Top ranking of the most profitable business ideas

Many successful entrepreneurs have become millionaires and even billionaires solely at the expense of their rich imagination, which allows them to develop and implement a new direction in business and make money literally "out of thin air".

Half of the world's most profitable business ideas have been implemented by resourceful Americans, and the remaining 50% of inventions are owned by enterprising residents of Europe and Thailand.

1. Michel Ferrero with family( Europe) - $ 10 billion .

Idea: production of chocolate butter for toasts - traditional sandwiches have turned into a dessert.

2. Brad Hughes( USA) - $ 5.3 billion

Idea: installation of automatic storage chambers along major highways.

3. Ralph Lauren( USA) - $ 5 billion

Idea: turn a standard polo shirt into a branded thing( Polo) with a bright label with a horse image and sell it for fifty dollars apiece.

4. Jeff Bizos( USA) - $ 4.4 billion

Idea: the sale of books through the Internet in order to save time for customers, freeing them from having to search for the necessary literature for different bookstores.

5. Tai Warner( USA) - $ 4.5 billion

The idea: the release of limited lots of original teddy bears with different touching names, which immediately become the object of close attention of collectors collecting toys and souvenirs.

6. Dietrich Mateschitz( Austria) and Caleo Yuvidike( Thailand) - $ 3 billion.and $ 3.1 billion, respectively.

Idea: selling an energy drink( made on sugar-caffeinated basis) Red Bull with a high content of vitamin B to athletes and other people who lead an active lifestyle.

7. Mario Moretti Polygatto( Italy) - $ 3 billion

The idea: the release of shoes for people suffering from unpleasant odor and excessive sweating of the feet - the production of models with micro-holes in the sole.

8. James Dyson( Great Britain) - $ 1.6 billion

The idea: the creation of a superpowerful vacuum cleaner, capable of sucking dust at a very high speed( from 320 km / h) - this feature helps tightly pack the dust and prevent its release outside.

9. Hans and Paul Raigeli( Germany) - each for $ 1.5 billion

Idea: selling sweets( chewy sweets) of a wide variety of forms - over 200 varieties.

10. Howard Schulz( USA) - $ 1.1 billion

Idea: to place on coffee at every corner in the US cities - Starbucks network has more than 12,000 establishments, serving about 40 million visitors a week.