How to remove scratches from the refrigerator in steel color?

  • Preparations
  • We polish the refrigerator door with cleaning agents
  • We use a special converter
  • Baby oil
  • Polish toothpaste
  • Sandpaper
  • Kit for removing scratches on stainless steel
  • Help specialist
  • Useful advices:

When buying a new refrigerator, we hope thatit will serve us for a long time and will not bring much worries. Especially if it is made of stainless steel that contains chrome. It forms a protective layer capable of withstanding rust. But despite its resistance to corrosion, the metal itself is soft enough, dents and scratches easily appear on it, which damage the appearance of your assistant in the kitchen. Deep scratches, as a rule, can not be removed without the help of a qualified specialist and no less qualified equipment. But small superficial defects can be deduced by means of a rag and a soft polishing agent. Consider several ways how to remove scratches from the refrigerator of a steel color.

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Preparatory work of

First of all, any stainless steel has its own structure or, as it is called, a texture. When cleaning the surface or when polishing it, you need to move along this texture. To do this, you need to determine its direction. Look closely at the refrigerator door. You will see small tracks indicating the direction of the structure. When you have decided which direction you should move when polishing and cleaning the surface, you need to prepare the surface for grinding.

For this, it must be cleaned so that when polishing dirt and dust do not spoil the whole thing:

  1. Wet the entire surface with water.
  2. Apply a mild detergent, such as Comet, to a damp surface, wipe the surface along the texture.
  3. Clean the refrigerator door with clean water to rinse off any residue of cleaning agent and dirt.
  4. Dry the surface with a microfibre cloth.

To clean the surface also from greasy stains, clean it with vinegar. Only dilute it beforehand in a small amount of water:

  • Pour the diluted vinegar into a small container.
  • Take a clean rag, moisten it in an acetic solution and, moving along the metal texture, wipe the surface.
  • Remove vinegar residues by wiping the surface with a dry soft cloth.
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We polish the refrigerator door with cleaning agents

There are several solutions designed specifically for cleaning and polishing stainless steel. On sale there are funds from the companies Bon Ami, Ajax and Comet in the form of powders or ointments. If you decide to use this tool, then carefully read the instructions that are included with the composition.

Important! Pay special attention to precautions, in most cases it is suggested to work in gloves.

Try to handle a small shallow scratch first and see how the selected agent behaves. Next:

  1. If you use a powder for polishing, dilute it with water until a homogeneous paste is obtained.
  2. Apply the paste on the scratch with a damp cloth or sponge, rub.
  3. Polish the surface until the scratch disappears.
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Use a special converter

Try the WD-40 tool. Place a small amount of WD-40 on a dry paper towel. Gently wipe the scratch.

Important! This tool can harm your health, so use it with extreme caution, always in protective gloves.

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Baby oil

Any baby oil can be used to remove small scuffs. Just apply a small amount on a clean cloth and rub into the problem area. The oil will fill the microcracks, making them less visible. Remains of oil can be removed with a paper towel.

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Polish toothpaste

How else can I clean the scratches on the refrigerator? Minor minor scratches can be removed with white toothpaste without crystals and granules. If the polishing with a soft cloth did not bring the desired results, you can resort to a more rigid, that is, a toothbrush:

  1. Apply a little toothbrush on the toothbrush, rub it with problem areas. Move along the metal texture and do not rub very hard.
  2. Periodically wash the toothpaste with a cloth and check the result. Continue until the results of your efforts satisfy you.
  3. After all the manipulations, wipe the surface with a damp cloth.
  4. Apply a little olive oil to the cleaned and ground surface.
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Deep scratches can be removed using sandpaper. But first consult with the manufacturers, if possible, to find out what size sandpaper you need to pick up for your model. When you have clarified this question, you can start:

  1. The surface must remain wet during the grinding process. Therefore, wet the scratched area and make sure that it remains wet throughout the polishing process.
  2. Sandpaper should be damp, so lightly moisten it and lightly sandpaper over the scratch, moving along the metal texture.
  3. At the end, walk around the scratch to smooth out the grinding.
  4. Dry the treated area. For these purposes, fabric with a microwave surface is perfect.
  5. Apply olive oil to the polished area.
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Scratch Removal Kit for stainless steel

If you have a lot of scratches on the refrigerator, you should think about buying a special scratch removal kit. It contains a sanding device, three or more types of sandpaper, grease. As a rule, a CD with a training video is included.

To remove scratches from a steel-colored refrigerator in this way, proceed as follows:

  • Attach the smallest sandpaper to the polishing bar, apply grease to it and treat the damaged area.
  • If the problem persists, attach the next sized sandpaper and also process this area.

Important! If the scratch is still visible, use even larger paper.

  • After you have got rid of scratches, grind the entire surface of the refrigerator with the last used sandpaper.

Important! Do not forget that you must always move along the metal structure.

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Assistance to the specialist

If the refrigerator is badly damaged and you do not want to fight for its appearance, then you should contact professionals who can cope with this task. The master will assess the scope of work and suggest ways to restore the surface.

Important! In extreme cases, you can completely replace the damaged door. If you come to this decision, then contact the service center and find out how it can be done.

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Tips & Tricks:

  • Removing scratches from the surface should be done very carefully, moving only along the metal structure. If you polish stainless steel across its texture, this will only add to your problems - there will be noticeable stripes on the surface of the door and you will have to solve the problem of how to remove them as well.
  • Do not use steel wire sponge for polishing. It not only does not help to remove old scratches, but also adds new ones. In addition, this can lead to rust formation.
  • If you have deep scratches, but they are not very long, you can just disguise them. Hang magnets of this size on this place to cover the scratched area.

In this article we have offered you several effective ways that you could get rid of scuffs on a stylish and beautiful refrigerator of steel color. Apply these tips in practice so that your house always shines with cleanliness and neatness.