People's rating of business schools in Russia

Choosing an institution to study for MBA is not an easy task. To facilitate the task for seekers, the portals "MBA in Moscow and Russia" and prepared rating of Russian business schools according to the data of 2015.

They conducted an online survey of 1,440 graduates of business schools who rated the "alma mater" in 4 dimensions: business connections, income growth, career growth, personal and professional development, and on a scale of 1( "useless") to 5( "greatest benefit ").The arithmetic mean is the total scores for each parameter.

We present to you the top 10 best Russian business schools. The rating is relevant for arriving in 2016.


  • 10. Moscow Business School
  • 9. Business School of the All-Russian Foreign Trade Academy
  • 8. Moscow University of Finance and Law
  • 7. Faculty of Economics, MSU
  • 6. Plekhanov Business School Integral
  • 5 place
    • MBA Graduate School(16.36)
    • Baikal International Business School of Irkutsk State University( 16.31)
  • 4 place
    • International School of the Finno-Universitet
    • Higher School of Business Informatics HSE
  • 3 place
    • You(16.92)
    • St. Petersburg International Institute of Management( 16.22)
  • 2 place
  • 1 place
    • Institute of Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Science( 17.24)
    • Institute of Business and Business Administration, Russian Academy of Sciences( 17.21)
    • Graduate School of Management( 17.20)
    • Business School Vlerick( 17.19)

10. Moscow Business School

Score - 14.42

Offers two programs: MBA Start( versatile distance learning for middle and senior managers) and MBA Professional( for in-depth training of managers in aboutfinance, HR management, marketing and sales, strategic management or production management).

9. Business School of the All-Russia Foreign Trade Academy

Score - 15.35

Offers short-term MBA programs in the areas of finance, international business and marketing, strategic management, corporate governance.

8. Moscow University of Finance and Law

Score - 15.48

There are remote MBA programs( including short-term program "Fundamentals of Management"), as well as two-year programs "MBA + Master of Strategic Management" and MBA "Management".

7. MSU Economics Department

Score - 15.95

There is an one-and-a-half-year MBA program, which was developed by leading European and American business schools and universities.

6. Plekhanov Business School Integral

Score - 16.23

The programs of this school-business have international accreditation, they correspond to international quality standards of educational services. Three forms of training: 3-4 times a week( Part-time MBA), on Saturdays( Executive MBA) and in-session with elements of distance learning( Modular MBA).

5 place

MBA Graduate School of Kazan Federal University( 16.36)

The Kazan Business School offers two-year training for people with higher education and three years of managerial experience.

Baikal International Business School of Irkutsk State University( 16.31)

In the business school of Irkutsk during the training you can take a foreign internship.

4 place

International school of the Finno-Universitet

There are 7 different specializations within the MBA program in the MSU of the Finish University, including the media business and management in the electric power industry.

Higher School of Business Informatics HSE

The directions of MBA preparation at the School of Business Informatics of HSE are e-business, training of IT sector managers and business analysts and business process management.

3 place

Graduate School of Corporate Governance RASHiGS( 16.92)

The RASHiGS program has 4 specializations: marketing and sales, innovation and technology management, managerial managerial skills and corporate governance and finance.

St. Petersburg International Management Institute( 16.22)

The IMISP Business School offers an Executive MBA program for executives and business owners and an IMISP MBA program for career managers.

2 place

  • School of Business and International Competitions MGIMO( 17.13)
  • IDAB Financial University( 17.10)
  • Higher School of Finance and Management RASHiGS( 17.09)
  • MIRBIS Institute( 17.08)
  • School of IT Management of the Economics Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences( 17.06)
  • International Institute(17.03)

These educational institutions occupy leading positions in the ratings of business schools in the Russian Federation and provide an opportunity to choose an interesting specialization of the program, as well as the preferred format of training.

1 place

Institute of Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences( 17.24)

The ION RASHICS offers a full-time, two-year MBA training course. One of the programs is entirely in English.

Institute for Business and Business Administration of the Russian Academy of Sciences( 17.21)

The new IBDA RASHiGS is a two-year iMBA program in an on-line format( 30% of online classes).

Graduate School of Management( 17.20)

The GSOM SPbU program includes 14 compulsory courses and up to 6 elective disciplines, business games, integrated trainings, international visiting modules and applied certification projects.

Vlerick Business School( 17.19)

Vlerick is not Russianbusiness School. It is included in the list to compare the quality of training managers with Russian institutions.