Wall-slides design in modern style

  • Selecting the wall in the living room
  • Types of walls according to the device:
  • Choosing the wall in the living room based on the style of
  • The design of the wall for the living room depending on the size of the
  • Choosing a wall for a large and small living room
  • Sliding wall in a modern design

Living roomThe room is a place for the joint pastime of the whole family. Therefore, it is very important to create a stylish, practical and functional interior design. In this case, the furniture wall is of great importance, since it is not just a decorative element, but an additional place for storing things. In order for this piece of furniture to harmoniously fit into the overall interior of the room, while meeting all the requirements you require, you should thoroughly take care of the design of the wall-roller coaster in a modern style.

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Choosing the wall in the living room

First of all, the wall should be chosen based on the size of the room, as this determines the future number of storage sections. For example, a niche for the TV, shelves for dishes and books, a variety of storefronts. In order to choose the right wall in the living room, we offer you a number of tips to help you cope with this task:

  • Modern designs often have narrow drawers. This should be taken into account when planning the number of sections.
  • It is not recommended to install a dark wall in a room that has a long shape and with a light surface finish. This interior design is perfect for light or pure white furniture.
  • To create an attractive and stylish living room you need to select furniture made from the same materials.
  • Make your choice in favor of furniture made of quality materials. Try to purchase a custom-made wall. Thanks to this solution, you can choose a design that fits perfectly into the overall design of the room.
  • It is best to choose a compact and roomy wall. It is desirable that the cabinets are two or three-leaved.

Important! To save space, you can install a wardrobe. By its design, it is quite roomy, which will allow you to place your things there quietly, and the external mirror coating will also visually increase the room.

  • Give your preference to the wall, decorated with stained glass. Such a decor will add to the interior of high cost and elegance.
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Kinds of walls by device:

  • Corner. This wall has the form of a triangle, so the place of its placement is the angle. Often such a design consists not only of corner cabinets, but also of different bedside tables and racks. Most often they are placed along adjacent walls.
  • Slide. Its name was given to the wall due to a non-standard configuration. In this version, there are no specific dimensions, shape and height, and the transitions have smooth lines, due to which the effect of "slides" is created. This design is a set of cabinets, various shelves of glass, bedside tables and shelves. They are placed along the entire wall or only one part of it is furnished. Such furniture is suitable for both small and large living rooms. The modern design of the wall-roller coaster in the living room is represented by a huge selection of a wide variety of colors and textures, which provides an opportunity to purchase a headset that perfectly fits into the overall interior.
  • Enclosure. These are the most popular designs. Their demand was acquired due to the fact that they have a built-in computer desk. This is an excellent option for small apartments. Presented as a separate wall, and a full-fledged suite with a place for upholstered furniture.
  • Modular. Such designs are suitable for small living rooms in the style of Hi-tech. Here there are various stylish pieces of furniture - cabinets, various showcases, cabinets and shelves. The most important advantage of such a wall is that its modular parts can easily be moved around the perimeter of the room and create an entirely new design of the room.

Important! When purchasing a modular wall, it is very important to take into account that it must be suitable for all furniture items and decorative accessories.

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We select the wall in the living room proceeding from the style of

When choosing a wall in the living room it is important to consider not only its functionality, but also external parameters. Your main task is to create harmony in the design. Therefore, the set you choose should fully fit and maintain the desired style of interior design:

  • Classic. This direction is characterized by luxury and elegance. Therefore, fans of the classical style furniture for the living room will not be expensive. For this type of wall is characterized by the presence of large cabinets( for example, wardrobe and book), a bar, bedside tables for a TV, a variety of shelving and mezzanines. Such a construction is placed along one wall.

Important! When choosing the wall, you need to take into account that the material of manufacture must be only natural - pine, walnut, oak or cherry will suit. As for the color gamut, natural and rich tones should prevail in this variant.

  • Baroque. In general, this type of wall is made to order, as they are made from natural wood of valuable species with the use of stained glass. This is a very massive and expensive furniture. Therefore, such a headset is appropriate to install in large rooms.
  • Vanguard. Very popular walls with the presence of decorative elements, made of metal, wood and glass at the same time.
  • Modern. This style includes such areas as Loft, Art Deco and Hi-tech. Here, bold and non-standard combinations of colors and materials prevail. For example, a combination of wood with glass, metal or plastic. As for the color palette, it uses light colors, which are diluted with bright accent spots.
  • Minimalism. In this case, practicality comes first. Furniture made in this style is characterized by clear lines and impeccable silhouette. As for the color scheme, here preference is given to black, gray, white or pastel tones.
  • Japanese. It is characterized by the presence of clear forms and natural materials. The main aspect is light facades, which have a darker contour. The color palette should consist only of warm and appeasing shades. Japanese style does not accept the presence of various decorative elements on the facades, which must hide the contents of the boxes.

