The best women's toilet water - a rating from reviews of buyers

Aroma is the business card of a woman and at the same time the finishing touch of her whole image. And although the toilet water has the lowest concentration, in comparison with perfume and water perfumed( only about 10% of aromatic substances), often this version of perfumes is more popular because it has an acceptable price tag.

Today's rating, in which we will determine the best female toilet water, is compiled from the opinions of the fairer sex. Guided by them, you can choose a decent product for yourself or as a gift to a loved one.

  1. Content:

    1. Which firms choose toilet water for women
    2. Rating of the best toilet waters for women: evaluation criteria
    3. Best women's toilet water in the group Oriental
    4. The best women's toilet water in the group Wood
    5. The best women's toilet water in the group Floral
    6. The best women's toilet waterin the group Gourmandsky
    7. What kind of toilet water for women is better to buy

Which companies choose toilet water for women

Perfumery is produced by cosmetic giants and fashion industry representatives,and small brands representing selective products, and those who are aimed at producing budget products. But according to the parfmaniacs( that is, the girls whose passion is collecting spirits), as well as ordinary customers, the best toilet water can be found from the following manufacturers:


The world-famous fashion house began producing perfumes almost simultaneously with women's clothing. The first fragrance under the brand Chanel was released in 1920.Since then, the personification of feminine luxury and style is reflected in all the perfumes of the brand.


Another French fashion house, known to every fair sex. The company Hubert de Givenchy was founded in 1952, and the first fragrance was published in 1957. Since then, under the auspices of Givenchy, about two hundred flavors have been produced, most of which are attractive compositions for women.


Europe's oldest perfume house was founded in the first quarter of the 19th century, and to this day remains the trendsetter in the world of fragrances. Under the brand Gerlen released more than three hundred perfume creations, many of which have become real legends.

Christian Dior

Another representative of the fashion industry in our list, the French fashion house, founded by Christian Dior in 1946.Under the Dior brand, nearly two hundred fragrances were produced in cooperation with the best perfumers in the world.

Serge Lutens

A niche perfume brand created by the French perfumer Serge Lutens in 2000. You can not find the products of this brand in conventional cosmetic shops, but meanwhile the selectives have an impressive army of female fans. Exclusivity of the composition, independence from the generally accepted tendencies, exceptional quality of the ingredients used - these are the distinctive features of the brand.

Rating of the best toilet waters for women: evaluation criteria

Based on customer feedback, we compiled a rating of the best fragrances in the toilet water format, taking into account the following factors:

  • general impression of perfume - direct opinion of the girls about the contents of the vials;
  • resistance - although the concentration of toilet water itself does not involve long hours of persistence, some representatives are quite able to hold out on clothes or hair for a long time;
  • presence of a plume - audibility of aroma is a matter of taste, but still the greatest love among customers deserves perfumes, the aroma of which extends to some distance;
  • group affiliation - to make it easier to navigate in our ranking, we made a selection in each of the groups of the generally accepted classification of perfume creations.

Best Women's Eau De Toilette in the Oriental Group

Oriental aromas are traditionally considered to be the most "loud" and heavy, with a multifaceted sound of a variety of spices, amber, musk and tar. But in this group there are many subtypes and combinations, so to say that oriental perfumes are exceptionally spicy flavors, you can not in any case. Here, every woman can find her own "perfume I".

Coco Mademoiselle Chanel

For the first time seeing the light in 2011, Coco Mademoiselle became one of the best-selling fragrances in the next decade. To date, many versions of this famous perfume, including in the concentration of toilet water, have been released.

Coco Mademoiselle Chanel Eau de toilette is an oriental woody fragrance based on mystical patchouli, vanilla and musk, heart notes of sweet fruit, rose and jasmine. Opens perfume attracting the aroma of citrus and bergamot.

Advantages of Coco Mademoiselle Chanel:

  • Persistence - the girls note that it lasts from 7 hours to several days;
  • Flex - strong, fills the room;
  • High evaluation of critics - composition Coco Mademoiselle Chanel has a lot of perfume awards.


  • High cost( about 3500 rubles for 30 ml).

In most reviews, customers describe this fragrance as the embodiment of femininity and beauty. It is a soft and enveloping perfume, in love to which millions of men and women all over the world admit. Perfect daytime composition for the whole year.

Poison Christian Dior

This oriental floral fragrance has been recognized as one of the most popular and beloved in the last thirty years. Was introduced to the public in 1985.To date, about a dozen flankers Poison Christian Dior - versions in which perfumers variously played the composition, which became cult. Including released in the concentration of toilet water.

The fragrance is opened with notes of ripe juicy plums and forest berries seasoned with coriander and anise. In the heart there are white flowers, a rose and a carnation, a mysterious incense, honey and cinnamon. The perfume is based on vanilla, amber, noble cedar, sandalwood and musk.

