Epilators - which one is better to choose?

  • How to choose a depilator?
  • Best manufacturers of electrodepositors
  • Conditions for acquiring a laser epilator are required
  • Rating of the best female epilators

Any fashionista wants to have smooth skin without any vegetation. There are so many ways that help to get rid of excess hair. However, the most effective and popular way is to use the epilator, since you can remove unnecessary vegetation at home, and the cost of such a procedure is one-time, because you only need to purchase this device. This method is painful, but it's worth it, since the skin for 4 weeks will be completely smooth. Gradually, the hairs become thinner, and the epilation procedure is faster and no longer so painful. In this article, we will try to figure out what epilators are, which one is better to choose.

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How to choose a depilator?

Initially, epilators were made to eliminate hair on the legs, but at the present time, using special nozzles, these devices perfectly cope with the zone of bikini and armpits.

Epilators are in great demand, which creates a crazy competition among manufacturers. To win this fight, devices with a lot of functionality are offered, which are often not needed at all.

Important! Who is not too aware of this issue, he thinks that the presence of a huge number of functions indicates the quality of the device, but this is not so. Unnecessary excesses only contribute to the fact that you have to overpay for a depilatory device.

Let's consider the main characteristics that you need to pay attention to in the process of selecting this device.

Disc or tweezer epilator?

According to the principle of action, all epilators are divided into two types - tweezers and disk. Both options are equally well proven and choosing the best epilator is uniquely difficult.

All used epilators are used for one purpose - to rip hair off the root:

  • Discs have several pairs of discs that spin and pull together, grab and pull out the hair. When working at one time they eliminate up to 32 hairs.
  • Tweezers have tweezers( tweezers) that perform pulling movements. They can remove up to 48 hairs, but it all depends on how many tweezers.

Important! Which tweezers should I choose?

  • If you use a tweezer on 48 tweezers, the process will be quick, but painful.
  • A 12-tweezers device contributes to a more gentle procedure, but it takes a long time.
  • If you choose a tweezers epilator, then the most optimal option is for 32 pieces.

Advantages of disk epilators:

  • high productivity;
  • qualitatively perform the procedure of epilation, and tweezers for 40 tweezers are able to provide the same efficiency;
  • does not cause allergic reactions during operation;

Important! This type of epilator is ideal for the procedure of hair removal on the legs.

Advantages of tweezers:

  • epilation procedure will not be so painful, however, if a small number of tweezers is used;
  • application of 36 or 48 tweezers contributes to the process of more thorough epilation;
  • excels at eliminating hair in the bikini zone.

Important! Basically tweezers and disks are made of metal, but there are models where such parts are made of ceramics. They are much more expensive, but they are ideal for those who have a very sensitive skin, which, upon contact with the metal, causes irritation.

Method of anesthesia

Before resorting to the procedure of epilation, every girl is interested in the question of how painful this process will be.

Important! After a while, such a process becomes not so painful as the first time, since hairs that have grown are much easier to break out, because they become thinner and less often.

For the process of anesthesia, one of the following methods must be implemented today:

  • Cooling process. If you use the cooling of the treated zone, then eliminating the hairs will not be such a painful procedure. Manufacturers produce special bags with gel, which are pre-cooled and used in the process of hair removal. You can also use a gel glove, a chilled towel or take an ice pack.
  • Blowing process. Cold air gets into the area of ​​the treated skin, which blows from a special unit of the epilator device. This system is mainly used in devices from Philips and is ideally used for sensitive skin.
  • Vibration procedure. For those who are very afraid of pain, this procedure is an excellent option. The presence of a special nozzle helps to relax the skin, reduce the pain threshold, as a result - the hair is lifted.
  • Application of the skin stretching system. This procedure is used only in several models. There is a fixation of the skin and stretching it with a special device that does not allow it to lift when pulling the hairs. This procedure increases the efficiency and reduces the pain threshold.

Important! The presence of an anesthesia system is present in the names of epilator models. So in devices of Philips brand you can read the prefix - Satinelle Sensitive, from Rowenta - Epil Active, and from Braun - Silk-epil.

Choosing the optimum number of speeds

Earlier depilatory devices produced only with one speed, now, epilators are made that can function at two or even three high-speed modes.

If you have decided to use the depilatory device for the first time, then it's better to choose a depilator with a lot of speeds:

  • First you can perform the depilation process at the first speed, so that you get accustomed to the epilator. In addition, thick hard hairs are also eliminated at the first speed.
  • After you understand the principle of the depilatory device, you can go to the second speed, in which the procedure for removing unnecessary vegetation will go much faster. Long hairs are eliminated by applying a second speed regimen.

