Martingale, averaging and grid strategy( grid) are not used.

6. Lisyonok

Annual return - 77.7%

Yield per month - 15.4%

Deposit currency: USD.

The sixth number in the best PAMM accounts of 2017 goes to the account with a funny name and very low aggressiveness - from 1 to 3%.Stop loss is used, it is different for different currency pairs. Martingale is not used. Trading is based on market recovery to average values ​​in the evening( after the American trading session) and night time( after the Pacific session).The manager tests various settings for the different currency pairs on the demo account and transfers the most successful ones to the real account.

5. Avp555 Gold

Annual return - 25.1%

Yield per month - 9.1%

Deposit currency: GLD( conventional unit tied to the gold rate).

Opens the top 5 best PAMM accounts "golden account".For trades a robot is used, the risk to the deal is high and is 5%.The maximum relative drawdown on history can reach 35%, and the drawdown duration is 6 months. Trading on Avp555 Gold will be closed if the drawdown is 50%.


Annual Return -

Yield per month - 40.4%

Deposit currency: USD.

This PAMM account has not yet turned a year, so time will tell whether the manager will be able to meet the expectations of investors. The aggressiveness of the account is high - from 5 to 7%, but the profitability for the entire period of CHIEF's existence was 562.8%.

3. Fx10

Annual return - 43.4%

Yield per month - 5.9%

Deposit currency: RUR.

The minimum contribution is 700 rubles.

The third place in the rating of PAMM brokers is the account, which has been operating for two years and has a slight aggressiveness - from 1 to 3 percent. Ideal for those who do not like to take risks and prefer a conservative manager. The minimum ratio of profit is 1 to 1. You can invest in both short-term and long-term prospects.

2. Bo $$$

Annual return - 26.9%

Yield per month - 3.3%

Deposit currency: USD.

The account is designed for long-term investment, averaging is not used on it. There is a fixation of the received profit( take profit) and stop loss.

Also on this PAMM-account exit functions from transactions do not exceed the fixed take profit and stop loss. Aggressiveness of the account is average - from 3% to 5%.

1. Avp555

Annual return - 25.9%

Yield per month - 9.1%

Deposit currency: USD.

Rating of PAMM accounts Alpari tops a very popular account, whose age exceeds six years. It trades with his own hand written adviser to the manager. Transactions are focused solely on gold, stop losses are always placed, no profits are made. Aggressiveness of the account - from 5 to 7%.