Top-5 online testing services

High scores, obtained at the Unified State Exam, open doors for the graduate of the most prestigious universities. However, even the most complete knowledge does not guarantee a 100% excellent result. To successfully pass this important test, you must be able to solve tasks in the test form.

To practice and evaluate their level of preparation for, without leaving home, help online tests, posted on the Internet. Today we bring to your attention Top-5 online testing services of the USE .All of them contain actual test tasks on a wide range of subjects.

1. is a popular educational portal that offers the most current tests of the 2012 Yge in 10 subjects. Results are given immediately after the test is completed. The portal also features demonstration exam options for the past. The service has a simple and intuitive interface, as well as the ability to pass tests Gia 2012.

2. - service from the All-Russian online testing center. Graduates are offered tests of the Unified State Examination of 2012 in 9 subjects. All assignments were drafted in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, carefully checked and only published on the website. Those who wish can also complete the tasks for 2011.

3. - Federal portal "Russian education".The online service available on the portal provides an opportunity to pass tests on 14 disciplines. For each subject, 9-10 test variants are available. It is possible not only to answer questions, but also to practice filling out the examination form, which reduces the likelihood of technical errors during a real exam.

4. offers those wishing to try their hand at testing in 10 subjects. For each discipline, there are 5 test options. According to the feedback of the Internet audience, tests on the portal do not contain obsolete tasks, which no longer occur on a real exam. Each test is accompanied by useful recommendations on the specifics of the preparation for the USE.

5. - online service from Yandex, which offers testing on 14 subjects. All assignments are designed specifically for the portal by a group of experts in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science. There is an opportunity to pass a mini-test, which contains only 5 questions. Service from Yandex is distinguished by a friendly interface, not devoid of a sense of humor.