Top 10 vegetables and berries growing on windowsills

Not everyone has a garden or a dacha, but everyone wants to eat fresh and tasty vegetables and berries, but not always these can be found on the shelves of stores. You have a way out! And he called the window sill. With its help, you can grow many different products for fresh consumption. We present to your attention the rating of vegetables that grow on the windowsills of Russians:

1. Onion. Nobody will deny that this vegetable is rightfully the leader in this field of horticulture. Each winter on the windowsill adorns a bow, put in a jar, mug or glass, to please the owners with green onions all year round.

2. Pepper bitter decorative, shallow. In many people in the kitchen, this kind of pepper grows, and the eye pleases with its red pods and sometimes asks for dishes.

3. Citrus fruits( lemons, tangerines) Ah, how nice it is to add your own lemon in a cup of tea or peel a mandarin, torn from a bush.

4. Dill. Those who have known the joy of spring onions in the cold winter, and have gone further, having planted it in the ground, certainly will not refrain from planting as useful and tasty greens as dill.

5. Parsley. More often than not, this greens moves along with the summer resident from the infield to the city apartment and firmly takes place on the windowsill, until the start of the new summer season.

6. Garlic. Growing garlic on the windowsill can not only get garlic sheets to the table, but also to protect their household from colds. Garlic perfectly cleans the air in the apartment from pathogens.

7. Bulgarian pepper. Not very fond of, for breeding on the window. It can bear fruit, which will go not only to the salad, but also quite suitable for stuffing.

8. Tomato. They grow on the windowsill excellently. Fruit enough with weighty tomatoes. The only condition - it is necessary to select low-growing varieties no more than 30-40 cm.

9. Cucumber. Quite capricious and very hygrophilous. The fruits do not give large. When growing requires the creation of garters, which is not very convenient at home.

10. Strawberries. Not very capricious, as it may seem at first sight. Berries ripen smaller than in the garden. In winter additional illumination is desirable.

Well, drooling?