Election of the President of Russia in 2018, the rating of candidates

Russians are watching with interest the presidential elections taking place in France, but it is not far off when foreigners will closely monitor what is happening on presidential elections in Russia in 2018 .

  • Contents:
    • When presidential elections in Russia are held 2018
    • Rating of presidential candidates for the 2018 elections in Russia
      • 8. Mikhail Prokhorov
      • 7. Alexey Navalny
      • 6. Ivan Okhlobystin
      • 5. Sergey Mironov
      • 4. Grigory Yavlinsky
      • 3. Vladimir Zhirinovsky
      • 2. Gennady Zyuganov
      • 1. Vladimir Putin
    • Electoral rating of possible candidates( Levada-Center, 04.2017)

When presidential elections of Russia are held 2018

The most important event in the life of the country is the election of the Russian president. Date when this happens - March 11 ( that is on the second Sunday of the month).If a second round is required, it will be held in three weeks - that is, on April 1, 2018.And the election campaign of presidential candidates starts in December 2017.

Rating of candidates for the presidency of Russia in the 2018 elections

The main candidate for the post of head of all Russia is the current president Vladimir Putin. Judging by the latest survey of the Levada Center, 64% of Russians want Putin to be re-elected president, and 22% want another candidate's victory. The very same Vladimir Vladimirovich still keeps intrigue and does not declare his desire to participate in the presidential race. In the case of the appearance of such a desire, his main rivals will be Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Grigory Yavlinsky and Gennady Zyuganov.

The anti-corruption fighter and oppositionist Alexei Navalny , although it has popular support, is unlikely to participate in the presidential election unless the decision of the Kirov Regional Court on the second case of Kiroves property theft is canceled. In addition, it is possible to participate in the elections and Sergei Mironov from "Fair Russia" and Mikhail Prokhorov, the founder of the "Civil Platform".Unexpected candidate may become the "mentor interns" Ivan Okhlobystin, if this step is approved by the ROC.

Consider all of the above candidates in more detail.

8. Mikhail Prokhorov

The billionaire businessman and philanthropist was already a candidate for the post of Russian president. In the 2012 elections he took third place and second in Moscow. In 2018, Prokhorov, perhaps, will improve these results. If the pre-election program of a businessman has not changed, in case of victory, he will please motorists by canceling the transport tax and lowering excise taxes on gasoline, replacing the VAT with sales tax, reducing tax pressure on small businesses, canceling the law on public procurement and making a number of other undoubtedly useful for the country.

7. Alexey Navalnyy

The head of the "Anti-Corruption Fund" and the author of several anti-corruption investigations, including the scandalous "He is not Dimon", has not been allowed to run for presidency. He is a figurant of the criminal "Kirovless case".However, Alexey intends to obtain the cancellation of the judgment in the European Court.

In his election program there are several promises:

  1. to eliminate economic inequality;
  2. to fight corruption;
  3. grant regions greater independence from the capital;
  4. to reduce the powers of representatives of law enforcement agencies;
  5. to conduct judicial reform;
  6. overcome international isolation.

6. Ivan Okhlobystin

The famous actor announced his desire to participate in the 2018 elections to the "Russian News Service".In 2012, he also wanted to become president, but his nomination to the candidates was not approved by the Russian Orthodox Church. Okhlobystin adheres to a monarchic authoritarian program, which is unlikely to be close to the majority of voters. He also advocates strict isolation of the country from foreign market bindings.

The popularity of Russian Dr. House may allow him to take his place in the elections next to the fifth number from our rating of presidential candidates.

5. Sergey Mironov

The deputy, the head of the Russian Federation of sports tourism and the chairman of "Fair Russia".Not too popular candidate, twice participating in presidential races( in 2004 and 2012) and both times ranked last in the ratings of voters. Mironov adheres to the left political views, stands for the luxury tax and the progressive scale of taxation. He was one of the first who advocated that family members of state employees declare income. He is the initiator of the project "Do or Leave", which started in 2016.It provides for the collection of 10 million signatures under the requirements of Russians to the government to fulfill a number of demands or to step down.

4. Grigory Yavlinsky

The permanent participant in the race for the presidency and the candidate from the Yabloko party is not very popular with the electorate( it is supported by about 6-8% of voters).However, Yavlinsky hopes to bring the number of his supporters among voters to 15% by means of a brilliant election campaign.

The main "Yabloko" stands for pluralism of opinions, succession of power, judicial reform and fight against corruption. On paper all these theses look smooth and very tempting.

3. Vladimir Zhirinovsky

An extravagant politician who often does not hesitate to cut the "truth-womb" as opposed to more reserved colleagues. He intends to nominate his candidacy for the role of president of Russia for the sixth time. Zhirinovsky himself believes that this time his chances of winning are good. If successful, he intends to take seriously the migration legislation, concentrate large-scale industry in the hands of the state, introduce a state monopoly on alcohol and tobacco and support small and medium-sized businesses.

2. Gennady Zyuganov

On the second place in the top of the possible participants in the presidential race in Russia in 2018 is the permanent leader of the Communist Party, still popular with older voters. However, young people and those who were born immediately after the collapse of the USSR are unlikely to follow the popularized communist "brand."Zyuganov participated in presidential elections four times, invariably occupying the second line of the rating. If, for some reason, the head of the Communists refuses to participate in the elections, one of his successors, the governor of the Orel region, V.Potosky, or the governor of the Irkutsk region S. Levchenko, can replace him.

From the pre-election promises already sounded, it is possible to single out:

  1. nationalization of natural resources, as well as the most important sectors - oil and gas;
  2. increase in the average size of pensions;
  3. support of agriculture through allocations in the amount of 10-15% of the federal budget;
  4. tax reduction for enterprises in the real economy.

1. Vladimir Putin

With all the richness of choice, there is no other alternative. This is stated in the study of the Civil Society Development Fund( FORGO).Putin's rating is invariably high.39% of the people interviewed by the experts of the FORGO do not know who will be given votes, if there is no candidate in the list of candidates, 17% will not vote in this case, and 12% are going to spoil the bulletin. The current head of the country enjoys the greatest 65 percent support among young people aged 18-23.This is not surprising, because young people just used to see Putin as the head of the Russian state.

Of the qualities of Putin voters especially like:

  • mind;
  • power;
  • literacy;
  • experience;
  • authority;
  • Leadership;
  • competence.

In other age groups, 56% of respondents( in the group of 45-59 years) are ready to vote for Putin, up to 64%( in the 24-34 age group).

Electoral rating of possible candidates( Levada-Center, 04.2017)

The table shows the ratio of the respondents who answered the question: "Which politician would you vote for if the elections took place next Sunday?"

Applicants Apr.13 Apr.14 Apr.15 Jan.16 Apr.17
Putin 29 49 62 53 48
Apr 17
29 49 62 53 48
29 49 62 53 48
6 4 6 4 3
6 4 6 4 3
6 4 6 4 3
6 4 6 4 3
6 4 6 4 3
6 4 6 4 3
6 4 6 4 3
29 49 62 53 48
& lt; 1 & lt; 1 1 1 1
Medvedev 2 & lt; 1 & lt; 1 & lt; 1 1
Mironov 1 1 1 1 1
Prokhorov 2 1 1 & lt; 1 & lt; 1
Other 2 1 1 1 1
I do not know who I would vote for 22 21 9 17 19
I would not vote 18 10 8 11 13
I do not know, I became a( a)whether to vote or not 14 8 8 9 10