The best teethers according to buyers' opinions

For many children, the appearance of teeth is accompanied by unpleasant sensations, discomfort and even pain. At these moments the baby can be especially moody and irritable. To help the child survive this period and alleviate the painful condition, manufacturers of children's products offer to purchase special teethers that reduce swelling and itching of the gums. Accessories allow the kid to scratch the cutting teeth and, thus, accelerate their appearance. There are many models of teethers, they differ in form, material, color, strength, age category. Some accessories are universal and they can be used as a rattle, also come with sound, light effects. In this article you will get acquainted with the best teethers for teeth.


  1. Teaser for the teeth of which company to choose
  2. The best teethers
  3. Which teethers for teeth to buy

Teaser for the teeth of which firm to choose

When choosing a teetotal, it is very important to pay attention to the manufacturer. Among children's products from well-known firms there are many fakes, the latter in its composition can have harmful chemical additives. Below is the rating of companies that have the necessary quality certificates.

The products of the manufacturers represented are made of high quality materials in compliance with all safety requirements:

1. Chicco


3. Browns

4. Nuby

5. Canpol Babies

6. Baby Team

7. Vulli

8. Lindo

9. let's make

10. Rhino Toys

Best prorezyvateli for

Teether Coolees teeth from the companyDr Brown's

Made of quality durable thermo-elastomer. Suitable for children from 3 months. Produced in China.


  • wear-resistant materials;
  • reasonable price;
  • is a convenient form that is easy to hold in a small handle;
  • has no extraneous chemical smell and taste;
  • may be cleaned in the dishwasher;
  • is suitable for both front and back gums;
  • helps to develop the jaw muscles;
  • the ribbed surface gently massages the gums;
  • develops the color perception of the baby;
  • the bright design will not leave the kid indifferent;
  • develops the reflexes of chewing and biting in a child;
  • cools the inflamed gums of the child, has an anesthetic effect - reduces pressure, pain in the period of teething;
  • can be stored in the freezer.


  • hard;
  • can collect dust.

Teeth thinner Panda from company HEVEA

It is made of natural rubber. After collection, the material is sent to the HEVEA plant, where it is cleaned, molded and frozen. It is recommended to use it from birth. Produced in Denmark.


  • consists of 100% natural rubber from the flesh of the hevea;
  • is durable and reliable, does not lose its elastic properties;
  • is odorless;
  • without unnecessary details;
  • gum hypoallergenic;
  • facilitates the process of teething;
  • massages the gums;
  • one-piece, seamless;
  • does not contain additives such as dyes, silicone, phthalates, etc., therefore it is absolutely safe for the child;
  • does not attract dust;
  • has an easy to grip shape;
  • pimple structure promotes intensive massage of the baby's gums;
  • soothes inflamed gums.


  • high cost;Do not expose the
  • to temperatures above 30 ° C or freeze.natural material begins to deteriorate and crumble;
  • a soft design.

"Cherries" Chicco tooth chill ring

Great for babies, who just begin to erupt teeth. Inside the eraser is filled with gel, due to which the accessory has a cooling effect, if it is held in the refrigerator for an hour beforehand. Material - rubber. For children from 4 months. Produced in Italy.


  • refreshes and stimulates the baby's gums at the initial stage of teething;
  • due to the cooling effect, reduces pain, itching and swelling of the gums;
  • is made of safe, durable materials;
  • handle is made of hard rubber, which makes it convenient to hold the teethers, and the rest of the surface is made of a soft material that stimulates blood circulation in the gums;
  • bright colors;
  • protruding tubercles enhance the massage effect.


  • so that the rasher has a cooling effect, it is necessary to keep it in the refrigerator for a while before use;
  • can not be boiled, for disinfection place in the freezer for 2 minutes.

Vibrating teethers Lion from Nuby

The accessory will help to cope with the baby with unpleasant sensations from teething. Suitable for children from birth. Material: plastic and rubber. Produced in the USA.Advantages:

  • improves blood circulation in the baby's gums;
  • reduces discomfort and swelling;
  • embossed surface enhances the effect of massage;
  • smooth - promotes the appearance of teeth;
  • soft - stimulates the gums and strengthens the teeth;
  • develops hand motility, coordination of movements;
  • bright, interesting design;
  • high quality materials.


  • it is necessary to periodically change the battery;
  • high cost.

Rattle taper "Keys", with a pink ring from the company Canpol Babies

This teaser can be used as a rattle. Suitable for children from 3 months. Materials: plastic, silicone. Produced in Poland. Advantages:

  • bright, attractive design is sure to interest the baby;
  • develops tactile sensations, visual perception;
  • reduces pain and itching with teething;
  • reasonable price;
  • has no foreign smell and taste;
  • there are no sharp corners;
  • develops the muscles of the jaw;
  • high degree of strength.


