Rating of the best means of bruising on customer reviews

We all know the consequence of a bruise - a hematoma, in other words, a bruise. Painful sensations and a non-representative kind of education are forced to apply measures to eliminate them. From a wide variety of means of bruising, we have chosen the most effective for you. The following rating of medicines includes the most worthy options, which justified the confidence of the majority of consumers.


  1. Bruising remedy for which firm to buy
  2. Rating of the best tools for bruising
  3. The best means with heparin - simple composition and quick effect
  4. The best vascular drugs will prevent bruising
  5. The best natural remedies for bruises are the natural care for human health
  6. What remedy forbruises choose

Remedy for bruises which firm to buy

Berlin-Chemie / A.Representation of the Italian pharmacology in Russia. The company is world leader in the production of new medicines. The company works in two directions: in the field of innovative research and internationalization of the market in the healthcare system. The history of Menarini Group began in 1890 with the development and merger of two European companies.


Pharmacological company, which is in the third position in the production of generic medicines. The company owns 32 plants. Activities Actavis unfolded in 60 countries. About 750 items of medicines are owned by the company's developers. The firm has established itself as a reliable partner, known for its professionalism, non-standard approach and responsibility in the work.


One of the Russian leaders in the field of pharmacology. The company was founded in 1919. For more than 10 years the company has been a part of STADA, the international pharmaceutical leader. The company specializes exclusively in the production of pharmaceuticals.


A status enterprise, the history of which began 55 years ago. The original goal of the company's formation is the manufacture of antibiotic substances. Currently, the company is engaged in the manufacture of various forms of medicines.

Rating of the best means against bruises

When assessing the best means of bruising, consumer reviews were analyzed. As the key selection criteria were considered:

  • composition of the preparation;
  • pharmacology;
  • adverse events;
  • interaction with other drugs;
  • restrictions on use;
  • price;
  • consumption;
  • availability in the network of pharmacies;
  • packing convenience;
  • consistency of medication.

The best means with heparin - simple composition and fast effect

Heparin promotes resorption of blood clots, slows the process of blood clotting, therefore, prevents the formation of hematomas and speeds up the process of their disappearance. In the composition of such preparations from bruises there are additional elements: antiseptic, analgesic, etc.

Heparin ointment is the most popular drug against bruises

The spectrum of the drug is very wide. It is used for the treatment of thrombophlebitis, hemorrhoids, phlebitis, edema, etc. A medicinal ointment is dispensed in pharmacies without a prescription. The medicine is often used for preventive purposes. The cost of the facility in Russia starts from 60 rubles. Among the merits of heparin ointment:

  • effective;
  • inexpensive;
  • rarely causes side effects;
  • is rapidly absorbed;
  • has a wide range of action: it helps with bruises, swelling, joint pain, hemorrhoids;
  • is easy to use;
  • smells good.

Among the shortcomings of the drug should be noted:

  • can not be used in the presence of open wounds near the hematoma;
  • may cause allergic reactions.

Consumer opinion about the drug is more than 85% positive. Many buyers prefer this particular ointment from hematoma.

Lyoton is an expert in the fight against edema and pain

The active ingredient of the drug is sodium heparin. Feature of Lyoton is its ability to eliminate not only external bruises, but subcutaneous hematomas. It is used only 1-2 times a day. The cost of the medicine is about 600 rubles. The recognition of Lyoton was largely won by the possibility of its use during pregnancy and lactation.

Based on customer feedback, the following positive aspects of the gel were identified:

  • efficacy;
  • pleasant smell;
  • attractive packaging;
  • usability;
  • possibility to use during pregnancy and during lactation;
  • fast absorbency.

Some buyers noted the following disadvantages of Lyoton:

  • high cost;
  • large consumption;
  • is a clear color medication;
  • possibility of exclusively course reception.

Most users recommend using Lyoton. However, about 20% of consumers consider the cost of the drug to be somewhat excessive, since they only note a temporary effect from the use of the gel.

The best vascular preparations will prevent the formation of bruises

Vascular medicinal ointments and gels strengthen the walls of the vessels, eliminate the edema of tissues, inhibit the inflammatory processes. One of the main active elements of such drugs may be troxerutin.

Troxevasin is the best tool for strengthening the vessels

The action of the drug extends to the capillary and venous system. The gel should be applied to the body twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. The effectiveness of the drug increases with the condition of regular use for a long time.

Customer reviews helped highlight a number of advantages of Troxevasin:

  • high efficiency;
  • usability;
  • Affordable price - about 170 rubles;
  • fast absorbency;
  • no odor.

Of the drawbacks of the gel should be noted:

  • sticky consistency;
  • the skin acquires a yellow tint after application;
  • possible manifestation of an allergic reaction( urticaria, rash).

About 88% of consumers are positive about Troxevasin. The drug justifies its value and has been for a long time among the best remedies for hematoma.

The best natural remedies for bruises - natural care for human health

Natural remedies for hematomas include medicinal herbs or other natural components. Drugs anesthetize and promote the resorption of bruises. The advantage of such drugs is a small number of contraindications to their use and a rare manifestation of side effects after the use of funds.

Badyaga - the most famous and budgetary remedy for bruises

Bodygang is a powder of a skeleton of freshwater creation - a sponge. On the basis of this component, ointments and gels are made from hematomas. For 30 g of money in Russia will have to pay only 40 rubles. The price is very different and depends on the manufacturer. The main element of this drug has a mild irritant effect. After rubbing into the skin, the bodywoman stimulates the process of blood circulation of the damaged area, improving the metabolism.

Among the indisputable advantages of bodypages:

  • fast effect;
  • reasonable price;
  • large volume of tube;
  • usability;
  • availability in pharmacies;
  • efficacy for skin pigmentation.

Some users have identified a number of shortcomings of the tool:

  • slight odor;
  • burning sensation after application;
  • manifestation of allergic reactions on the skin;
  • liquid consistency of gel.

The main part of the reviews about the body spasms is made in a positive way. Some users note the effectiveness of the remedy in the fight against acne on the face.

Bruise off - the best remedy with masking effect

The main active ingredient in the described preparation is leech extract. It is contained in the saliva of the body and is called hirudin. The component does not allow the blood to clot, which contributes to the rapid resolution of the hematoma. In addition to the basic element in the formulation is pentoxifylline, which stimulates the process of microcirculation and cell regeneration.

Analysis of reviews of the drug will make it possible to compile the following list of advantages of the drug:

  • resolves bruises;
  • is effective for edema;
  • masks the bruise;
  • inexpensive - it costs about 120 rubles for a tube;
  • is well absorbed;
  • leaves no residue on clothes;
  • convenient packing;
  • unsharp smell;
  • is economical in use.

The bruise off also has several disadvantages:

  • dries the skin;
  • skin redness, allergic reaction;
  • need a long-term application to achieve the expected result.

About 70% of all consumers responded positively to the drug. The rest of the customers consider the cream to be an ineffective means of bruising and prefer analogues to it.

Which remedy for bruises to choose

1. If you periodically need an extra remedy to eliminate small bruises, skin integuments on the bruised area are intact, the most popular and budgetary variants of medications - heparin ointment and body sponge - will suit you.

2. For owners of sensitive skin and those who suffer from vascular diseases, it is indispensable to find troxevasin.

3. With edemas and fatigue in the legs, as well as the formed hemothomas, the expensive, but praised medicinal product - Lyoton, will perfectly cope. The same drug is suitable for pregnant and lactating. Before using the medicine, women "in the situation" should consult a doctor.

4. To heal the hematoma on the body and make the bruise imperceptible help the bruise off.