Important! Typically, depilatory devices from Rowenta have the ability to perform the process very quickly using the third speed, but the pain in this case is much stronger.

Selecting the power supply

There are two power supply options:

  • powered by the electrical network;
  • powered by a rechargeable battery.

To select the power source, you need to determine the location of the frequent epilation process:

  • If the device is purchased for home use, then an option of the device that functions from the electrical network is suitable.
  • If you have to travel a lot and often, it is logical to use depilatory device on batteries, which allows you not to depend on the location of the outlet, or on its availability. But in this case you will need to constantly charge the battery. You can, of course, use a device for travel that is powered by an electrical outlet, then you do not have to depend on the time factor of the battery.

Important! Battery accumulators have one advantage - it is the ability to remove unwanted vegetation in the shower.

Is it possible to work the epilator underwater?

Most recently, all manufacturers have switched to mass production of epilators, which provide the possibility of depilation in a room with a high moisture content. Thus, they are able to support the function of not only dry, but also wet hair removal.

Important! The body of such devices has a reliable protection, in which the liquid does not enter the interior, therefore, it is possible to conduct electro-epilation while taking a shower. This procedure is less painful and quick enough.

Working head

The procedure for epilation has the smallest irritation, so it is very important to observe the cleanliness of the hair remover:

  • When purchasing a device with a detachable head, it is possible to rinse and disinfect the device after the epilation process, so it is better to choose such a depilator.
  • The version with integrated head is much more complicated in the cleaning process.

Important! It is also necessary to pay attention to the presence of a protective cap and brush for cleaning the hairs, which always allow the device to be kept clean.

Availability of additional features and attachments

Very often complete with a device for electro-depilation is a set of tips:

  • Nozzles that are used to treat the zone of armpits and bikinis. Covering a part of the tweezers or discs of the epilator, this nozzle reduces the working area and allows hair removal to be most comfortable and least painful.
  • Nozzles that are used for the first epilation process. Restricting a part of the discs or tweezers, the use of such nozzles contributes to the procedure of getting used to the electroepilation treatment. Reducing the number of simultaneous pulling of hairs, significantly reduces pain.
  • Nozzle trimmer - is used not for pulling, but for the procedure of cutting hair. This special nozzle is used to care for the bikini zone, when it is necessary to create an intimate haircut.
  • Nozzles for peeling. Sometimes there is ingrown hairs in the skin, in this case can help such a nozzle that helps exfoliate the upper layer of the skin and release the hairs that have grown.
  • Nozzle, which helps with point removal of hairs. This type of nozzle is used when adjusting the shape of the eyebrows, if it is necessary to tear out several pieces of separately growing hairs, or when creating an even bikini line.

Important! Many models of epilators have the additional ability to highlight the treatment zone. Such a backlight helps to not leave a single hair when performing the hair removal process. If the room is not very high-quality lighting, but without this additional function, you can get by.

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The best manufacturers of electrodepositors

It is best to purchase accessories for epilation from proven and well-proven companies. Reputation of such firms is a guarantee of the quality of manufactured devices. The best models of epilators are offered by such manufacturers:

  • In the modern market there are several tens of various epilators of the Dutch company Philips, the distinctive feature of which is high quality and ergonomics. The assortment is very wide, so it's easy to choose a model suitable for the price and functionality.
  • German company Braun, exists more than 50 years in the modern market and for about 30 years produces devices for epilation. All manufactured devices are based on the latest state-of-the-art technologies.
  • International company Rowenta is one of the oldest manufacturers of household equipment. Epilators of such a company are attracted by original design execution, wide functionality and high quality of their products.
  • One of the largest Japanese manufacturers Panasonic has established itself in the modern market with high quality household appliances. Apparatus for epilation is characterized by wide functionality and the presence of the highest quality models.
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Conditions for acquiring the laser epilator

Today there are laser epilators, but when purchasing this device, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Before using the laser device, it is not recommended to perform wax epilation, use of shugaring or other types of procedures that are accompanied by hair removal withthe root. The hair follicles must be intact, so that the laser device is exposed to hairs and destroyed. If pulling is used, the laser device will not work.

Important! The best option before using a laser is the shaving procedure, which does not destroy the roots of the hair.