Important! It is allowed to use rice paper with thin painting or frosted glass.

  • Ethnic. Often the decision to adhere to this style is based on a large number of souvenirs that are specific to a particular people or country. When choosing a headset, it is very important to consider its visual identity to the culture that you would like to recreate in the living room.
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Design of the wall for the living room depending on the size of the

The main feature of a good wall is the ability to store and place the necessary things and trivia in it. In this case, the wall should not take up much space.

Important! Large sets for living rooms are best to buy if the area of ​​your room is not less than 35 square meters.

When choosing the design of the living room wall, the following elements should be emphasized:

  • Accessory shelves;
  • Niche for the TV;
  • Mini bar;
  • Availability of additional drawers and drawers.

We bring to your attention several variants of wall constructions. They are very versatile and can be optimally suited for every living room:

  1. For a small room, a headset with open shelves and wall cabinets is suitable. Due to this, this design looks easier.
  2. In order to visually reduce the wall volume, you can use cabinets with transparent or frosted glass doors.
  3. Very stylish looks color design different shades of the top and bottom of the wall.
  4. A simple living room can be transformed with modular and angled designs.
  5. To reduce the volume of the wall, you can select its central elements in a bright color palette, and lateral ones - neutral or pastel colors.
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Choose the wall for the big and small living room

In modern designs, it is best to avoid models with sideboards or cupboards for dishes. An exception is the living room, which is combined with a dining room or kitchen. The wardrobe is also better placed in the bedroom or the corridor.

It is appropriate for a living room to use shelves for a TV or a cinema, various shelves for books and accessories, different-sized bedside tables and drawers, a bar section. Such a wall will perfectly fit into any living room, regardless of the size.

For small rooms modular systems are best suited. Thanks to them you can optimally use the free space. You can install them in completely different ways, depending on the size of the particular room.

Important! It is recommended to use a rectilinear arrangement for small living rooms.

With regard to large rooms, it is most appropriate to place angular structures or individual modules that are spaced around the perimeter.

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Sliding wall in modern design

Modern slides consist of several elements that are arranged in a certain order.


The main advantages of this design:

  • The possibility of using separate wall elements if necessary.

Important! In advance, consult with a specialist about the reliability of the attachment.

  • Due to the fact that each part of the slide is made in the same style, you do not need to separately select the elements by color and shape.
  • Such structures are not subject to large accumulation of dust.
  • The roller coaster does not take up much space, but remains roomy and practical.
  • Ease of transportation.


The design of the living room with a slide consists of a variety of elements. An important condition for such furniture is the consistency and correct arrangement of all parts. If you choose a set of such furniture, you should take into account the size of the room, the features of the style theme and competent lighting of the room. Therefore, you should take care in advance to choose the most suitable for you design:

  1. The highest part is the cabinet. It can be sliding or executed in a classical style. Also a good solution is a built-in closet, which is considered the most roomy.
  2. For a room with a small area instead of the usual cabinet in the wall-hill, you can buy a cabinet-pencil case.
  3. Each level of the wall-roller coaster consists of book racks, various racks, chests of drawers and bedside tables. The main condition is the observance of the order of location. That is, all elements of furniture should be organically combined.

Variety of walls-slides:

  • Mini-hill modular. This is the most popular option. This design is best used to design small living rooms. Each element of such a headset has good mobility. Therefore, you can easily swap them.
  • Classical. This composition is best placed along the wall in rooms of medium or large size. When choosing this option, you need not only to take into account its functionality, but also its correspondence to the interior of the room.

Important! Try to avoid cluttering up the space, having previously determined the optimum wall size.

  • The corner. This is a very compact version, since the corner walls occupy less space. This design is located in the corner of the room. It is best to use it for spacious living rooms.

We create a modern design with the help of mini wall-slides

The main difference between them is the size and specific location of all the elements of the structure. Most often, such a slide consists of the most necessary details.

Mini roller walls are divided into two groups:

  1. With a large number of miniature elements, the design is notable for its compactness.
  2. Those that consist of full-size standard modules, but their number does not exceed 5.

The design of the living room should combine comfort and practicality. Therefore, when choosing a furniture wall, you need to consider not only your taste preferences, but also its functionality, harmony with the overall design of the interior. Adhering to the above recommendations, you can choose the furniture that will add comfort to the family atmosphere of the living room