Top ranking of the most dangerous animals in the world

Many animals can be extremely dangerous to humans, and by the sight of some, you can not directly say that they can harm a person. But going on a trip is always useful to know who to be afraid of, so just need to look at the rating of the most dangerous animals.


  • 10th place. Poisonous frogs.
  • 9 place. Wild Indian and African buffalo.
  • 8 place. Polar bear.
  • 7 place. Elephant
  • 6th place. Crocodile.
  • 5 place. Monkeys
  • 4 place. Great white shark.
  • 3 place. Poisonous jellyfish
  • 2 place. Poisonous snakes
  • 1 place. Flies

10th place. Poisonous frogs.

Their varieties are huge, and they live in Central and South America, in Madagascar. On their body are located glands, which produce poison, dangerous for human life or even several. But the glands develop a poison extremely gradually and it can be poisoned only if you keep a frog in your hand for a long time. What makes us happy is that they do not attack.

9 place. Wild Indian and African buffalo.

This is an absolutely fearless animal weighing about a ton and 2 meta height. This alone should alert you and make you bypass this animal. Horns can be of different shapes - bend upwards or diverge to the sides of the head, but both are equally dangerous to humans( this is not counting the weight!).In addition, the buffalo has a very good sense of smell, and he is the first to feel a stranger, and he can attack himself if he decides that the stranger is dangerous.

8th place. Polar bear.

In the photos they seem nice and kind, almost plush, but it's unlikely anyone would want to meet with him alive. Once they were exterminated and greatly reduced their population so that it was almost impossible to meet a polar bear. However, now their numbers are fully restored and even exceed the norms, therefore these bears represent a real danger for people. In addition, they are committed to stop being afraid of people and easily enter people's settlements and parking lots.

7 place. Elephant

These are very intelligent animals, but at the same time very aggressive. Their size, weight and thick skin allow them not to be afraid of anyone, and they kill up to 500 people a day. Especially dangerous is a young male elephant, expelled from the herd during the mating season, he attacks everything that moves.

6 place. Crocodile.

All inhabitants of Africa worship this animal, tourists are considered one of the most terrible predators in Africa. They are almost impossible to notice with an unseen eye when they hunt down the victim. The crocodiles attack with lightning speed, and then they are dragged deep under the water, where they are first heated, and then they eat the victim.

5 place. Monkeys

Very unexpected appearance in this list of monkeys. But recently in tropical countries, monkeys have moved closer to human settlements, and are getting food in the urban environment, in landfills. They attack children and sometimes adults, and most often they live in "families", which makes it even more difficult to resist them. Also, eating on trash cans, they carry a lot of diseases, which in the conditions of unsanitary settlements of the third world becomes really dangerous.

4 place. Great white shark.

About these predators shot a lot of horror films, forcing all already in advance to be afraid of sharks. And not in vain! One gram of blood in the water is enough and the shark will feel it for several kilometers, and this smell stirs the hunger of the shark.3000 sharp as a blade of teeth, 7-10 meters long force to reckon with this animal. Recently, sharks migrate and began to appear in places where they had never existed before.

3 place. Poisonous jellyfish

One of the most dangerous - the Australian cubic jellyfish or the "sea wasp", inhabits the shores of northern Australia. This jellyfish reaches the size of a basketball, and the tentacles( 4 bundles of 15 tentacles) during hunting can reach 3 meters. They are almost transparent, which creates an additional danger, as they are almost impossible to notice. The burn causes instant pain throughout the body, and the poison immediately begins to affect the nervous system, heart, lungs. Often, stung by jellyfish do not have time to swim to the boat or shore - the heart stops. In addition, even remote tentacles remain dangerous until complete decomposition, even dried and re-wetted, they retain their properties.

2 place. Poisonous snakes

As a rule, the most venomous snakes do not attack first on humans, but only when they are touched or moved, but, when attacked, pose a huge danger. The bites of some snakes can kill 10 people at once or 250,000 mice. Venom is needed for snakes because their teeth are not meant for chewing, and they swallow food whole.

1 place. Flies

Ironically, this small and harmless insect is the most dangerous on the planet. Flies are spread all over the place and carry a huge number of dangerous and even fatal diseases for a person. Such as, anthrax, tularemia, trachoma, epidemic conjunctivitis, sleeping sickness, intestinal diseases and so on. One fly can easily carry up to 40 million different bacteria, many of which are dangerous to humans. And some species of flies lay eggs under the skin of a person who can later eat soft tissue up to the bone.

Author: Alena Kashtanova