Advantages of Poison Christian Dior Eau de toilette:

  • Popularity and world recognition - the composition of the fragrance is legendary, it has not given up its positions for three decades, a real classic;
  • Persistence - the fragrance stays on the clothes for several days;
  • Trail - stretches a few meters away, strong.


  • Cost( from 3000 rubles for 30 ml).

An overwhelming number of customers called "Poison"( so the name of the fragrance is translated from French) is a real sorcery potion that can attract men. It is a rich enough and strong feminine fragrance that best suits the evening dress, luxurious dress or furs. On the street, it sounds best in the cold season.

The best women's toilet water in the group Wood

Wood fragrances are also divided into several categories, in which, in addition to noble species of wood, there are notes of fruits, flowers and so on. The main notes in this group are resins and extracts of sandalwood, cedar, oak, patchouli, oak and other trees and shrubs.

Versense Versace

A relatively young composition, which was released in 2009.The brainchild of the fashionable Italian house Versace belongs to the woody-flower-musky aromas. The basis is the notes of virgin cedar, sandalwood and olive tree, as well as musk. In the middle chords play white flowers and cardamom, and the composition opens with notes of ripe citrus, bergamot and pear.

Advantages of Versense Versace Eau de toilette:

  • Persistence - on average holds about 12 hours or more;
  • Loop - medium, can be heard within a radius of up to two meters;
  • Composition - noble, but at the same time fresh and fervent.


  • High price( from 3000 rubles for 30 ml).

In the general mass of feedback customers note that the Versense Versace composition is ideal for day wear and warm season. This fragrance can be used in the office, where heavy multi-layered compositions and a long train are unacceptable. Moderately sweet, woody and fresh aroma, not having age limits.

The best women's toilet water in the Flower group

The flower aromatic group is considered to be the oldest, because it was with flower waters, elixirs and extracts that the whole history of world perfumery began. But it includes not only aromas, whose compositions include exclusively floral notes, but also floral-fruit, floral-woody, floral-aldehyde and floral-water aromas.

Eclat d'Arpège Lanvin

This fragrance was released only in 2002, but the rich floral composition has already become cult and very popular. Slightly sweet, very floral and quite fresh perfume suits girls and women of all ages, especially it has established itself as a daily fragrance, suitable for use on weekdays and at work.

The composition is opened with notes of a peony, peach blossoms and lilac. In the heart there is a tea leaf, and in the base of the fragrance amber, musk and virgin cedar.

Advantages of Eclat d'Arpège Lanvin:

  • Trail - medium, can be heard within a radius of up to one and a half meters;
  • Cost - the fragrance can be found at a price of 1500 for 30 ml.


  • Resistance - Eclat d'Arpège Lanvin can not be attributed to excessively persistent flavors, it stays on clothes for several hours. But many relate this fact to the merits, because the composition itself is light and neutral.

In most reviews, customers note that the fragrance is feminine and beautiful. The best time of the year for him is spring and summer, sunny and windy days.

The best women's toilet water in the group Gourmand

Gourmet flavors are literally perfume compositions that increase appetite. Sweet notes, sometimes on the edge of pastry, evoke thoughts of fresh buns, sweets and other sweets. Vanilla, fruit and sugar notes reign here.

Angel Thierry Mugler

Another legendary fragrance, whose composition is driving millions of women( and men) crazy since 1992.Has the most honorable award FiFi Award Hall Of Fame - a kind of Oscar in the world of perfumers.

The gourmet composition combines sweet notes of honey, chocolate and cotton candy, which are surrounded by vanilla chords, Tonka beans, succulent melons, coconut and mandarin, lily of the valley flowers, orchid and jasmine flavored with earthy patchouli, amber and musk.

Features Angel Thierry Mugler Eau de Toilette:

  • Composition - "Angel" is unique and unlike anything else;
  • Persistence - lasts for several days;
  • Loop - audible at a distance of several meters.


  • Cost( from 4000 rubles for 40 ml).

Like most cult fragrances, "Angel" has an army of admirers, but there are also contradictory opinions, which mention that in large doses his head hurts. It is an evening and intense aroma, requiring strict moderation in dosages and appropriate attire. It is necessary to pay attention to such aroma.

What kind of toilet water for women is better to buy

Aroma is our second self, so choosing it is a very individual matter. But in addition to personal sympathy and budget, it is necessary to consider the following:

1. The saturation of the fragrance composition - to wear in the morning and afternoon, to study, work or to the store "heavy" and evening compositions - a sign of bad taste;

2. Flex - if the aroma is daisy and sensible at a distance of several meters, its dosage should be selected carefully;

3. Season of the year - most of the flavors in the hot season do not sound as good as we'd like. Therefore, for summer it is better to choose a light and fresh composition;

4. Preliminary test - "zatest" - is mandatory when buying an unknown flavor. Applying it before buying, you will not only learn how it unfolds on your skin, but you will also be able to appreciate its stamina and the reaction of others.

Following our advice and guided by the rating, you can easily find a fragrant creation that will please you and others.