Rating of Russian manufacturers of low-quality drugs( Black list)

Roszdravnadzor has published a list of Russian and foreign pharmaceutical companies, whose products have received the highest number of complaints for the first half of the year 2015.

The rating includes 12 domestic and 9 foreign companies. The black list of foreign pharmaceutical enterprises was headed by the Bulgarian JSC "Sopharma"( 13 substandard series of one trade name).

We present to you the top ten Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers of low-quality medicines with the largest amount of products rejected by Roszdravnadzor.


  • 10. OOO Tula Pharmaceutical Factory
  • 9. JSC "VifeTech"
  • 8. JSC "Biosynthesis"
  • 7. JSC "Tatkhimpharmpreparaty"
  • 6. OOO "Lekar"
  • 5. JSC NPK "Eskom"
  • 4
  • 3. JSC "Tver Pharmaceutical Factory"
  • 2. OOO "Ozone"
  • 1. JSC "Murom Instrument Making Plant"

10. LLC "Tula Pharmaceutical Factory"

The medicines produced by the Tula pharmaceutical company were presentedclaims for the following items: bulk package contents, description and pH.Roszdravnadzor rejected 5 series of 3 trade names.

9. CJSC "VifeTech"

The company, founded in 1992, produces both ready-made dosage forms and substances of vegetable origin( "Mukaltin", "Dry aloe extract" and others).The violations revealed during the inspection of its products were related to the mass of the contents contained in the package, loss in mass during drying and quantitative determination. Defective are 6 series of 2 trade names.

8. JSC "Biosintez"

This Russian company is one of the largest drug manufacturing companies. Complaints to the preparations issued by "Biosynthesis" related to uniformity of dosing, dissolution and quantitation. As a result of the inspection, 7 series of 3 trade names were rejected.

7. OJSC "Tatkhimpharmpreparaty"

The discontent of Roszdravnadzor was caused by: incorrect description of some medicines produced by Tatkhimpharmpreparat, their labeling, quantification and packaging, as well as the average weight of tablets. In total, this JSC had 7 defective series of 4 trade names.

6. OOO "Lekar"

9 serials of 1 trade name were subject to the rejection. The reasons are the discrepancy between the authenticity and the volume of the contents of the package to the declared parameters.

5. JSC NPK "Eskom"

This research and production concern is one of the main Russian manufacturers of infusion solutions. Mechanical products have been found in the enterprise's products, there are claims to labeling and packaging. Roszdravnadzor rejected 9 series of 5 trade names.

4. JSC SPC "Biogen"

The microbiological purity and authenticity of some preparations produced by "Biogen" did not meet the standards. Based on the results of the inspection, Roszdravnadzor considered 10 series of 2 trade names to be defective.

3. JSC "Tver Pharmaceutical Factory"

The company was included in the top 3 Russian manufacturers of low-quality medicines due to unreliable descriptions of various drugs, the mass of the contents of the package and the package itself.11 drugs lots of 4 trade names turned out to be of poor quality.

2. OOO Ozone

One of the leaders in the Russian market for generics( generic) - copies of original patented drugs. Among the rejected products of LLC "Ozon" were 14 series of 3 trade names. They had problems with dissolution and heterogeneity of dosing was detected.

1. JSC "Murom Instrument-Making Plant"

The production of medicines goes under its own brand VerbaPharm. The enterprise became the leader of the rating of the worst producers of medicines due to 29 rejected series of two denominations. The inspections revealed shortcomings in the quantitative determination of pharmaceutical products manufactured at the Murom Instrument-Making Plant.