Top 3 most popular ways of bank fraud in 2015

Any bank customer is a potential target for scammers. However, the proverb "who is forewarned is armed" is not for nothing. Knowing about the methods used by criminals, you can protect yourself from trouble.

The Ural Bank of Sberbank conducted an analysis of customer requests and compiled the list of the most common methods of bank fraud in 2015 .

3. Phone and sms fraud

Unpleasant when you receive a message that the bank card is blocked. I want to immediately call the bank and ask what to do and who is to blame. Just call on the number specified in the sms message - it's dangerous for the purse. Because there will not be a polite bank officer at the end of the wire, but a polite fraudster who will ask your CVV2- or CVC2-code, card number and other important information. Sometimes an attacker asks for certain actions on the ATM to unlock the card. Of course, these actions will replenish his card or mobile account for a certain amount. If the news comes about blocking the card, then before making a call to your bank, do not be lazy to go to his site and find out the correct phone number.

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Sometimes scammers do not rely on sms, but call themselves, appearing as an employee of a particular bank. Remember that no bank employee has the right to ask the client about the security code of the card and other confidential data.

2. Ads on sale on the Internet

New, but already widespread enough way of taking money from the population. In danger are those who indicated their number on any bulletin board, wanting to sell a bicycle, clothes, furniture, etc. Further events develop as follows: a potential buyer calls you, who is ready to transfer a deposit to a bank card. Only he will need not only the card number, but also its other data, for example, a three-digit security code, the number and month of the card's operation, etc.

Then the interlocutor will ask to name the confirmation code for the money transfer, which came to your phone, supposedly for transfer from the electronic wallet to the card. After that, you will become poorer for the amount of "collateral", and "buyer", respectively, is a little richer.

1. The virus on the mobile device

The leader of the rating of the most common methods of fraud against bank customers. Long gone are the days when viruses were dangerous only for computers. Cybercrime is in step with the times and mobile viruses appeared in 2004.

One of the most dangerous "at a time" is the Trojan-Spy. SymbOS.Zbot.a Trojan program, which is paired with the computer virus Zbot. Attackers receive personal data from a user of a PC infected with Zbot, and then send a sms victim to the mobile phone, which contains a link to the Trojan. It is worth installing the program, and the criminals will have the opportunity to make banking transactions. All sms messages with Trojan confirmation codes will be redirected to their "hosts".

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