10 of the most beautiful male actors of Hollywood

Some of 's most beautiful men are Hollywood actors .They are sexy, well-groomed, immaculately dressed( or undressed).And the films, in which foreign handsome women are shot, are worthy to draw women's attention to them.


  • 10. Robert Pattinson
  • 9. Ryan Reynolds
  • 8. Channing Tatum
  • 7. Chris Hemsworth
  • 6. Ian Somerhalder
  • 5. Zak Efron
  • 4. Nicholas Holt
  • 3. Tyler Heclin
  • 2. Colton Haynes
  • 1Liam Hemsworth

10. Robert Pattinson

Top-10 of the most beautiful men of Hollywood 20 - the beginning of the 21st century opens a tall Briton with a mysterious squint of eyes. Pattinson is the dream of teenage girls around the world thanks to the filming of the Twilight series. It remains completely incomprehensible, how could one of the 25 most beautiful actresses of Hollywood Kristen Stewart exchange it for some one there Rupert Sanders, who is even older than Robert for 15 years!

9. Ryan Reynolds

The same Deadpool - a cynical and witty man in red, pleasantly impressed spectators with his chic figure, and the studio of 20th Century Fox - huge box office( according to statistics, box office fees for the world film distribution amounted to 419,541,446 dollars).Ryan has an excellent acting career, including such films as Amitville's Horror, X-Men: The Beginning. Wolverine "," Green Lantern "and others.

8. Channing Tatum

What kinds of sports did not deal with Channing - and baseball, and track and field athletics, and American football, and martial arts, and dances. No wonder that his first role was the role of the hip-hop dancer in the youth dramatic musical "Step Forward", and, perhaps, the most famous - the role of a stripper in the movie "Super Mike".And in 2015 there was a continuation of the history of the stripper "Super Mike XXL", where Channing still plays.

7. Chris Hemsworth

A blonde and blue-eyed Nordic-looking handsome man was simply created for the role of the Scandinavian god. Since 2011, when the movie "Thor" was released, and until the appearance of the "Avengers: The Age of Altron" last year, he continues to please the hearts of fans. And ahead of at least two more pictures with his participation - "Thor: Ragnarok" and "Avengers: The War of Infinity".

6. Ian Somerhalder

A native of Louisiana, whose blood mixed English, French, Irish and Indian genes, became famous for his role in the series "Lost", where he played a rich, spoiled but very cute guy, and a charming bloodsuckerin the "Vampire Diaries" on the cycle of books by Lisa Jane Smith. No wonder that last year Glamor magazine recognized him as the sexiest actor of the year .

5. Zac Efron

The hit parade of the most beautiful male actors of Hollywood will be incomplete without Zac Efron! Since his debut in 2006 in the "Cool Musical" Zack has won the hearts of millions of girls around the world. Although his sense of style and hairstyle has changed since then, for the better, shining blue eyes and a contagious smile have remained the same.

4. Nicholas Holt

Appearance of Nicholas is memorable - a growth of 190 cm, piercing blue eyes, light skin and dark hair. Perhaps more striking is his transformation from the young simpatyazhki, who first came on the screen with Hugh Grant in the movie "My Boy", in a luxurious handsome from the movie "Equal", released last year.

3. Tyler Heclin

Yes, the same werewolf, in which all women of America fell in love, who played one of the main roles in the television series "Wolf".And in the future we will see him appear as Superman in the series "Supergerl" and in one of the roles in the film "On fifty shades darker."

2. Colton Haines

A provocative boyish smile, an excellent figure and charisma - these are the main components of the career of the model. It is no wonder that representatives of Abercrombie &Fitch, model shootings which brought Haynes first fame. However, Colton did not stop there - he went to Los Angeles to become an actor. And he got the role of a supernatural creature - a werewolf - in the teenage drama "Wolf".This role suited him perfectly well - after all, a simple guy can not be so good!

1. Liam Hemsworth

And the first place in the rating of the most beautiful young actors-men of Hollywood gets Liam Hemsworth. This magnificent Australian began his triumphal march through the girlish hearts from 2010, when he starred in the movie "The Last Song" along with Miley Cyrus. And then came the role in the franchise "Hunger Games", and Liam woke up famous. The actor is beautiful from the outside, and is spiritually rich - he is the ambassador of the "Childhood Foundation" of his country.