The best concealers according to buyers' feedbacks

concealer is a cosmetic that will help smooth out some unpleasant defects for a woman, but not every model is able to cope with all the problems. That's why you need to be able to choose the right type of concealer. They, in turn, differ in shade, composition, texture, density and other less important parameters.

The requirements of the buyers themselves are also different. Some people just need to hide the pimples or some stains, others with the concealer try to completely smooth out the skin, give it a radiant shade, completely hide the circles and bruises under the eyes. In such cases professional models come to the aid, having a higher texture density, different shades and, naturally, a higher price. They are also divided into creamy and pasty. Their difference consists in the application of a remedy. Creamy cosmetic products are designed to hide circles under the eyes, small wrinkles and red spots. Pasteiforms are more dense and resemble masking agents. Let us consider which concealers are the most popular in the Russian market and do not disappoint buyers.


  1. The concealer of which firm to choose
  2. The best paste-like concealer
  3. The best creamy concealer
  4. Which concealer to buy

The concealer of which firm to choose

The concealer is essentially a corrector that allows you to clean and mask almost any deficiency of the skin. Thanks to the concealer, you can hide pimples, pigment spots, signs of fatigue, redness and bruises under the eyes after a sleepless night. When choosing you need to be guided by different parameters, so you need to carefully study each model to make the right choice, because on average this means enough for a year of use.

Below is a list of manufacturers, which is formed in order of decreasing interest to the brand:

1. Shiseido

2. Clarins

3. MAC

4. Max Factor

5. Catrice

6. Vivienne Sabo

's over, there are good consigners from other companies( Lancom, Dior, Chanel, L'Oreal, Oriflame), but they are not included in our rating, as some do not suit the price, others do not hide the defects of the skin of the face well enough.

The best paste-like concealers

MAC Studio Finish Concealer

Studio Finish Concealer from MAC is a very popular professional model that copes with the most prominent drawbacks. It is designed not only to hide the circles under the eyes, but also for the rest of the face. The box itself from the pasta is rather small, so it will be very convenient to carry it in a bag. Studio Finish perfectly masks almost any rashes, pimples, pigmented spots, capillaries and much more. Unlike competitors, due to its density, it does not just slightly mask flaws by changing shades, but completely hides almost any problems. The expenditure of the money is very economical, it will last for an average more than a year. It does not clog up wrinkles and wrinkles, but can emphasize peeling. Perfectly suitable for people with normal and oily skin, because it is a bit dry.


  • inexpensive price;
  • professional disguise;
  • large selection of shades;
  • soft texture;
  • compactness.


  • can be difficult to apply;
  • emphasizes peeling;
  • is not suitable for dry skin.

Catrice Allround Concealer

This tool refers to a professional product line, but has a fairly low price. At purchase you receive at once 5 different shades: green, pink and three beige. It is not only for the eye zone, but also for hiding redness, pimples and much more. Despite the fact that it is a paste-like substance, the texture density is not so large, due to which it is very easily shaded over the skin. However, the problem is that using your fingers in this case is not entirely convenient, and the provided brush or applicator is not included. Another problem can be considered that the paste begins to swim in hot weather or about 6 hours after application.


  • large number of shades;
  • pleasant to the touch texture;
  • small price;
  • large area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication.


  • spreads out in the heat;
  • no applicator included.

The best creamy concealers

Shiseido Natural Finish Cream Concealer

This is a fairly popular concealer from a Japanese company that produces other cosmetic products. It is creamy and stored in a black, convenient tube. Thanks to the production technology, a small "drop" of this remedy is enough to mask the shortcomings of the skin. This corrector effortlessly hides bruises, capillaries, circles under the eyes and other spots. Due to their density, they are easily distributed over the skin, while holding for quite a long time. Another advantage is that this concealer does not clog pores. There are no obvious drawbacks to this model, but it is suitable for relatively oily skin, because after using it the skin is slightly dried, and peeling may appear.


  • is convenient to apply;
  • well disguises;
  • good price;
  • large expiration date;
  • reliable packing;
  • does not form a divorce.


  • drains the skin.

Clarins Instant Concealer

The French company Clarins also has its own cream to adjust the skin. The most popular among them is the Instant Concealer SPF15.It is stored in a beautiful red package, on which you can find complete information about the product. Inside is the tube with cream. It has a liquid consistency, so just a little substance is enough to use. He perfectly hides the bruises under the eyes, redness, small specks and much more. Among the shortcomings can be noted that it falls on the skin it is not very tight and therefore the disguise is not the most complete, but compensates for the moisture of the cream, thanks to which the look becomes fresh.


