The popularity rating of Russian rappers for 2011

The rapper rating is compiled on the basis of analytical studies of users of RuNet users. It must be said that the results of the survey fully coincide with the commercial success of rappers and the number of concerts of data in 2011.Thus, today's top-10 rappers reflects not only their popularity, but also their selling and success.

The first place rightfully belongs to the rapper Guf / Guf, who besides the stage is an Internet star, enveloped in a mass of rumors and gossip, he is hung up, gets into an accident with a fatal outcome, or dies from a bullet from the auditorium. And even if this is a black PR - I must say it works 100%.


  • 10. Bahh Te.
  • 9. Triagratrika.
  • 8. Ptah.
  • 7. Caste.
  • 6. Timati.
  • 5. Noggano.
  • 4. Noize MC.
  • 3. Loc-Dog.
  • 2. Basta.
  • 1. Guf.

10. Bahh Te.

First appeared on the eye and hearing of a wide audience in early 2011, it quickly gained popularity among Russian listeners and now confidently holds the 10th line of our rapper rating with the result of 3.2 million requests for the year.

9. Triagrutrika.

Despite the long record of the band( more than 7 years), the real glory was overtaken by the band only in 2010, with the release of the album "Evening Chelyabinsk".At the moment, there are more than 10 official albums in the luggage of the group, including solo collections of the rap founder of the Jahmal collective, who brought in 3.3 million requests for the year.

8. Ptah.

Russian rapper, member of the collective "CENTR".The real name is David Nureyev. He became known in the band "CENTR", where together with Guf and Slim he released the album "Swing".In the same year, a solo album, "The Trail of Emptiness" was released, which was never to be published.

7. Caste.

The legendary band, which once was the leader of the rapper rating, but then disappeared for a couple of years to come back and win the popularity of the Russian audience. In 2011, the group was interested in 6.9 million people.

6. Timati.

The success of rapper Timati is largely due to his active participation in show business and the media, which allowed him to take the 6th line of the rating with an audience of 7.3 million Internet users.

5. Noggano.

The active tour program in 2011 brought fruit and the second of the same rapper's pseudonyms took the middle position in the top, but the first pseudonym got as far as 2 lines, but more on this later. ..

4. Noize MC.

Russian rock, rap artist, composer and actor. Music "noise" can not be attributed to any particular style, it is rather a combination of hip-hop, punk, reggae and breakbeat - so says the artist himself. Noize MC - the most socially oriented rapper, actively expressing his civic position, for which he often paid at the price of his own freedom.

3. Loc-Dog.

The first and only representative of the ElectroRap style in Russia, the rapper is known for his albums: "All Good bye," "Paranoia," "I'm not Afraid."

2. Basta.

A unique rapper that simultaneously occupies the fifth and second position in the ranking, thanks to performances under two pseudonyms. I would like to hope that this brings him a double income. Basta, and deserved 2 place!

1. Guf.

Best rapper of Russia according to the results of 2011.Founder of several labels, former member of the "CENTR" group, winner of the "Russia Music Awards" and "Rock Alternative Music Prize".In 2011, the artist managed to collect an eight thousandth concert hall, as well as to visit the role of a detainee of the State Drug Control Service. The first place rapper rating brings Guf an audience of 23 million requests on the Internet.