Rating of the best comedies of 2011

Today I was surprised to find that the site does not have rating of the best comedies of 2011 .There are the best films, the most terrible films, but there are no comedies. Therefore, in the pace of correcting this defect!2011 was not so disastrous in terms of really funny comedies, so I chose the top 5 comedies for you with the highest rating of critics:


  • 1. Location: Desperate Housewife
  • 2. Location: Four Lions
  • 3. Location: IrresistibleTamara
  • 4. Location: Bucky
  • 5. Location: Kill Bono

1. Location: Desperate Housewife

About Comedy: After a large-scale strike in the umbrella factory, its owner and director gets to the hospital. His director's post is hastily occupied by his wife, who before that is a simple housewife. But not here it was, the reality is that this housewife simply brilliantly starts to run the factory, which is contributed by the rich past and considerable ambitions of the girl!

Rating of the film: ( 84 of 100)

2. Location: Four Lions

About the comedy: Actually, it's not just a comedy, but a drama. The film tells about the difficult life of martyrs in Britain. Each of the four terrorists dreams of becoming a celebrity, but since none of them want to die, they are constantly looking for ideas. The search leads them to the thought: "Do not blow up the Internet?"

Rating of the film: ( 83 of 100)

3. Location: Irresistible Tamara

About the comedy: The film narrates about the ugly girl who has a big nose, but inAfter a plastic surgery, she becomes a beauty. After moving to the village to her mother, she falls in love with a musician, admires the villagers and is generally a participant in many spicy zavarushkas.

Rating: ( 81 of 100)

4. Place: Back to Back

About Comedy: When it's all through. .. A very telling name, one hundred percent reflecting the essence of the whole movie. The film itself about how Peter is in a difficult situation, his wife gives birth in another part of the country, but Peter can not get to it, because he "was lucky" to meet a very ambitious person who always gets everything through. .. In my opinion, the bestcomedy in the world!

Rating: ( 80 of 100)

5. Location: Kill Bono

About the comedy: The movie "Kill Bono" completes the rating of the best comedies of 2011. Two brothers create a group in the late 70's, but to their great regret, classmates do the same and create a group U2.So the chances of the brothers do not remain. ..

Movie Rating: ( 80 of 100)