The most powerful dogs in the world( 5 photos)

To determine who is the strongest dog, a method that has long been tested by the peoples of the North is being used, namely the carriage by dogs of cargo of varying severity. There is even the International Weight Pull Association( abbreviated IWPA), which organizes annual competitions among dogs of various breeds in the US and Canada, held during the period from September to March. Dogs, divided according to their own weight into 8 categories, pull the load to a distance of 16 feet( almost 5 meters).Depending on the availability of snow, sledges or carts on wheels are used. Sometimes competitions take place on artificial snow. The winner is the dog that carried the cargo faster than the others to the specified distance, taking into account the ratio of cargo and own weight. The health of participating dogs is given a lot of attention, so for the entire life of the organization( since 1984), not a single dog has been injured during the competition. Strongest dogs are awarded prizes, and the names of the best of the best are brought to the Hall of Fame.
This collection will feature dogs from the IWPA Hall of Fame, as well as other well-known record dogs from around the world.

The most powerful dog in the weight category up to 150 pounds( 68 kg) in the history of IWPA was the Dog of the breed of Bordeaux dog King Duke. This is the nickname given to him after his victories, in the real name - CH.Mount Siani Dukes of Gold. This dog first took part in the competition for draft cargo in 2004, when he was 2 years old. For 7 years of sports career, King Duke won 9 gold medals and set a world record for his weight class, transporting a cargo of 1450 pounds( 657 kg) on ​​a sledge. In the sporting career of King Duke, there were defeats, but only 4 dogs could defeat him. At the same time from all competitions, King Duke always returned with a medal of some dignity. In 2011, King Duke finished his sports career. He died in 2013.

King Duke during the competition:

Photo by King Duke on the background of his numerous awards:

In the weight category up to 40 pounds( 18 kg) is a Norwegian elkhaunt dog named Miss Rose Petal Martin. Rosa's sports career began in 2006.In the debut season, she won silver in competitions on snow and on wheels. The next season, Rosa missed, because.was on maternity leave: she gave birth to 9 puppies. In 2008, Rose returned to the competition and won gold in both disciplines: on snow and on wheels. After this, Rosa has repeatedly won gold medals. She finished her sports career in 2012.Its best result on wheels is a cargo of 1615 pounds( 732 kg), and on snow 815 pounds( 369 kg), which is a world record in its weight category.

In the weight category up to 60 pounds( 27 kg) entered the history of the breed Old English Bulldog called Razor / Razzor. He did not like competitions in the snow( although he won silver there), but he had few equal in the competition for traction of wheeled vehicles, where he won gold more than once. His personal record on wheels is a cargo of 2,915 pounds( 1320.5 kg).Disappearance has left this world( on the IWPA website it is poetically said that he "walked along the rainbow") in 2013.

In the weight category up to 100 pounds( 45 kg) the dog of the Alaskan malamute named Rayder / Raider still shines. His personal record on wheels is 4575 pounds( 2,072.5 kg).

Which dog is the strongest in the history of the world? There are different answers to this question. In some sources it is reported that the largest cargo transported by a dog on a wagon was 2905 kg .This cargo was railroad rails, and this dog - St. Bernard named Reittes Brandy Bear. The dog dragged this load to a distance of 4.57 m. In less than 90 seconds.10 days before this, the same dog moved 2993 kg from its place, not meeting the set time. However, other sources report that the strongest dog in the world was a German dog, who moved 3428.5 kg .
At the same time, the strongest dog in proportion to its own weight is the Newfoundland named Barbara Allens Dark Hans, weighing 44 kg, which dragged 2,289 kg on a concrete surface in Bothell( USA) on July 20, 1979.
It should be noted that the Great Dane, St. Bernard, Newfoundland, Bordeaux dog( the King Dux breed), claiming to be the most powerful breed of dog, are on the list of the largest breeds of dogs, which is quite logical.