  • lies flat;
  • large volume;
  • makes the look fresh;
  • holds for a long time;
  • does not clog up wrinkles and wrinkles.


  • does not fall very tightly;
  • can yellow( depends on shade and skin).

Max Factor Mastertouch Concealer

This is a very popular inexpensive cream from the famous manufacturer. The packaging is compact and quite comfortable. The remedy itself has the shape of a curled pencil. Despite its price, Mastertouch Concealer is not as economical as other models. Buyers complain that it ends at most six months after the purchase. The cream structure is very delicate, it is easily applied and well dispersed throughout the skin, so that problems with transfusion of hues on the face do not arise. Masking ability is quite high, they can hide not only small pimples, but also abrasions, pigment spots, redness and freckles. After drying, the application site becomes slightly darker, but this compensates for the possibility of easily distributing it across the face. Due to the fact that there are no moisturizing ingredients, after using the concealer, the skin begins to dry and peel off. For this reason, Mastertouch is not recommended for dry skin owners.


  • is easy to use;The
  • lasts a long time;
  • is convenient to carry;
  • well hides problems on the face.


  • quickly ends;
  • dries the skin.

Essence Stay Natural Concealer

Essence Stay Natural - the most budget model in the ranking. In its shape it looks like a pencil, and thanks to its size it does not take much space in the purse. It is most suitable for young skin without any obvious flaws. The texture is not the most dense, but it is quickly and easily applied and spreads over the skin, and thanks to its firmness, it stays on it for about 12 hours. There are 4 shades available, so choosing the right one will not be difficult. The minus of this model is a slightly drying effect, which will adversely affect the more mature skin.


  • very small value;
  • has no odors;
  • good resistance;
  • compactness.


  • it is inconvenient to use a brush;
  • dries the skin;
  • is suitable only for minor problems.

Vivienne Sabo Radiant

This cream is not the most popular masker among buyers, however, it has a number of advantages, among which one should highlight its applicability to mature skin. It was created by the company specifically to hide the bruises under the eyes. Packaging includes a tube of cream and a convenient applicator. With daily use it is usually enough for a year, which indicates the economy of the tube. There are three shades that are suitable for different skins. There is practically no aroma, which is a big plus considering the scope of application. The texture density is medium. There is a moisturizing effect that makes it possible to use on mature skin without any harmful effects.


  • low price;
  • is convenient to use;
  • small tube;
  • efficiency.


  • only three very similar shades;
  • is intended only for the area under the eyes.

Which concealer to buy

When choosing a concealer, you need to pay attention to several important parameters. So, for everyday use fit economic creamy models that do not make weight make-up. Be sure to look at the expiration date after opening, as it is often six months, which is a small indicator for this type of product. Of course, to avoid such problems, you can buy concealers with a small amount of money, but mostly such versions in the percentage of the price and the amount of cosmetics are more expensive.

Pay attention also to the presence of moisturizing and skin-improving components. If they are not present, it can lead to painful sensations some time after using concealer. Another plus of having moisturizing ingredients is a refreshing effect. In case you need a tool for masking rather serious problems, we recommend professional concealers with high density of application.

If you still have not decided on the choice, listen to our recommendations:

1. For problematic skin is recommended MAC Studio Finish Concealer, which has a number of advantages. Due to the texture, it lies very well on the skin and hides large spots, capillaries, pimples and other unpleasant traces on the face. This is not the cheapest tool, it is not suitable for everyday use.

2. The cheapest concealer is Essence Stay Natural Concealer, among the advantages of which you can note, of course, a fairly low price, nice texture, small size and good durability. The cream does not float, it keeps on the face up to demakijazha.

3. The optimal option for everyday use, in the absence of serious skin problems, will be Shiseido Natural Finish Cream Concealer. It is convenient to store and use. It does not have any obvious drawbacks, the only effect is drying, and afterwards, peeling of the skin, but this is manifested only on dry skin. This cream is very durable and high-quality. Shelf life after the opening - 2 years.

4. The most popular and convenient for storage and use is Max Factor Mastertouch Concealer. It is very compact, and the shape itself resembles a curled pencil with a pad for application, which allows you not to get your fingers dirty.

5. For mature skin, Vivienne Sabo Radiant is recommended with moisturizing ingredients. The cost of Sabo Radiant is quite low, and one tube will be enough for a year.