How to get rid of bad breath in boots?

  • Causes of Adverse Odor
  • Odor Removal Methods
  • Boot Care

Imagine for a moment that you have been visited, taken off your shoes, and you have felt this unbearable smell, as if a person plowed a day without stopping, and first decidedgo to you. And in fact you will not hint at all without offense. Now imagine the situation on the contrary, that you came to someone to visit. Agree, the situation is not the most pleasant, which can happen, an unpleasant fragrance of shoes can also spread to socks. Therefore, you should definitely know how to get rid of the unpleasant odor in boots, so that you do not get into such uncomfortable situations anymore.

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Causes of Adverse Odor

Often the cause of the fetid odor from winter or demi-season boots is illiterate shoe care, in particular, affecting the rules for drying it after walking in damp or wet weather.

Important! Moisture accumulating in the insulating material creates comfortable conditions for the reproduction of microorganisms, which, as a result, are the cause of the formation of a sharp and terrible smell.

In addition, among the factors that motivate the owner of shoes to find information on how to get rid of the smell in winter boots, the following reasons should be highlighted:

  • Fungal diseases of nails and skin of feet.
  • Initially, the wrong choice of smaller shoes - wearing tight boots causes intense sweating of the skin of the feet, resulting in an unpleasant smell.
  • Non-observance of the rules of hygiene of feet.
  • Wearing synthetic stockings and socks, preventing natural air exchange.
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Odor removal methods

Let's solve the problem in a proven way. So, how to remove the smell from winter boots?

Hydrogen peroxide

Peroxide, being a powerful antibacterial agent, can quickly eliminate the nuclear odor in boots. To this end, it will be necessary: ​​

  1. Unscrew the bootlegs from the inside out.
  2. Treated with a cotton swab or cotton wool soaked in hydrogen peroxide, internal shoe seams, and also insole.
  3. At the end of the process, shoes should be thoroughly dried.


To solve the issue related to how to remove the smell from boots with fur, sometimes you just need to replace the insoles. Factory insoles in this case will need to be removed and replaced with new ones, with carbon filler.

Important! Coal, being a natural absorbent, quickly absorbs the molecules of unpleasant odor, after which the insoles can be replaced with new ones and for ever forget about the problem of acrid smell.

Let's end the theme of insoles with one effective solution: test the special aromatized antibacterial insoles.


Alcohols( chlorhexidine, ethyl, boric) are often used for shoe processing for disinfection of odors. Alcohol, like peroxide, is an excellent disinfectant that destroys bacteria that become sources of unpleasant air.

Alcohol and alcohol tinctures are used in the same way as hydrogen peroxide - treating the inner surface of the shoe and its purl seams.

Important! Usually the odor recedes after 2-3 treatments.

Tea bags

Sachets with green tea will absorb a lot of dirty air. They need to be placed between the sole and the insole of the boot. Over time, the tea bag will absorb a fetid odor, and the shoe will fill with a pleasant aroma.

Important! Coffee will also help to remove unpleasant odor from shoes - it must be poured into boots. This product largely masks a bad smell. So - the problem as a matter of fact has not disappeared, and all measures were only temporary.

Activated charcoal

Activated carbon is an ideal option for removing unpleasant odors in dark-colored boots:

  1. In order to place it, you need to make several bags of fine fabric.
  2. Further in them fall asleep the crushed tablets of the activated coal.
  3. Then the bags must be put in boots.

Important! Shoes should preferably be dried well, leave the bags inside for exactly one day.


In this case, you need to pour the soda into your shoes for about five hours. After - soda should be shaken out. Further it is necessary to additionally wipe the inside with a slightly damp rag.

Also, if you are not lazy, make special flavored balls. They are prepared as follows:

  • 1 tablespoon of this product, mix with the same amount of white clay and flour.
  • Add a couple drops of aromatic oil to the mixture.
  • The resulting balls should be wrapped in gauze and put in shoes.
  • This procedure is recommended to be done at night.

After a couple of days the problem should evaporate.

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Care for shoes

So, let's look at how to properly care for boots, so that you do not have to puzzle the question of how to get rid of the unpleasant smell in them:

  1. If your boots get wet at home,dry. Otherwise - on raw boots can form mold - a source of fetid aroma.
  2. If you have the financial opportunity, purchase a special electric dryer. She will not let the shoes stay wet, and also destroy all the germs.
  3. It is cyclically desirable to carry out the treatment of shoes with deodorizing agents, which are designed specifically for such cases.

Often the cause of an ominous odor is the problem with the user's legs, here's what to do to solve them:

  • Elementary compliance with personal hygiene rules. In the morning and in the evening wash your feet with soap, preferably economic, as it also has the properties of disinfection. Every day to change socks or pantyhose.
  • Daily intake of foot baths in a solution of sea salt or manganese will reduce the unpleasant odor from the boots.

Important! An infusion of lemon crusts, a decoction of oak bark or chamomile, after which you will thoroughly wipe your feet and wipe with cotton wool with formalin alcohol. Carry out the procedure for seven days, after a three-day break - repeat.

  • Teimurova paste is an effective way to solve the problem. Also try using the ointment Formagel.
  • Steaming feet in three liters of infusion of 20 pieces of laurel leaves. The procedure must be done before bedtime.
  • An aqueous solution of vinegar in a 1: 5 ratio. It is a good evening remedy for rubbing your feet.
  • Cream for sweat - applied for prevention on legs before going to bed.

That's all, observing this list of rules, no smell will not scare you, or your guests and loved ones. Such procedures do not take much time, but they will give you the result you need. It is also desirable, if possible, to wear in the season not one, but at least two pairs of shoes, so the risk of the problem will be halved. In order to find out if you have a fungus or not, you should go to a dermatologist. And then the problem of an unpleasant smell will be solved effectively and for a long time.