  • You can not use a home laser device with dark skin color( tone 5 or 6).Also, cosmetologists do not recommend using a laser on the genitals and on the area around the anus, where, as a rule, the skin is darker and more sensitive. The presence of tattoos and birthmarks implies checking them with a sensor for skin color, since they are much darker than the treated areas. Each laser epilator is equipped with a built-in skin tone sensor.
  • The result of hair removal is affected by the thickness and color of the hair. The thicker the hairs on the treated surface of the skin, the faster the effectiveness of the laser device is seen. For thick hairs, the content of more melanin is more characteristic than that of thin hairs, and therefore they contribute to a greater absorption of laser radiation. If there are thin hairs for effectiveness, more sessions will be required.

Important! You can use a little trick before using the laser - dye your hair darker, because blond hair has a small amount of melanin and the root of the hair is accompanied by mild heating, which leads to more procedures or to an unsatisfactory result.

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Rating of the best female epilators

Today in the modern market there is a huge variety of devices for epilation, so let's consider the rating of the best epilators.

Braun 7561 Silk Epil 9

The main characteristics of this device:

  • tweezers epilator, has 40 tweezers;
  • availability of 2 speeds;
  • powered by battery;
  • backlight;
  • possibility of use in the shower;
  • battery charge provides work for 40 minutes, but then about an hour will have to charge this device;
  • model is equipped with a shaving head, a massager to reduce pain during the hair removal process and a stopper attachment;
  • there is a brush for cleaning and cooling wipes.

Important! Epilator Braun 7561 Silk Epil 9 is the leader in sales, as it is balanced in price, very successful and convenient to use.

Philips HP 6581

Special features of the device:

  • disk principle of operation;
  • presence of 2 speeds;
  • powered by battery;
  • lack of backlight;
  • device is equipped with a trimmer, shaving head and cooling mitt;
  • is capable of grasping hairs at a value of 0.5 mm;
  • the epilation process can be carried out in the shower, without the use of foam;The
  • battery is capable of supporting the epilation procedure for about 30 minutes, then it is necessary to recharge about an hour.

Important! The model of this device is characterized by an affordable price, the necessary equipment, ease of use. The device perfectly performs the procedure of epilation with thin hairs, and as a result, a perfectly smooth skin is observed.

Rowenta EP9260


  • tweezers, which measures 24 tweezers;
  • availability of 2 speeds;
  • powered by battery;
  • backlight;
  • possibility of use in the shower;
  • device is capable of grasping hairs at a length of 0.5 mm;The
  • battery charger operates for 40 minutes;
  • this model is equipped with a shaving head, trimmer, massager, attachment-limiter, which helps to solve the problem in the bikini zone, and a peeling attachment for the elimination of ingrown hairs;
  • the working head can be peeled off with a brush and rinsed.

Important! One of the best models of epilators in the modern market. Affordable price contributes to an excellent result, in addition, the possibility of epilation under the water with the use of foam contributes to the comfort of the procedure.

Panasonic ES-WX72

Special features:

  • tweezers, which has 48 tweezers;
  • there is one speed;
  • powered by battery;
  • no backlight;
  • the possibility of using the shower

This model is rightfully the best epilator:

  • The device can work for a long time from the battery, you can perform the epilation procedure in the shower with the use of foam, the pain will be minimal.
  • A large number of tweezers means pulling out a lot of hairs at once, which reduces the time of the electrolysis procedure.
  • To treat sensitive areas of skin, there is a nozzle-limiter or nozzle, in which the hairs are spotted. The presence of 6 accessory nozzles contributes to the multifunctional use.

Tria Precision

This compact and stylish laser device perfectly fulfills the functional tasks.

Important! After the second hair removal procedure, the amount of hair is reduced to 70 percent, and after two months of application of this device, the hair grows lighter and thinner. When using a laser epilator for about three months, there is a procedure for the non-viability of hair follicles.

Positive moments of laser epilator application:

  • is compact because this device is very easy to place in a handbag;
  • wireless system;
  • there are 3 levels of intensity;
  • affordable price criterion for the selected model;The
  • laser device ideally handles delicate areas, such as underarms, bikini zone, facial areas.

Negative moments of using the laser device:

  • if it is necessary to process large areas of the body, this process becomes long and tedious;
  • one battery charge allows you to process the desired area within 10-20 minutes, it depends on the choice of the intensity of the outbreaks.

In this article, we figured out all the nuances so that you could choose the best epilator and painlessly remove unwanted vegetation on the body. We hope that your purchase was successful, and now smooth skin is your "horse".