The most anticipated films of 2011

Now I decided to diversify my site with articles about the most anticipated films of 2011. In this city we are expecting a lot of mind-blowing premieres, which millions of people expect. Basically it will be sequels, trikvelas, etc. However, there are some absolutely new works. Sit back and take popcorn.

Green Hornet

Russian premiere: 3 Feb.2011

Genre: action movie

Description: The son of a media magnate "burns" his own life in eternal drunks and countless random connections. However, after the unexpected death of his father, he finally realizes the purposelessness of his own existence and decides to change everything. Together with a friend, they become superheroes who fight crime by its own methods, absolutely disregarding the law. ..

The Riddle of the Red Planet

Russian Premiere: 10 Mar.2011

Genre: Cartoon

Description: There are vile broccoli, take out the garbage, go to bed early - who really needs moms making it happen? Milo thought so, until he discovered that his mother was kidnapped by the Martians. Here it turned out that he had to go to another planet in order to find his mother and return her home.

Crimson hat

Russian premiere: 17 mar.2011

Genre: thriller

Description: Gothic arrangement of Charles Perrault's fairy tale "Purple Cap", in which the main character is pursued by a werewolf. Help the girl trying in love with her lumberjack Peter.

Metal knight

Russian premiere: 24 March.2011

Genre: Action, Adventure

Description: In the 13th century, a group of Knights Templar defends the Rochester Castle from the tyranny of King John.

Apollo 18

Russian premiere: 12 April 2011

Genre: fiction

Description: The plot of the picture is being built around the mission "Apollo 18".It is believed that this flight to the moon was canceled, although "previously unknown documentary" materials shed light on the fact that the mission in fact not only took place, but also led to the identification of evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Fast and the Furious 5

Russian premiere: April 28, 2011

Genre: action movie

Description: Former police officer Brian O`Conner, along with the seasoned ruffian House of Toretto, took a little interest in life outlawed. After Brian and Mia Toretto were released at home, they do not risk staying in one place for a long time, as they are a desirable goal for the order of dissatisfied cops.


Russian premiere: April 28, 2011

Genre: fantasy, action movie

Description: An epic adventure happens both on our land and in the fictional kingdom of the gods Asgard. In the center of history is the Powerful Thor, a strong, but arrogant warrior, whose reckless actions revive the ancient war in Asgard. The Torah is sent into exile to the Earth, deprived of its strength and forced to live from ordinary people as punishment. Thor learns how much power is required to become a real hero, when the most dangerous villain of his world directs dark forces to absorb the Earth.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Russian Premiere: May 19, 2011

Genre: Adventures of

Description: In a new story about the search for truth, betrayal, eternal youth and deadly danger, Captain Jack Sparrow will face a woman from her own Angelique. Until the end, it will not be clear whether their true love ties them together, or Angelica skillfully pretends to get with Jack to the mysterious source of eternal youth.

She forcibly forces Captain Jack Sparrow to board the ship "Queen Anne's Revenge", run by the treacherous villain Darkbeard. Our hero is in a situation where he does not know what to fear of a more - terrible villain or his own old girlfriend.

Kung Fu Panda 2

Russian premiere: 26 May 2011

Genre: cartoon

Description: Panda Poe, the world's greatest fan of kung fu, continues his journey, as the ancient prediction says, mastering the art of kung fu.

X-Men: I class

Russian premiere: June 2, 2011

Genre: fiction, action movie

Description: The film tells us about how prof. Xavier and Magneto, the process of establishing Xavier's school for mutant children and, finally, what happened to m / at 2 bosom friends and for what reason they broke up.

Bachelor Party in Vegas 2

Russian premiere: June 2, 2011

Genre: comedy

Description: The impact will move to Thailand, where after a stormy Bangkok party, Stew discovers that he has slept with a transsexual who pretended to be a woman in a drunken frenzy. Now friends, drinking companions, who also do not remember anything, are urgently needed to gather their brains together and, following the trail of their own yesterday's adventures, find out how they came to such a life.

