Top 10 best gadgets for holidays

High technologies accompany us today everywhere. Therefore, even on vacation, a person is not ready to abandon the usual and useful devices that serve for communication, photo and video shooting or entertainment.

The survey conducted by the portal [email protected] Ru among Internet users allowed us to compile Top-10 best gadgets for the vacation. By the way, about 4% of respondents said that they will go to rest without any equipment. But 1% of vacationers will take with them something that is not declared in the Mail. Ru list.


  • 10. Several gadgets.
  • 9. Navigator
  • 8. Game console
  • 7. Player
  • 6. Video camera
  • 5. Electronic reader
  • 4. Notebook on
  • release 3. Camera
  • 2. Tablet
  • 1. Phone for the modern holidaymaker

10. Several gadgets.

Surprisingly, despite the fact that every third gadget breaks down on vacation, 20% of respondents do not want to confine themselves to one thing, but take a couple of devices with them on vacation.

9. Navigator

- will be extremely useful for those who travel by car or intend to rent a car in an unfamiliar area. It is advisable to plan the route in advance and choose the best navigator with the necessary set of maps.

8. The game console

- useful to enthusiastic gamers who prefer to spend time on the move, enjoying their favorite pastime. For those who travel with children, the prefix can be a help in the struggle for free time - this gadget will easily entice the restless child for at least half an hour.

7. The

player is taken not only by music lovers, but also by those who wish for a vacation, for example, to pull up their foreign language through audio courses. Many fans of the players claim that the sound quality of a special gadget does not compare with the sound of a mobile phone.

6. Video camera

- will help to save for a long time the most exciting moments of vacation. If there are long excursions, it is better to take a spare battery with you.

5. Electronic reader

- actively expels the paper literature. No more need to carry a couple of weighty books with you or purchase on site reading at an inflated price - a good e-book gadget is able to accommodate a sufficient amount of literature, and if the device can go online, then the owner's possibilities are almost unlimited.

4. Laptop on vacation

- a means of communication, media player, e-reader and game console in one bottle. Compact netbooks and their more solid counterparts, although they are included in our rating of laptops in quality, but are inferior to the now fashionable tablets, still enjoy the well-deserved love of vacationers.

3. The

is no longer a gadget of first necessity. The cameras of modern phones allow you to make good shots. And many people are ready to sacrifice quality for the sake of mobility - do not take extra with them, but use a phone for shooting.

2. Tablet

- ahead of the popularity of the laptop, primarily due to its compactness. A good tablet with a modest enough size and light weight can replace almost any gadget from our rating.

Soon, the resort will conquer the best tablet Samsung - Galaxy Tab 2.

1. The phone for a modern holidaymaker

- not only a means of communication. Multifunctional popular smartphones are inferior to tablet computers only, perhaps, the size of the display. By the way, 14% of the respondents on [email protected] Ru take the phone with them, but do not plan to use mobile communication.