The most expensive flowers in the world. Top-9

8th: Gloriosa is a native of South Africa and Asia, a rare and expensive flower. Its name, derived from the Latin word gloriostis, translates as "glorious," which is why it is often called the "flower of glory."Gloriosa is a plant with fragile stems, long leaves, sometimes reaching three meters, and large flowers of rich red-yellow or yellow-green flowers. Its exotic appearance is very distinguished against the background of other representatives of the floristic world, which is displayed at its cost, which is about 10 dollars per flower.

7th place: Iridescent roses is the result of a developed technology, the idea of ​​which belongs to the owner of the flower company, the Dutchman Peter van de Werken. Thanks to experiments conducted by two Dutch companies, F.J.Zandbergen and River Flowers, in 2004 the first successes were achieved. Growing rainbow roses - engineering art, consisting in the skill of mixing colors. To obtain a multicolored flower, the breeders divide the stem into several channels through which the rose absorbs water stained with various dyes. Thus, the usual white rose turns into an iridescent rose. The cost of one colorful flower from the manufacturer is on average $ 10, and a bouquet of 30 roses will cost $ 325.

6th place: King of the Night - a sort of tulips, characterized by a rich violet-black color. Although it is considered to be one of the most expensive flowers, the peak of its value fell on the period of the past "tulip fever".At that time, one bulb of this plant was equal in value to a herd of sheep, four pigs, four bulls, four tons of wheat, eight tons of rye, a couple of tons of oil, 300 liters of wine and 300 kg of cheese. To date, the average cost of a bulb of a black tulip is 15-20 dollars.

5th place: Pierre de Ronsard or Eden Rose is a well-known sort of climbing roses, which are the most beautiful in the world. Flowers are large heavy creamy buds, with a rich pink border, although the shades may have several variations. This variety combines the charm of cup-shaped vintage and the attraction of modern roses. Flowers were named after the French poet Pierre de Ronsard, but since his name is not very well known in the world, it was decided to give the variety the second name - Eden Rose( "Paradise Rose").Over the 20-year history of his existence, Pierre de Ronsard has won a record number of different awards. By the way, this variety of roses - favorite flowers of the famous actor Louis de Funes. One flower Eden Rose is estimated at about 20.5 dollars.

4th place: Sweet Juliet - a variety of roses, bred by the British breeder David Austin. To create this adorable flower he needed about 15.8 million dollars and 15 years of painstaking work. For the first time elegant roses with small apricot buds were presented to the general public in 2006 at the British Chelsea Flower Show and since then have become the subject of active discussion among plant breeders all over the world. A small bouquet of roses Sweet Juliet costs about $ 150, and one flower can be purchased for $ 25.

3rd place: Medinilla is a plant with delicate pink flower clusters spread over the humid forests of Asia, tropical Africa and some islands of the Pacific Ocean. She is rightly considered the most beautiful exotic plant in the world, gardeners and botanists even gave her the appropriate nickname - "beautiful."During the flowering period, the medinilla simply amazes with its beauty: elegantly hanging inflorescences are covered with several tiers of pale rose bracts, strewn with many small pink flowers. The cost of this plant can range from 50 to 150 dollars.

2 nd place: Orchid "Gold Kinabalu" - at the cost of the floristic market is considered the most expensive flowers in the world. Meet this rare plant can only be in one place on the planet - on Mount Kinabalu, which is on the territory of the homonymous national park on the island of Borneo. Endangered species of orchids first give color 15 years after the appearance of the first leaves, and on one pedicel grows about 5-6 large yellow flowers with horizontally located petals, speckled with dark veins. It grows only in the period from March to May and it may take a long time before it blossoms again. For one escape, "Gold Kinabalu" will have to pay 5-6 thousand US dollars.

1 st place: Shenzhen Nongke - artificially bred orchid cultivar, for which the team of breeders from China, after which the flower got its name, required 8 long years of diligent work. To see how this elegant-looking flower blossoms and produces a pleasant flower fragrance, you have to wait about 4-5 years. In 2005, Shenzhen Nongke orchid was bought at auction by an anonymous buyer for a record amount of $ 202,000, and thus became the most expensive flower ever sold in the world.

Flowers are indisputably one of the most beautiful creations of Mother Nature. This is a traditional, universally recognized sign of attention and location, a universal decoration and a gift for any holiday. Many are engaged in the cultivation of ornamental plants as a hobby, collecting in their own garden all sorts of their varieties. A huge variety of these representatives of the plant world makes most of them available to almost everyone, but there are rare, exotic varieties, the price of which would make a seemingly banal bouquet of flowers a truly luxurious gift.

We bring to your attention the top 9 most expensive flowers in the world.

9th place: Hydrangea is a flower growing in Asia, as well as in the Americas. The name "hydrangea" was given in honor of the Princess Hortense - sister of Prince of the Holy Roman Empire Carl Heinrich Nassau-Siegen. In most hydrangeas, flower heads contain two types of flowers: small fruit( fertile) flowers in the middle and large sterile flowers at the edges. The average cost of hydrangeas is about 6.5 dollars per flower.