Greenish Lantern

Russian premiere: June 16

Genre: fiction

Description: In the universe, as endless as it is mysterious, for many centuries there was a detachment of warriors with great power. Defenders of peace and justice, they are called the Corps of Green Lanterns. Brotherhood of warriors sworn to defend the intergalactic law, where any of them wears a ring that gives him super abilities. However, when a new enemy named Parallax threatens to break the balance in the universe, their fate and the fate of the Earth is in the hands of a recruit, the first person in the history of the detachment - Hal Jordan.

Hal is a bold and gifted test pilot, but the Greenish Lanterns do not have the confidence and respect for humanity, because people have never managed to curb the unlimited power of the ring before. However, Hal is like a missing small piece of a mosaic, and together with determination and willpower he has what no starry warrior has had - humanity. If, with the support of his partner and childhood friend Carol Ferris( Blake Lively), Hel can quickly learn to manage the power of the ring and find the courage to overcome his fears, he will be able not only to prove that he is the key to victory over Parallax. .. but also become the greatestGreen Lantern of all.

Rise of the Monkeys Russian Premiere: June 23, 2011

Genre: Fiction

Description: The impact of the film happens in today's San Francisco and is built around a scientist whose genetic experiments led to the emergence of highly developed intelligence in monkeys. Primates, realizing their subordinate position, raise the insurrection and deprive man of the title of ruler of nature.

Cars 2

Russian premiere: June 23

Genre: cartoon

Description: Lightning MAKKUIN and his friend Maitre in a new high-octane adventure. The most prestigious and significant race in the world begins, the World Grand Prix, in which the most cool racer from all categories - Formula 1, NASCAR, Le Mans will be determined.

MAKQUIN will compete with the best of the best, on the most beautiful and dangerous routes in Japan, France and Italy. However, the main thing - Lightning does not yet know that he and Maitre will be in the heart of an intricate and dizzying spy plot.

Transformers 3

Russian premiere: June 30, 2011

Genre: fiction, action movie

Description: For our heroes came sad weekdays: Sam has lost Mikael, the government issues a law on the eviction of Autobots from the Earth, and while Megatron disappears after the infamous defeat of Vollen, the DecepticonShockwave, the ruler of Cybertron, is preparing to pay a visit to our planet with no good intentions at all. The impact of the final part of the trilogy this time will cover not only the Earth, but also the Moon, the black side of which keeps the least dark secrets.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

Russian premiere: July 12, 2011

Genre: fantasy, action, adventure

Description: Harry Potter tragically loses all his friends. Remain only bold. Ahead of the culmination of the whole saga and the battle with Volan de Mort. ..

I avenger

Russian premiere: July 28, 2011

Genre: action, fantasy

Description: Considering unfit for military service, Steve Rogers volunteers for an absolutely secret research project,which turns him into Captain America, the superhero devoted himself to defending the ideals of America.

Cowboys vs. Aliens

Russian premiere: August 11, 2011

Genre: fiction, action movie

Description: 1873, The Absolute, Arizona. In this deaf US province comes the memory of a stranger. The only hint of his past is the unusual shackles on one of his wrists. The traveler learns with high speed that the inhabitants of the town are not happy with strangers, and in general they take to the streets only on the orders of Colonel Dolarhayd, who rules an iron hand in this area.

Soon the strange behavior of the inhabitants is explained. From time to time monstrous creatures come down from heaven, who take everything they want and keep the city in panic. The leading character, gradually recalling what happened to him, becomes the city's only hope of salvation.


Russian premiere: August 18, 2011

Genre: Fantasy

Description: A noble Celtic warrior, barbarian-swordbiller Conan must avenge the murder of his father, blacksmith Corin and the destruction of the birthplace of the Cimmerian village. He goes in search of the cruel leader Khalar Sinha, who captivated the magnificent Tamara. The blood of this mysterious woman must become the main ingredient in the magical ritual of resurrecting the ancient monster, which will bring to the insane leader the absolute power. ..