  • small parts easily get dirty, they are uncomfortable to wash. For complete disinfection, it is necessary to boil the teaser.

Rattle-teaser musical with light effect Krabik from the company Baby Team

This accessory can be used as a teetotaler and rattle. The musical and lighting effects are sure to please the kid and will not leave him indifferent. Recommended for children from 4 months. Materials: plastic, rubber. Produced in China.


  • many colorful details develop hand motivation and color perception;
  • teaser suitable for a small child's palm;
  • develops concentration of attention, imagination;
  • is made of high quality raw materials;
  • carefully designed design will not harm the child;
  • the relief surface of the crab legs contributes to teething.


  • is heavy for the baby;
  • short melody;
  • is uncomfortable to wash;
  • it is necessary to periodically change the batteries.

Giraffe Sofi from the company Vulli

The washer is made by hand from natural material - rubber. To paint the surface, the manufacturer used a safe food color. Also in the composition there is food glue. Suitable for children from birth to 2 years. Produced in France. Advantages:

  • toy is absolutely safe for the child, becausedoes not have foreign impurities;
  • is a unique form;
  • teaser pleasant to the touch;
  • develops tactile sensations of the baby, a grasping reflex;
  • interesting color;
  • toy has nice sound effects;
  • reduces pain in teething;
  • soothes inflamed gums;
  • no foreign smell.


  • high cost;
  • many fakes;
  • should not be exposed to temperatures above 30 and below 0, otherwise the material will deteriorate.

Tooth ring from the manufacturer let's make

The teapot is made of natural materials: maple and cotton. Recommended for children from 1 year.


  • has antimicrobial properties;
  • helps to develop the muscles of the jaw;
  • is convenient to gnaw;
  • teaser is safe, becausemade of natural material and well polished;
  • is not colored, so do not worry about chemical finishes and toxins;
  • is durable;
  • is great for small hands of a child.


  • can not be washed in a dishwasher to clean, should be wiped with a damp cloth or washed underwater;
  • not suitable for children under 1 year.

Toy-teaser Oball Bright orbit

Accessory will be an excellent simulator for the fingers of the child. Materials: plastic, silicone. It is recommended to use it from birth. Produced in the USA.


  • bright, colored spirals develop fine motor skills of fingers and hands of the kid;
  • can be used as a rattle;
  • colorful eyelets will entertain the child and help him cope with discomfort in the gums;
  • original design;
  • toy does not fall out of a small child's handle;
  • affordable price;
  • there are no sharp corners that the child could injure, the penetrator is safe;
  • develops vision, logic, attention, thinking, hearing, tactile sensations.


  • is difficult to clean;
  • hard.

Latex Teaser for Teeth from Lindo WTP 300

Teaser is a cooler, therefore it is recommended to place it in the refrigerator for half an hour before use. Recommended for children from 3 months. Materials: plastic, latex, distilled water. Produced in Thailand.


  • for manufacturing high-quality materials are used;
  • affordable cost;
  • is soft and durable;
  • calms the sensitive gums of the baby due to the cooling effect;
  • handy form allows the toddler to hold a teetotal on his own;
  • has no extraneous chemical odor and taste;
  • embossed surfaces create an additional massage effect.


  • may contain stitches, which must be removed;
  • can lose its shape after sterilization, so it can not be boiled;
  • quickly collects dust on itself.

What teethers for teeth to buy

1. If you need a teaser, which consists of 100% natural materials, you need to buy a Panda Teeth from HEVEA or Giraffek Sophie from Vulli. These accessories are absolutely safe for the not have any chemical impurities.

2. If you need a bright teethers with a cooling effect and an affordable price, then you should pay attention to the "Cherries" from the company Chicco.

3. Coolees from Dr Brown's is a teetotaler that is perfect for front and back gums, besides it has a cooling effect.

4. If you need a vibrating accessory that would create an additional effect of massage, you need to purchase a Leo proverb from Nuby.

5. Teethers, which can simultaneously be used as rattles: Keys from the company Canpol Babies, Krabik from the company Baby Team. The latter has sound and light effects, which is sure to please the baby.

6. If you need a teaser that will develop tactile sensations, vision, imagination, motor skills and hearing in your child, the Oball toy will be an excellent option for buying. A bright orbit.

7. The softest for children's gums will be a loosener made of latex from Lindo, if a hard penetrator is needed on the contrary, you need to buy a tooth ring from the manufacturer's let's make.